Dear Jacinda, why haven’t you asked New Zealanders?

Dear Jacinda

You are continuing to stir the pot of racist divisiveness within this country, which is called New Zealand  – a  fact you don’t seem to like, why?

This is not Aotearoa, and you have no mandate for  promoting extremism..

Are you unaware that an independently commissioned poll found that 90% of New Zealanders rejected Aotearoa to replace – or place alongside  – our long-established name New Zealand?

It never even was a Maori name for New Zealand.

So why are you  and your team standing in front of placards like  this?

Who gave various government organisations the go-ahead to replace, or prioritise, Aotearoa by stealth on semi-official websites, even on our passports, our banknotes?

What makes you think that you can override  the wishes of the majority by promoting a language which is now overwhelmingly not authentic Maori… to replace our far more important national and international language.  And that is English, isn’t it…

Why should immigrants to this country from India, France, Germany, Hungary,Croatia, the Philippines, Asia, etc.,  speaking the language of their own people – but for whom proficiency in English is also of  paramount importance – be expected to also  learn a now largely reinvented language of no relevance to them whatsoever!

Not only is this culturally insensitive – it can also be regarded as cultural bullying.

Possibly about 80% of what is now touted as “Maori” has been simply been reinvented in recent years. And, given that only about 4% of the country speak this  overwhelmingly newly-coined language, why are you having it sprinkled throughout government documents  – and trying to replace our well-known place names with Maori names?

It has become farcical, isn’t it? For example,  the Maori for Inland Revenue? Recycling Centre?  Accident and Emergency Department? Social welfare?  Cycle lanes?  As with many thousands of other word and phrases,  simply made up…

While every language gradually assimilates new words,  for politicised academics to set to  inventing thousands of new words, as if they are authentic –  and should be foisted off on children in schools and made compulsory for teachers and others to learn, may well be able to be regarded as fraudulent.

New Zealanders are now feeling bullied by your government’s attempts to force the country to prioritise all things supposedly Maori – particularly when there are no longer any full-blooded Maoris in this country.

Not only do many of part-Maori  descent also object to this, but it is also sad that those who would have wished to preserve the authentic language of one part of their ancestry will now find it impossible  to do so.

 New Zealanders are also  deeply uneasy that you have embarked on a policy of extraordinarily  anti-democratic moves – so that we now have government versus the people – not government by the people.

What is your  agenda, Jacinda?

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