Dear Comrade Jacinda

Cui bono – to whose advantage is this happening?  Certainly not to an increasingly beleagured country.

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This is madness, based on the cargo cult of global warming…Help needed!


——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Re: We need to stop the Climate Commission’s radical plans
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 00:52:01 +0000 (UTC)
From: Jordan Williams <>
To: Amy Brooke <>
Hi Amy,

With submissions on the Climate Change

Commission's radical plans closing tomorrow night (Sunday), I wanted

to drop you a quick line to let you know how we're getting


Yesterday I joined former Senior Economic Advisor to Sir Bill

English, Matt Burgess, to interview the Commission's Chair, Dr Rod

Carr. You can listen to the podcast


The key

concession: Dr Carr admitted that the Climate Change Commission has

chosen not to take a least-cost approach to reaching the zero

carbon target.

That is alarming. As we suspected, it means the Commissioners

consider they have a blank cheque to impose their preferences to plan

our economy, society, and even cities. As you know many of the

Commission's draft recommendations don't even reduce emissions - and the Commission's own analysis

shows we are already on the pathway needed to achieve our

international emissions goals.

Countless left wing groups are getting their supporters to

file form submissions. Rod Carr has said publicly that he is seeking a

'mandate' to impose the radical reforms listed in the email



Commission asking 'for a mandate'

Amy, based on the numbers released by the

Commission, we believe we're sitting on about 40% of the submissions

having come via the Taxpayers' Union. That means

we need one final push to ensure the Government doesn't claim that the

'majority' of New Zealanders back the Commission's radical


If friends

or family are likely to share our concerns, ask them to make a

submission today at

Forward this email, or spread the

word by sharing this Facebook post.

Ironically, it appears that many of the climate lobby groups

haven't got to grips with the Commission's analysis. In many cases the

planned interventions do nothing to actually reduce emissions, and

actually slow us down – but with huge economic damage.

Thanks again for your support on this one.

Jordan and the team @ the Taxpayers' Union 

From: Jordan Williams <>
Sent: Friday, 19 March 2021 4:44 PM
To: Amy Brooke <>
Subject: We need to stop the Climate Commission’s radical plans

Dear Amy,

I’m writing to you with some urgency. At the end of next week, submissions close for the draft recommendations of the Climate Change Commission – recommendations that the Government has signalled it will simply adopt.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. The media haven’t been doing their job and instead of critically reviewing what are the most radical reforms to our economy since the Douglas-Lange era, they’re blindly cheering it along.

Here’s the how the Climate Change Commission Chair Dr Rod Carr has put it:

The transformation that New Zealand will confront in the decade ahead… is going to be on a scale that will rival the transformation from our controlled and regulated economy in the 1970s through to the early 1990s. It will be on a scale of the demilitarisation after the second world war. It will be on a scale equal to getting ourselves out of the great depression of the late 1920s. And I would guess it might rival the sum of all those parts…

The Commissioner plans to up-end our economy with central planning, forcing costly regulations on New Zealanders in an attempt to change the way we live and the entire shape of the economy.

Here’s just a taste of the Commission’s plan involves:

  • Ban imports of light petrol and diesel vehicles from 2032.
  • Cull dairy, sheep and beef numbers by 15% by 2030.
  • Reshape cities so that we walk 25% more, cycle 95% more, and take public transport 120% more by 2030.
  • Subsidise electric vehicles further.
  • Ban new coal boilers.
  • Ban all coal generation, regardless of security of supply.
  • Ban new natural gas connections.
  • Ban gas BBQs.
  • Require new and replacement heating systems to be electric or bioenergy, not gas.

These measures may seem unrealistic – but with the Government having publicly committed to implement whatever the Commission recommends, we need to blow the whistle now before it is too late.

And here’s the thing Amy, according to the Commission’s own analysis, this plan isn’t even necessary. New Zealand is already on track to meet its “net zero carbon” target using existing tools i.e. the existing Emissions Trading Scheme.

The waterbed effect

In fact, the proposed regulations will do nothing to reduce our overall emissions. This is because of the way the ETS works: emissions are already capped and paid for. This means that when the Government goes beyond the ETS and uses regulations to push down emissions in parts of the economy covered by cap and trade, it just frees up credits for people to increase emissions in other parts of the economy – it’s what climate economists call the “waterbed effect”.

Here’s just one example: recently James Shaw announced the Ministry of Education will spend $50 million to replace or convert 90 coal boilers in schools. According to the government this will reduce emissions by 33,000 tonnes – that is reducing emissions at $1,515 per tonne. By comparison, the ETS can remove one tonne of emissions for $39, a nearly 40-fold performance gap!

And because coal is already in the ETS, the waterbed effect means replacing the school boilers will see emissions raise somewhere else. There is absolutely no gain for the climate.

If you listen to one thing this weekend, make sure it’s this podcast

Oliver HartwichYesterday I sat down with New Zealand Initiative Executive Director Oliver Hartwich. A trigger warning: what you will hear will make you angry.

Dr Hartwhich explains the dangerous folly of the Climate Change Commission’s plan – and how they’ve refused to show their working on how much it will cost New Zealand familes. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Taxpayer Talk

We’ve got to raise the alarm, and we don’t have long to do it

We’ve come to this issue late because it’s taken time to wrap our heads around the Commissioner’s 800 pages of draft recommendations. But we’ve now prepared a submission that, quite frankly, I think destroys the Commission’s arguments. If you’ve got some time over the weekend, I strongly encourage you to read our draft submission here.

Regardless, we need your help now to ensure the consultation process isn’t swamped by special interest groups like Greenpeace and Generation Zero, who never saw an expensive eco-regulation or tax they didn’t like.

>> Click here to use our template submission tool <<

It only takes 30 seconds.

Thank you for your support,

Jordan Jordan_signature.jpg
Jordan Williams
Executive Director
New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union


Is this where we’re also heading in New Zealand?

Is this where we’re also heading in New Zealand, as this current web of madness spreads around the world – trapping so many impressionable and vulnerable of our young?

Canadian Man Jailed After ‘Misgendering’ His Daughter

by Alana Mastrangelo

18 Mar 2021

A Canadian father has been arrested for “misgendering” his own 14-year-old child by calling her his “daughter,” and referring to her with the pronouns “she” and “her.”

Robert Hoogland — the father of a 14-year-old biological female who identifies as transgender and prefers male pronouns — was found in contempt of court and jailed on Tuesday after repeatedly calling his child his “daughter,” despite the court forbidding it, according to a report by the Post Millennial.

The Attorney General of British Columbia reportedly issued a warrant for his arrest for contempt.

Hoogland is opposed to his teenage daughter going through transgender-related medical procedures, and has repeatedly expressed his opposition in the hopes of saving his child from irreversible damage.

The Canadian medical system, the legal system, and the child’s mother, however, have gone forward with the “social and medical transition” of Hoogland’s daughter, the report adds.

In December of last year, Hoogland was mandated by British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari to cooperate in the “transitioning” of his daughter’s sex, and was told not to refer to her as female again.

Hoogland had previously discovered that his daughter’s school had been showing her sexual and gender identity education materials known as “SOGI 123,” which the report referred to as transgender “propaganda videos.”

By the 7th grade, the school had changed his daughter’s name in the yearbook without telling her parents, and “socially transitioned” her with the input of gender ideologue psychologist Wallace Wong, who advised the pubescent child to take testosterone.

The report adds that Wong referred Hoogland’s daughter to the endocrinology unit at the local hospital, and that a “treatment” plan was put into action on her first visit.

“Here I am, sitting there as a parent, watching a perfectly healthy child be destroyed, and there’s nothing I can do but sit on the sideline — and according to Justice Boden at the time, cheer it on,” Hoogland said in an interview last year. “I can only affirm, or get thrown in jail.”

Justice Boden of the British Columbia Supreme Court had reportedly declared that Hoogland and his wife had to affirm their daughter’s new gender identity. Hoogland was told that if he tried to dissuade his daughter or refer to her as a female, then he would be considered guilty of “family violence.”

After the ruling, Hoogland gave an interview to the Federalist, in which he lamented the situation, and pointed out that his daughter is biologically female.

After that, Justice Marzari reportedly signed a “protection order” authorizing the police to arrest Hoogland if he were to again be caught referring to his daughter as female, or with female pronouns.

Hoogland said that the Marzari ruling even stated that he was allowed to “think thoughts” that were contrary to the Boden ruling.

“The court was gracious enough to say that they could not police my thoughts,” Hoogland said.

In January of last year, the highest court in British Columbia reportedly declared that the child should continue taking testosterone, and imposed a “conduct order” on Hoogland, mandating that he continue referring to his daughter by male pronouns.

“They’ve now created a delusion, and they’re forcing parents, like myself, to live in this delusion,” Hoogland said last year. “And then what happens when the bubble explodes, and the delusion ends?”

“She can never go back to being a girl,” he added. “I mean, she’ll always be a girl, but she’ll never go back to being a girl in a healthy body that she should have had — she won’t be able to have children, she won’t have a family. These kids don’t understand what this stuff means.”

An estimation of more than 80 percent of children with gender dysphoria will end up desisting from their belief that they are the opposite sex once puberty is over.

“What kid who’s 13 is thinking about a family and having children? Not many,” Hoogland continued. “What kind of father would I be if, let’s say in five, ten years, my daughter is de-transitioning, and she turns to me and says — ‘Why did none of you do anything to stop this? I was a child. None of you stuck your neck out for me back then.’”

“When my daughter asks me that question, I’ll say, ‘I did everything that I possibly could,” he added.



While we were sleeping, the far Left mounted their attack on our children

While we were sleeping, the far Left mounted their attack on our children – which what should be our centre-leaning parties of the Right have culpably done nothing to reverse.

We are now reaping the whirlwind.

It’s not just Nania Mahuta. When the recent jugular attack by the Left on our democracy quite blatantly attacked our long-standing  tradition of equality under the law (although the removal of the anachronistic Maori seats  in parliament is long overdue) by turning on the public to remove the rights of New Zealanders to vote against racist provisions by their local councils, the challenge was laid down. It’s probably a challenge already made by our local government minister’s primitive tattoo – already of concern to New Zealanders wondering at the message this sends to the world, given Miss Mahuta was also appointed by Jacinda Ardern as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

But Comrade Jacinda’s famously flashing smile was strangely absent. Why? There is no doubt that the invisible hand of the Prime Minister was guiding Mahuta’s actions, and that of the Labour Party patsies who once represented the working man fighting against oppression, against government edicts and the abuse of power. Some of them at least must have felt strikingly uncomfortable. However, none had the courage to cross the floor. Yes-men and-women all, and New Zealand is the poorer for it. All credit to those well-informed National Party members who at last emerged from a long hibernation, joined by ACT, to force Mahuta to keep repeating far into the evening her shamefully evasive, inadequate and nonsensical assertions.

What has now happened is more than ominous. Our Prime Minister, blessed by the tooth fairy and bestowing on us her almost daily benevolence, has long been persuasively promoting separatism and divisiveness within this country, stressing a so-called “diversity” – which, in actuality, means support for The Great Reset, the ill-disguised attack on the family launched by the powerful World Economic Forum calling for “stronger and effective government” everywhere and for “changes”.

More government in our lives?

Ardern’s “diversity” and today’s demand for “tolerance” equals tolerance not for stabilising and conservative,   or even family Christian values. On the contrary, deeply antagonistic to these, it is for every possible fringe activity let loose by the attack on reason now sweeping the world, most of them absurd – even unhinged – like the UK’s call for mid-wives to say “chest-feeding” instead of breastfeeding as a “gender inclusive” move – or the near-hysteric Nancy Pelosi’s call to ban the word mother in the US Congress.

As for “The Great Reset…” we should not fool ourselves – the governments this power group are advocating are not democracies – government by the people. It is calling for virtually fascist governments to impose their own will (its will…) upon the people…

Under New Zealand’s now socialist government, this has very aggressively happened, with the votes of all those New Zealanders who worked hard to gain the 5% needed for a local referendum to prevent their local council’s introduction of the basically racist Maori wards simply over-ruled…dismissed. Moreover the call is essentially ridiculous, given that there is no longer any genetically supported definition of Maori – any individual of overwhelmingly European or Asian descent can still claim to be Maori!  And more ominously, it is all part of the push by extremist, racially obsessed agitators to eventually gain co-government over this country.

But what of an extraordinarily blatant attack on democracy, its very principle  – the wishes of the majority – standing for stability and respect for all regardless of colour, gender race, or creed – against the bullying of a strident minority?

It is very possibly at last a bridge too far for New Zealanders who care about this country,  and what has happened to our children.

© Amy Brooke

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St Jacinda?

Our anti-life Prime Minister?  Jacinda Ardern’s shocking vote.

Already, in this country, our Prime Minister has shockingly voted against allowing medical care being given to babies who have survived abortion, and are born alive.

Perhaps she might find it no problem to listen to them crying.

I suspect the majority of New Zealanders would.

Whoever gave St Jacinda her halo..?

No, not Waitangi Day. And is Jacinda really ignorant, or just weak?

Things are getting worse…under this far-left government…

Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta has announced immediate changes to allow councils to set up Maori Wards in the 2022 local elections.  Given this push to refuse to allow citizens to have a say about what is basically a constitutional change, setting up racist voting structures in local government is, as Hobson’s Pledge Trust has pointed out, moving us even closer away from genuinely representative government.

Throughout New Zealand, the majority of councils’ ratepayers overwhelmingly voted against this racist initiative. Nanaia and Jacinda know this – but it is not stopping them.  So what is their agenda?

So many New Zealanders, rightly or wrongly,  must now be wondering  if Mahuta is spelling out a specific message? For example,  with her especially tattooed chin,  has she a personal bias towards promoting the interests  – not of the country as a whole –  but of the highly  unrepresentative, but aggressive  minority of part-Maori extremists constantly pushing for more and more advantages? The reversion to primitivism represented by facial tattooing to emphasise cultural separatism  is certainly a statement by those undertaking it, disturbing though it  may be to many. The fact that she is also the public face representing New Zealand on the world stage as also the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade compounds an already ambivalent situation – given that tattooing still carries a negative stigma in other countries… and is by no means universally supported  in our own.

These are legitimate concerns.And people should be free to raise them. Yet given the climate of increasing  intimidation raised by the spectre of “Hate Speech”  – with Jacinda’s  government of the Left now in league with the bully boys and girls intent on clamping down on freedom of speech –  a useful tool to scare people from opposing racist agenda – New Zealand is in real trouble. And no – we are not Aotearoa…

 There  is little doubt that the constant erosion of a once far more democratic county is  now gathering pace.

With Waitangi  Day looming,  there has long been an argument that it’s high time to call for a New Zealand Day to replace this annual,  so often disruptive talk-feste, traditionally hijacked by that usual  minority of permanently aggrieved part-Maori extremists (often with a highly diluted Maori inheritance…) intent on demonising  our, and indeed also their colonial forbears – whose arrival brought so many-tangible benefits to Maori.

Our major political parties have consistently, over recent decades,  been supporting racist policies by pouring a never-ending stream of taxpayers’ money into preferential funding as a result of constant pressure from this noisy, demanding minority of  agitators. These are by no means the majority of those with Maori ancestors, who, like the rest of us, get on with their/our own lives, working hard in professions, in trades and chosen occupations to make a living for themselves and their  families. They are ill-served by political parties which bypass the interests of those who put the welfare of the whole country first  in favour of constant obeisance towards those agitating for self interest…

Replacing the typically over-politicised Waitangi Day with New Zealand Day would acknowledge that we are more than overdue to celebrate people  from all races and cultures who have contributed so much to this country,  and who respect the democratic principles, underpinned by Christian values,  which established us, until now, as a stable and united democracy.

Today’s constant, damaging push by Jacinda Ardern’s government to move us away from the policies of peaceful assimilation, to the fraught push towards racial separatism under the guise of “diversity” (i.e. internal divisions and divisiveness)  needs to be seen for what it is – either ill-thought  – or deliberately subversive.

Her further moves towards funding the politics of identity can do nothing except promote the clash of cultures on the basis of race, basically the politics of Marxism – with its focus on planning and encouraging divisiveness to destabilise Western countries  – whether or not  Miss Ardern even realises this…

She  is now perceived as being weak, too easily pressured by both the  far-left Greens and the same noisy minority of part-Maori extremists always with their eye to the main chance.

And the Maori economy,  now reportedly worth close to $40 billion, already built to a very large extent on money constantly taken from taxpayers’ pockets over recent decades,  is not one which can claim financial disadvantage. New Zealanders traditionally respond to need – but where special funding for part-Maori only is constantly demanded, then there is growing recognition that  the accumulated wealth in their own people’s hands should be targeted – not the country at large.

Given the advances now being made towards the gradual usurping of our democratic rights, underpinned by the crucially important freedom of speech  – vital to any free society, but now strongly under attack under this guise of preventing “Hate Speech” – we are overdue to step up the fight against the attack on  crucial freedoms which our parents,  grandparents and others before us  – in so many cases – gave their lives to protect.

We are letting them down when we do not have the courage to fight for our own children  – or can’t be bothered facing up to what is really happening.

We already owe much to those dedicated individuals who continue to fight against government and racial bullying. They are, in fact, what stands between all New Zealanders and the  tyranny of expanding State control.

Each of us, directly or indirectly, is responsible for what is happening – and for where we stand.

And you?

Will you join us to help win back this country? Then contact our political hierarchies – to make sure your views are taken on board….

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To Jacinda and others spouting damaging cliches about “diversity …

To Jacinda and others spouting damaging cliches about “diversity …This is what ” diversity”in a common purpose really is…

Don’t miss the wonderful link below, showing what can be achieved by diverse individuals,  united in a common cause. **

It is NOT about  racial divisiveness and separatism, as Jacinda Ardern’s government,  activist individuals, and self-serving hierarchies seem to think – and are determinedly inflicting on us.

The so-called “diversity” they are promoting leads to the fracturing of a country along the lines of racial identity –  a reversion to basic tribalism….

It is intensely damaging to any country which has embarked on this divisive path, as we see from what has been happening in recent years  in countries like Germany and France – to name just two – which too naïvely and idealistically embraced the ideology of multiculturalism.  This,  in spite of the fact that  we have long been warned by Samuel Huntington –  (and others before him)  – in “The Clash of Civilisations” –  that people’s cultural and religious identities would be a primary source of conflict in the future – that future wars would be fought between cultures.  We have seen this particularly in the rise of militant Islamic extremism overseas – and its targeting of Christianity within Western democracies.

Why do our politicians need to be reminded  that no country can remain peaceful,  stable and unified without social assimilation  – and the acknowledgment of a common purpose?

Why do our politicians need to be reminded  that when some  sections of society begin to oppose the others – to gain advantages over them – in the name of ethnic diversity or biculturalism  – to gain self-advantage  –  and  when governments encourage them with preferential funding and other targeted advantages, the destabilisation of that country is well under way?  – as is now the case in New Zealand.

** However, the acceptance of genuine diversity… of diverse and highly talented individuals, voluntarily united in a common purpose, as here –    – creates something  very worthwhile – even beautiful.

Don’t miss going back to click on this link if you haven’t already done so!

And in the name of unity – and our most important national and international language, which unites us all  – let us remember we are New Zealanders – NOT Aotearoans –  as these same political activists are trying to peddle.

What we do not fight for, we will assuredly lose…and  if so, we shame those of our forebears who did  fight  for us – and for the freedoms too many are now so readily letting slip away.

*   *   *

 Will you join us to help win back this country? Then contact our political hierarachies – to make sure your views are taken on board….

Check out for yourself my book,  “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.” Available through my home page and children’s literature website BOOK Page at –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.

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