Hasn’t it become pretty obvious that Jacinda Ardern couldn’t give a damn…

The long march reaches its destination…

 We have certainly had a succession of overbearing, autocratic governments presiding over New Zealand and introducing legislation damaging the country. But the Ardern government is impossible to beat,  not only for its sheer incompetence – i.e. its  striking inability to deliver on major promises in its manifesto –  -allied to a firm determination to destroy our democracy, the political system where all are equal before the law, with no particular ethnic group gaining superior advantages, special privileges and funding before all others.

The ramming though of the scandalous Three Waters legislation, well and truly rejected by the majority of New Zealanders, has been one of the 24 pieces of legislation Ardern’s government has now dealt with under claimed urgency -in order for them to be rammed through this week.

We no longer have a democracy, and National has also consistently been very much to blame, yielding to pressure over the decades from small minority groups of part-part Maori activists, not even supported by the majority of Maori.  That has been no obstacle to their creaming off literally hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money – still an ongoing process…

Shockingly, and ridiculously, there is not even a definition of Maori – even though there are no longer any full-blooded Maoris– while legislation has consistently favoured the interests of supposed Maori, many of whom are overwhelmingly European or Eurasian.

We have in fact been thoroughly conned with cries of disadvantage (disadvantaging whom?) while the Maori economy is now worth approximately $70 billion – yes $70 billion dollars.

New Zealanders have always believed in fair play and in addressing need – but not based on supposed race. Moreover, those multi-million dollars constantly thrown at well-heeled Maori organisations – from whom accountability is never demanded… and who have largely ensured that it ends up in the hands of the corporate, neo-tribal organisers, has cost this country enormously.

Our hospitals are in a shocking state. Money which should have gone to the improvement of all health services, including mental health support, have instead been diverted to these minority, race-based interests. Money which could have gone to hiring real teachers, competent in their subjects, instead of those who simply can’t teach basic literacy and numeracy because they themselves lack  the competence to do so, has very much been a part of the money constantly siphoned off to those most vociferous in their complaints.

We are finished as a country if we don’t take steps to start reclaiming it.

Although National is pledged to reverse the Three Waters legislation, there are other destructive rulings made by Jacinda’s government, the damaging implications of which National’s perceivedly feeble leader, Christopher Luxon, shows absolutely no comprehending. And then we have the forcing of a now almost totally fabricated te reo  upon the country, required even as a condition of employment — a re-invented language useless outside this country, and incomprehensible to all, except about 4% of the population. However Ardern ‘government has  inflicted it upon New Zealanders, with all our institutions renamed – English excluded or down -graded – with the help of a largely bribed, compliant, and smug media.

Yes,  we are finished… lurching from one electoral term to another, with the country in decline, New Zealanders leaving, and, understandably, as the word has got around, fewer immigrants wanting to come here.

The only possible and practical way to put a brake on the activities of our now near- totalitarian political parties is to do what the clever Swiss did – insist on a 100 Day stop after each piece of legislation is pushed through by Parliament while the country examines it and says Yes or No – we don’t want a bar of this. So well does the Swiss government respect the people’s decision that it calls it “sovereign”.

It is so very simple. And it has turned Switzerland into the most prosperous, truly democratic country in the world.

Check out our movement, and support us. See www.100 days.co.nz

 All that is needed is a tipping point of New Zealand’s to wake up to its possibilities and to do so… and we can claim back this country. Otherwise it is going to be too late.

© Amy Brooke

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Correcting wrong claims querying the vaccines

Dear folk

For your information.

As some well-intentioned and vigorous writers are  arguing about the dangers of vaccination, even in reputable publications, I thought some actual facts from a related health professional – (very much concerned about much of this material,  which he maintains is factually  wrong)  might be useful to have.

I quote him.

“And this is only recent information that I happened to notice – there is also a veritable mountain of older evidence showing both that Covid is not necessarily benign and the vaccines are very safe and effective.

I should also point out that some of these studies are observational, so they don’t necessarily show cause and effect – e.g. the increased risk of heart and neurological problems in Covid survivors could just be because people in poor health with increased risk of such problems are also more likely to catch Covid in the first place.

Not sure this will change anyone’s mind – some are so utterly convinced for some reason that Covid is harmless and the vaccines are dangerous that I doubt any evidence would persuade them otherwise.”

See below for actual facts.


Deaths in NZ


  • Almost 2200 NZers have been killed by Omicron in only 10 months (since January) compared with usually only about 500 killed by flu in a typical year.
  • Note this is the people whose Covid infection was judged by doctors to have either been directly responsible for their deaths or contributed to them.
  • There are another 1,100-odd people who died with Covid infection (so, 3,300 total Omicron deaths) where it was deemed to not have played a role, although I suspect in some cases it probably did.

Covid-19 Omicron outbreak: Infection deaths behind New Zealand’s record 2022 mortality rate


  • New Zealand has just recorded its highest death count in a 12-month period – driven by the Covid pandemic and our ageing population.
  • Statistics New Zealand today released its year-on-year update on births and deaths between September 2021 and September 2022.
  • It showed a “sharp” 10 per cent increase in the mortality rate, with 38,052 registered deaths up from 34,578 in the previous 12 months.
  • Of these, 5 per cent – or 2025 deaths – were attributed to Covid, according to the Ministry of Health data.

Similar in Australia


  • So far in 2022, more than 12,000 Australians have died with COVID, six times the number of deaths in the previous two years.
  • This is a disease so significant it has reduced global life expectancy, one of the best measures of human development.
  • No other war or disease has done that in more than 65 years, not even the HIV pandemic. The global estimates have been reinforced in several countries, including the United States, where life expectancy has fallen by almost three years since 2019.

And also still bad in the United States


The ‘End’ of COVID Is Still Far Worse Than We Imagined
Even now, the coronavirus is killing three times as many people as the flu.

Heart disease after COVID: what the data say

https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-02074-3Some studies suggest that the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as a heart attack or stroke, remains high even many months after a Covid infection clears up.


I’m Dropping My COVID Hubris,’ Vows a Top Immunologist
After the virus harmed Chris Goodnow’s heart, he joined a growing chorus against reinfection complacency.


COVID-19 infection poses higher risk for myocarditis than vaccines

  • The overall risk of myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – is substantially higher immediately after being infected with COVID-19 than it is in the weeks following vaccination for the coronavirus, a large new study in England shows.
  • The detailed analysis of nearly 43 million people was published Monday in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.
  • “We found that across this large dataset, the entire COVID-19-vaccinated population of England during an important 12-month period of the pandemic when the COVID-19 vaccines first became available, the risk of myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination was quite small compared to the risk of myocarditis after COVID-19 infection,” the study’s lead author, Martina Patone, said in a news release. She is a statistician at the University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care Sciences in England.

Long-term neurological problems of Covid


  • Former COVID patients had a 42% increased risk of neurologic problems 12 months after testing positive
  • “COVID can lead to long-term neurologic consequences,” Al-Aly told MedPage Today. “The virus is not always as benign as some people think it is.”
  • “It is not only brain fog,” he emphasized. “There is clearly an increased risk of strokes, headaches, seizures, peripheral neuropathy, and more.”

Repeated Covid infections seem to increase risk of health problems and death


  • People who had more than one COVID-19 infection were three times more likely to be hospitalized and twice as likely to die than those who only had one infection.
  • Those with multiple infections were also more vulnerable to other dangerous conditions; they were 3.5 times more likely to develop lung problems, 3 times more likely to have heart conditions, and 1.6 times more likely to have brain changes requiring care than people who had only had COVID-19 once.
  • The findings support other studies that are also documenting the effects that COVID-19 may have on the body.
  • Most recently, in several presentations at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in November, scientists reported that the inflammation caused by COVID-19 can have lasting effects on the brain, including in children; 14 kids ages 10-13 who had recovered from COVID-19 infections showed changes in the sensorimotor regions of the brain on MRI up to 15 months after their infection, compared to 35 children who hadn’t been infected.
  • In another study presented at the same conference, adults who had even mild COVID-19 symptoms also demonstrated brain changes four months after infection.


Study finds risk of hospitalization with Omicron 10 times higher in unvaccinated than vaccinated


Vaccination does slightly reduce transmission (even of Omicron)

(N.B. this is not a huge effect, and doesn’t last long, but still shows that antivaxxer claims it doesn’t reduce transmission are wrong.)



  • Individuals with COVID-19 who received at least one vaccine shot were 24% less likely to infect close contacts— in this case cellmates — compared with unvaccinated prisoners. 
  • Lo says he is surprised at the dose–response relationships; each vaccine dose a person had reduced the risk of passing on the virus by a further 12%, on average. How recently people had been vaccinated was also important. For every 5 weeks that passed since a person’s last vaccine dose, the risk of transmitting the infection to a close contact increased by 6%.

Overall death rate HIGHER in American states with LOWER Covid vaccination rates 



  • COVID-19 exacted a higher infection-related and excess all-cause death toll from the United States than from 20 peer countries throughout the pandemic but had less of an impact in the most-vaccinated states in the Delta and Omicron surges
  • N.B. Overall deaths (from all causes, not just Covid) are lower in states with HIGHER Covid vaccination rates compared with those with lower vaccination rates – this is important because it shows that the vaccines aren’t killing people, as antivaxxers says (this was always a dumb argument that was never supported by any evidence, but that never stops antivaxxers).


Almost Twice as Many Republicans Died From COVID Before the Midterms Than Democrats

  • Both groups experienced a similar large spike in excess deaths in the winter of 2020-2021. However, in the summer of 2021—after vaccines were widely available—the Republican excess death rate rose to nearly double that of Democrats, and this gap widened further in the winter of 2021.
  • The study attributes this to the vaccine uptake disparity between Republicans and Democrats, which has been widely documented as more Republicans refused to take the vaccine; the most vocal anti-vax voices were Republican politicians and some conservative news outlets:
  • “The gap in excess death rates between Republicans and Democrats is concentrated in counties with low vaccination rates and only materializes after vaccines became widely available,” the study notes.

What is Jacinda Ardern really up to?

Only a very naïve individual could believe that Jacinda Ardern gives two figs for the concept of democracy. The concept of equal rights for all is obviously not one she agrees with. So is it time to remind ourselves that the Italian communist Gramsci pointed out that those who wanted to destroy the West would need to begin “the long march” through our  institutions?

As has been the case. With this well under way already by the 1960s, the result has been a triumph for those on the far Left of the political spectrum in this country with its now thoroughly dumbed-down, largely destroyed education system. The damage caused to academic standards was insufficiently addressed even when National periodically replaced Labour as the governing party. Basically ignorant politicians, appointed Ministers of Education, have long been led around by the nose by Marxists entrenched within the Ministry of Education.

There is absolutely no chance of  genuine reform of education in this country until the ministry is disbanded, and parents themselves have far greater say in what is actually being taught in schools, and why. Our “experts” have blithely presided over our now abysmally low standards in literacy and numeracy. Moreover, we are at the stage where, quite shockingly, some school principals do not want these standards reinforced, or strengthened, because so many of their pupils simply couldn’t pass them. Many teachers themselves today also could not pass them, they, too, having been products of this long dumbing-down process.

 National also have been culpable in acquiescing to the demands of activist minorities and the apparently subversive members of their own party who have pushed for legislation attacking majority rule. Both major parties have signed international treaties without referring them back to the country at large –  which simply couldn’t happen in Switzerland, the only genuine democracy in the world.

However, Ardern’s  deliberate promotion of racial divisiveness is more than highly suspect, because she must know full well the damage it has been causing to the country,  and to the ideals and practice of democracy. Many might well maintain that  she can therefore legitimately be accused of promoting civil unrest. 

Moreover, with this Prime Minister’s blessing  – if not acting on her initiative – the Minister of Justice is now not only promoting the “hate speech” laws that the majority of the country have strongly rejected. She is now shockingly aiming to change the legal definition of what it is to be a terrorist to give the government even greater powers to itself terrorise New Zealanders – because there is no doubt it will promote a climate of fear.

The criteria for charges of terrorism are reportedly to  be extended to meanthat an individual could face prosecution without ever being engaged in any kind of terrorism or related activities!Accusing New Zealanders of being terrorists – not because of any action, or planned action – but simply because they may view or possess what the government regards as objectionable material – will attract official oversight, and even serious charges. But to ascertain this, won’t the government have to spy on people? Some might say…to even further spy on people…

We are in a very bad way, even with the promotion of deliberate lies about our co-history (as pointed out by highly respected historian Bruce Moon, in this attached Spectator article). So, too, with the attack on the language of the majority in this country and the push to sideline greater competence and standards of excellence in the public and private sector in favour of an ability to use a now largely made-up language  – the overwhelmingly inauthentic te reo – of no use whatsoever on the world scene. It is also designed to replace far more important subjects in the schools’ curriculum, where a failure of literacy, a lack of competence  in the use of English – the world’s most important international language – has become an indictment on our educationists. Emeritus Professor  Greg Newbold well illustrates in this accompanying Spectator article what the consequences will be for this country.

It’s good to see so many New Zealanders now fighting back on so many fronts. However,  those who are doing nothing at all to help in the fight against the Marxist takeover of this country may need to remind themselves  of Edmund Burke’s warning that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing.

 And women. So much now, depends on the efforts of us all, as individuals…

© Amy Brooke

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The Indefatigable Bruce Moon. His unmissable book & how all our political parties have behaved disgracefully.

By Amy Brooke

Treaty of Waitangi issues have long become an “orchestrated litany of lies” to which
New Zealanders have been subjected by self serving extremists from the 60s
onwards. The intellectual laziness and sheer corruption we have been subjected to
with regard to treaty issues is quite simply unforgivable.

But who is left to be surprised? There must by now be very few New Zealanders who
have not wondered what has happened to cause the extraordinary proliferation of
treaty claims on board the Treaty of Waitangi gravy train which has continued on
many years past the date on which only major challenges were meant to have been
examined and settled. But the grievance industry has learned how to tap into a
the bottomless well, to lodge more and more claims and to gain more and more
advantages, greatly assisted by our vote-buying political parties – in many cases
simply kowtowing to those making the the most noise.

After all, the cunning Mrs Harawera advised Maori activists never to be satisfied, quoting Malcolm X, “The squeaky wheel gets the most grease…” They have certainly taken her advice.

New Zealanders of good will – by far the majority of both now part-Maori and
non-Maori – will be shocked by the exposing of the real facts in the brilliant Bruce
Moon’s excellent corrective, his unmissable and highly readable book, “New ZeaJand
– The Fair Colony”.

Other good historians over the years have consistently tried to wake the public up to what has become a massive con. And it is perhaps a reflection of the fact that since the 1950s onwards, the quality of education has massively declined in this country, that so many New Zealanders lack intellectual curiosity, and have become only too successfully propagandised.

So few have taken the trouble to analyse and understand what exactly has
happened, at least partly as a result of the phasing out of the more
demanding academic subjects such as Latin and Greek, the almost total neglect of
the teaching of history, the failure to teach the grammar and syntax of English – the
most important international language – and the general dumbing-down of
academic subjects. As Henry Ford reportedly said, “Thinking is the hardest work
there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” Aiming for excellence in sport has been promoted in this country, without the corresponding and very necessary promotion of the importance of learning to think well.

So this book will be a well timed revelation to many. It had its origins as
“A text prepared for the New Zealand History Teachers Conference, Waitangi, 6-8
July 2020.” Because of Covid-19 it was never delivered, which is now to the
advantage of us all. Too many of those called history teachers have been thoroughly
brain washed by government propaganda, and the indoctrinated do not find it easy
to challenge their ownprogrammed thinking. We can only hope that this book
reaches them as well.

Additional chapters include material such as the address which Bruce Moon was
asked to give as a talk to the Nelson Institute on I April, 2018 and which was also
never delivered, another disgraceful episode among those with which we are now
becoming familiar. This eminent Nelsonian was actually prevented from speaking –
although previously especially invited to – because of thinly veiled threats made by
two individuals to the Nelson library and the Nelson City Council staff – who
thereupon decided to cancel his talk.

Moreover, while the unattractively named “Stuff’ newspaper chain boasts about the
importance of good, objective journalism {but has openly stated that it has no
intention of ever publishing any well informed material challenging the global
warming hysteria) it has also extended its ban in relation to treaty issues. The
Nelson Mail, long abandoned by so many subscribers who supported it while it was
a far better newspaper, has a record of consistently refusing to publish Bruce’s well
written and well researched letters correcting quite wrong “facts'” in articles written
by local activists. Nor is Bruce the only local correspondent to have his letters
suppressed – if they apparently encounter editorial prejudice.

This book is an absolute must. Not only does it contain the planned address to the
New Zealand History Teachers Conference, and the banned talk to the Nelson
Institute, there are separate chapters dealing with such important issues as “Ngai
Tahu’s crooked path from rags to riches”, “Changing our country’s name by stealth”,
“Some tips about Te Reo”, “The Waitangi Tribunal must go”, and among others, “The
Rangiowhia Affray” – a particularly striking account of the downright lies told in
complete contradiction to what actually happened on that occasion. Genuinely
shocking, it details how the actual facts of brave Europeans, risking their lives to
save Maori individuals, have had these replaced by the sheer badness of their
deliberate twisting.

Another particularly telling chapter. “Ngai Tahu duplicity goes on and on”, reminds
us of the incredible decision made by District Court Judge Joanna Maze who found
so appalling a crime committed by a helicopter pilot (who, on Christmas Eve, 2011,
hovered over the summit of Mt Cook/Aoraki) that she thought her “starting point for sentencing had to be the maximum penalty available, a fine of $5,OOO”. Only the guilty plea of the pilot led her to reduce this to $3,750 . Mrs Maze said the episode must be “seen as one of sacrilege to those to whom Aoraki/Mt Cook is of central cultural importance”. The Department of Conservation chimed in with equal
nonsense, having bought into Ngai Tahu’s claim that the peak represented to Ngai
Tahu the most sacred of ancestors – and so on.

What can we say about this one instance, among many of the sheer duplicity of this cunning and immensely manipulative tribe, who, on the face of it, seemingly managed to con this judge because of her apparently little knowledge of this tribe’s actual history – and of the sheer nonsense underpinning such a claim. It is a very good example of so many of the distortions, the stretching of facts and the downright lies which have been foisted off onto the country – including on our equally ignorant, and/or self-serving politicians.

This book should be read by every politician, every history teacher, and available to
all primary and secondary teachers in our schools. It challenges the quite blatant
twisting of the facts of our co-history, which, in the hands of the now blatantly
captured Ministry of Education – (long white-anted in that “long march” through our
institutions) – have basically become a tool for activist extremists re-writing our
history and substituting self-serving propaganda – such as the completely untrue
myth of “partnership”. We can also note the firm intention to prioritise the
historically totally inaccurate “Aotearoa” as the Maori triumphalism movement
strives to thrust supposedly superior tribal values on a country which has become
thoroughly brainwashed…thanks to a complicit media.

It is also unacceptable that no accountability is required by our present Prime
Minister’s handout government, helping itself as usual to taxpayer’s pockets and
robbing Peter to pay Paul with racist-based funding, as all our political parties have
now been doing for decades. It can well be regarded as public theft. Moreover, even
twenty five years ago, the highly regarded, UK – based Economist, warned, in 1995,
that this country had embarked on the worrying course of “ethnic favouritism”.

It has got worse. I recall with dismay, too, emigrants escaping from the apartheid
system in South Africa, only to note in dismay that we have gone down the same

We all know that Labour is dodging the cost of the damage done to the economy, as a result of the spread of Covid-19 and the cost of the lockdowns to so many
individuals and businesses. It has not just been a case of arguably-needed
handouts, but of the contrast between the $56 million bestowed on part-Maori
representatives in contrast to the $27 million for long established welfare
organisations to help address areas of genuine need. A palpable difference – but why? – when all help should be based on need – not on a part-racial inheritance.
Questions are also asked about what has become known as the MP Shane Jones’s
slush fund – although accumulatively hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have
routinely been bestowed on Northland activists these recent years.

Down south, too, on the West Coast, where part of the $56 million has apparently
gone to help part-Maori tourist operators, locals have noticed a sudden increase in
individuals owning 4-wheel drive vehicles – although these are not exactly needed on the bush trails where conveniently placed pieces of greenstone wait to be suddenly discovered with a “Good heavens! Fancy finding this!…..” delivered to gullible tourists.

Long ago lolly- scrambles spring to mind… as our governments apparently require no accountability for the largesse showered on pseudo-tribal groupings, where the
money handed over so often to its administrators largely remains with their
extended families, and where prosecutions have been strangely lacking over years
when misappropriation of funding has been proved. The gravy train steams on.

It is impossible to do justice to this essential book, underpinned by Bruce Moon’s
qualifications and achievements. He studied mathematics and physics at the
University of Otago and graduated MSc Hons). A rocket scientist in Australia and
England, Bruce \trras an early pioneer in mathematical, modelling with a computer.
Returning to New Zea).and, he installed the first university computer at Canterbury
in 7962. Co-founder of the Canterbury branch of the NZ Computer Society, now
Information Technologr Professionals, he was National President in 1978-9 and is
an Honorary Fellow. He also holds an MSc with Distinction from the University of
London and is a Fellow of the Institute of Phvsics.

Bruce’s volunteer work has had him teaching at a mission school in Vanuatu. As a
volunteer he taught physics at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics and the Library of
Tibetan Works and Archives in India. He has taught English to Tibetan refugees
from Chinese oppression and worked with disabled people elsewhere. Bruce also
served for many years in the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve, and was
awarded the Volunteer Reserve decoration. He has maintained an interest in New
Zealand history since his school days and has been described as “a consummate
Treaty authority”.

Naturally, therefore, he is apparently just the sort of person the “Stuff’ newspaper
chain wants to ban.

Although I have researched and written on treaty issues for over thirty years, I have
rarely come across a book so very readable, relevant, and well-written. It is a
sobering corrective of so much which our gullible media have also swallowed and
inflicted on us, and deserves the widest possible readership.

* Excellent value at $30.00 “New Zealand – The Fair Colony” – Second edition
The price includes postage.
Orders may be placed c/o Jeff Jordan, Distributor for Bruce Moon Publications, E-mail: charlton@farmside.co.nz stating the number of copies required, …………………
Please credit ANZ Ac No: O6-0705-0571495-OO and provide your name as reference, and name and address, including postcode. The order will be posted as soon as funds are deposited to the Bank Account.

O Amy Brooke

Riveting, and an absolute must…’New Zealand – The Fair Colony” by Bruce Moon.

The constant whingeing about the supposed evils of colonisation and the ongoing demand for more and more special “compensation” and privileges has understandably become too much for so many extraordinarily patient New Zealanders to tolerate. These include the majority of those of part-Maori descent, well aware, however, of how very manipulatively our successive governments have been persuaded that it would be to their benefit to keep applying more grease to the squeaky wheel of incessant complaining.

Many fine part-Maori have now left New Zealand rather than be thought to be part of the small minority of radical activists so successfully working the system. They have become understandably concerned about the inevitable backlash which will unfortunately affect them and their children.

A sober analysis of what took place in relation to colonial and Maori interaction might well suggest that it is reverse compensation that is now due to the taxpayers of this country. These well-read in the history of the early interaction between the missionaries and those Maori chiefs engaged in internecine warfare are aware of how grateful the latter became for the protection of these brave Christian men – who so often stepped between rival groups intent on killing and eating their opponents – to persuade both that there were more positive solutions for coexistence, and promoting prosperity.

Too much of the actual truth of the coexistence of many of our forebears has been lost in distortions and, in many cases, straight-out lies relating to their interaction.

Moreover, at least some of the claims made against the Crown are riddled with falsehoods, an outstanding example being the Ngai Tahu claim settlement of the 1990s with its multi-million dollar payout and special concessions – such as a sole rights to whale watching and to ownership of greenstone – which should arguably never have been given. It was described at the time as “a swindle”, with which many would concur.

 A Royal Commission of Inquiry set up to revisit the actual facts of that claim might well agree that this powerful, quasi-tribal corporation should be required to pay back what it obtained through gross distortions and falsification of the facts it advanced, assisted by a helpful, if a apparently gullible lawyer, and by the fact that the Crown lawyers, lacking any historians or useful assistance, actually relied upon what Ngai Tahu told them – earnestly thanking them!  Only later did the Crown lawyers admit they had actually been unqualified to properly represent New Zealanders as a whole.

This immensely powerful corporation has since gone from strength to strength, buying up influence within the universities and other institutions, and apparently intent on gaining even more power in relation to the decisions of the day.

Those who have read our  early historians’ account of the gratitude of so many Maoris for the wisdom and sheer courage of the missionaries, such as Henry and William Williams, acknowledge their determined efforts to contain the constant outbreaks of internecine warfare.

Whenever do those promoting the grievance industry acknowledge this, as well as their tireless efforts to protect vulnerable Maori girls and women from the undesirable predations of unscrupulous convicts and whalers –  and to teach to the children and willing adults as much of the useful  knowledge and important skills they could pass on?

When do we hear of the extraordinarily hard work and sheer bravery of these well-qualified men? William Williams, for example, was a highly qualified doctor and surgeon with a postgraduate degree in Latin and Greek. The ancestors of today’s Maori owed them and their equally indefatigable wives an enormous debt of gratitude. Yet there have been, and still are, straight-out lies being told about our  history – even in relation to the use of Maori being banned in schools – which was the result of pressure by Maori elders, making representations to parliament – (not from Europeans)  – who wanted their children to become equally proficient in English as were the children of the colonists. 

Why are children in schools not being told about these brave missionaries and their equally brave wives?  About their efforts made to sow peace among warring factions, to put a stop to the painful tattooing of slaves, so that they could then be decapitated, their heads smoked and sold to willing buyers from overseas? What about the missionaries’ efforts to put an end to the barbarous practice of killing and eating enemies, including women and children?

It is no wonder that prominent chiefs, by no means free from the threat of themselves being conquered, were grateful for the pacifying work of the missionaries, and eventually called upon the Crown to assume a unifying authority to establish a Pax Romana over the country. Apart from later skirmishes, most between tribes loyal to the Crown and those persisting in resisting its well-established authority, it worked well. New Zealanders so free from racial discrimination there are no longer any full-blooded Maoris  left.

Inevitably, as is always the case, some injustices took place over the years in relation to ownership of land. But not nearly as many as those now claimed, in many cases quite blatantly fabricated for economic advantage. Follow the money indeed…

Bruce Moon’s very fine book. “New Zealand – The Fair Colony” exposes the sheer corruption and intellectual laziness which has accompanied the lucrative treaty gravy train handouts given as a result of the constant propaganda to which New Zealanders have long been subjected.

It should be required reading for our lamentably ignorant education minister Chris Hipkins, for a start, presiding over the disgracefully racist and whitewashed account of our co-history being foisted upon New Zealand children. It should also be required reading for all history teachers and our mainstream media which constantly, and apparently willingly, now shamefully reinforce government propaganda.

We have all, both Maori and non-Maori, been the poorer for allowing so many untruths to proliferate, largely unchallenged…

 This highly readable book is a must. 

 So is the courage needed by the so-called silent majority who for too long have not spoken out – and who are therefore very much part of the problem.

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What is Jacinda Ardern’s end game plan? And does National even have one?

What is Jacinda Ardern’s end game plan?

Few New Zealanders can be left unaware that our racist, far-left Labour coalition is the most destructive in our history.

For example, no other New Zealand government has ever had the gall to bribe our media to ensure it basically lies about a non-existent “treaty partnership” as a condition of funding .

No previous government has tried that Nazi Germany trick of propagandising school children about the specialness of one particular group of New Zealanders – those to whom even a smidgen of part-Maori inheritance gives supposed special rights; an entitlement to extra funding; and greater say over basically everything now happening in what was once all our country.

Not only is our very name New Zealand apparently to be replaced by the inauthentic, deeply unpopular Aotearoa, if the tyrannical Ardern has her way.

All our institutions are also being  renamed in a largely reinvented language, incomprehensible to by far the majority in this country – and the lacklustre National Party in opposition, instead of insisting that all our institutions are properly titled  in our widely recognised, majority language, doesn’t seem to mind this at all.

Not a squeak from them.

Who cares? Apparently none of Ardern’s shameful bunch of Labour party patsies have the moral courage to stand up to her.

Even more ominously, she is now using the non-existent “climate change emergency” not only to launch an astonishingly aggressive attack on our farming industry, responsible for our food production, but she sees the so-called emergency as another potential weapon to control tax, and impose ultimately  on New Zealanders the kind of controls  she so successfully inflicted on the country with the arrival of Covid.

Who would have thought we would ever see the day that we can rely upon our now bribed media to not publish any of the findings of reputable scientists debunking this whole mythology of CO2 and nitrogen emissions being inherently dangerous to the planet?

It is time for New Zealanders to insist on no more  international agreements being signed by our governments – without their first being referred back to New Zealanders to evaluate, and make the final decisions.

© Amy Brooke

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You can also order my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

It is available through my  BOOKS page at www.amybrooke.co.nz –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.

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Shadows over New Zealand…the end of an era.

We know that our Prime Minister is  not shy  about wanting her own way, even to the extent of referring to us on her recent trip overseas as Aotearoa – without obtaining New Zealanders’ permission to say it is fine for her to personally rename our country.

 It’s highly unlikely, however, that she is unaware that two independent polls have shown by far the majority of New Zealanders have rejected the name change she personally wants – as with John Key, trying to change our flag. In fact in one poll alone, 90% on New Zealanders have rejected the  radicalized push over which she is presiding,  to get rid of our internationally recognized name.


 This, of course, apparently doesn’t bother Jacinda.  In spite of her mantra of kindness, one would have to search very widely to find any evidence that she really  cares about what most New Zealanders want. The evidence, always, has to be crucial.

Remember being told not to talk to our neighbours? Remember the cruelty of the ill, the lonely, and even the dying refused the visits they longed for?

One cannot but admire the slippery evasiveness with which this consummate political operator dodges accountability over so many issues.

 The shadows have indeed lengthened over New Zealand, not only because of the domination of our government, with mass media collusion, but because the far Left, as neo-Marxism – communism in drag – is successfully triumphing in its “long march” through all our institutions. So-called progressiveness, introducing the sad “final solution” of assisted death –  coupled with liberalizing  the abortion laws to make it possible for more and more of our unborn babies to be deliberately put to death – casts its pall over our once far happier country.

We are a civilization in decline with the rise in violent crime; gang activities; ram-raid robberies by our young; our by no means accidental, greatly declining education standards – and rocketing numbers of homeless and depressed individuals, many understandably now with mental health problems. The Marxist agenda of deriding Christianity and its moral compass, has not, unsurprisingly, produced a more stable, rational society, but, rather,  people under siege to the point of feeling powerless, losing hope, and opting for suicide. 

The endorsing of so-called transgenderism, let alone its actual physical impossibility – together with other attacks launched against the basic family unit and children by our hierarchies – shows a society that would be rightly incomprehensible to our parents, grandparents, and those who fought and gave their lives for the freedoms we are gradually having taken away from us. 

The answer? We must resist. We must keep resisting.  We must fight,  and we must keep on fighting.

We must start holding our MPs accountable for what they are allowing  to happen. We must remind other New Zealanders that is well past time we all woke up to what has happened to us as a country.

In reality, if our only remedy in the time we have is to resist at every level – what possible excuse can we have as responsible individuals to not do so?

Parents and grandparents in particular must resist on behalf of their children – must wake up to what’s happening  in our schools, with our young now shockingly being enlisted by the Left as never before in their fight against the truth of issues. 

© Amy Brooke

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You can also order my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

It is available through my  BOOKS page at www.amybrooke.co.nz –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.

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Why do the MSM refuse to ever allow this issue to be debated?! Is this because they are now heavily bribed by the Ardern government?

There is no climate change emergency! See below. So why are we being conned and heavily taxed by the Ardern government?            https://ncc.org.au/newsweekly/energy-science-enviro/delusions-of-climate-hysteria-global-warming/

Christopher Luxon is also supporting the  climate change hysteria. So why would you vote his party into power?
 Do Labour, National and the Greens really not know that the demand for coal for  burning is increasing world-wide – for good reason – while our ridiculous Net Zero target, now being abandoned by major countries – and  course, completely ignored by China –  is still in place for New Zealand?
It’s high time to claim back this country from ignorant, ill-informed, and even devious politicians. See – www.100days.co.nz

The most important movement in New Zealand today

The 100 Days Claiming Back New Zealandwww.100days.co.nz

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Given the sheer corruption within our political system, and that the worst government we have ever had in this country is working to destroy our democracy with the implementation of racist and divisive policies, New Zealanders are increasingly asking for whom they should vote.It is more than obvious that Jacinda Ardern’s coalition must be voted out, or we will well and truly have passed the turning point of no return.

However, a Luxon-dominated National government is going to do very little to reverse this. With his silencing of Simon O’Connor, the message goes out that Luxon does not believe in allowing any independently-minded and articulate MPs the freedom to speak as individuals. The repressive and anachronistic system of party politics is designed to silence dissent, and gag intelligent individuals unhappy with policy established by the party hierarchy – both within Parliament and its over ruling bureaucrats.

Those who remember the damage caused by John Key sneaking Pita Sharples off to New York to sign The Declaration On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – a useful tool which Ardern  is using to justify much of her basically apartheid policies –  do not forgive Key for his duplicity, and worse. This Prime Minister, known for basically ruling the National Party, and keen to change our flag with its Union Jack emblem,  must have known that Maoris were not indigenous to New Zealand, and can even recite the names of the canoes that bought them. Like our colonist forbears (from which the majority of today’s part-Maori also descend) they were simply earlier immigrants.

New Zealanders are also aware that the claims to take ownership of our coastline from all New Zealanders – now lodged against every inch of our foreshore and seabed – are due to John Key and Chris Finlayson, who claimed this would never happen. Moreover, it is taxpayers who are being forced to finance these claims. Even the leftist, equally dominating Helen Clark would not support this move. And the marked deterioration in teaching standards and our extensively dumbed-down schools curriculum have not been addressed by the National Party, with its successive Ministers of Education led by the nose by the ministry.  Long controlled by neo-Marxists, many of whom have boasted of their allegiance, they have utilised Lenin’s well-meaning, “useful fools” from within the system. We are all now well aware that, in fact, none of our political parties can be trusted.

 Given a far-Left Prime Minister whose modus operandi is that of deliberately promoting divisiveness and dissent, determinedly granting superior advantages and rights to those of part-Maori descent, inevitably we have become an ethno-state – a country now divided by apartheid-type policies. It would be hard to disagree with those who view such an individual as basically Communist – waging virtual war against our democracy. The pity of it is that our under-educated young New Zealanders, and even their parents, long having had the study of history removed from the school curriculum (Chris Hipkins, whose mother reportedly works within the Ministry, has made things even worse) probably have no real appreciation of how the totalitarian tactics employed by Communists are directed towards the subjugation of the populace, limiting or penalising free speech, and vilifying those brave enough to oppose them.

Fire and Fury, the recent disgraceful pseudo-documentary presented by two reporters who should be ashamed of themselves, is a good example of shockingly biased reporting. Yes, there are undoubtedly individuals who are potentially violent, abusive, infiltrate other peaceful movements, and recommend taking physical action against government members – which is completely unacceptable to the majority of New Zealanders. And they infiltrated the great protest in Parliament grounds where decent, law-abiding individuals came in unprecedented numbers to voice their understandable and deep concern about what is happening to this country under Jacinda Ardern’s government.

 The result was her, and most of our supposed representatives‘refusal to meet. Moreover, Trevor Mallard, regarded as Parliament’s worst speaker ever – and in the view of many, using bullying tactics – disgracefully sprayed them with water – including families and children – and played loud music at them. A favourite of Ardern’s, formerly photographed carrying around her child, he appears to have been rewarded with a diplomatic post overseas – to the anger of many New Zealanders – in spite of having no qualifications for this role.

Moreover, the great truck convoy with thousands of trucks covering the whole of New Zealand – another well-justified and unprecedented protest – elicited an inexcusable, untruthful and dismissive response from James Shaw, head of the fanatical Greens, describing them as “a group of Pakeha farmers from down south.”

The Fire and Fury duo pretty well revealed their affinity with Ardern’s far-Left policies, by lumping together so many decent, brave and troubled individuals at this Parliamentary protest describing them as far Right – and, wait for it “conspiracy theorists”.

How ironic, given that the threat to New Zealand’s democracy is undoubtedly coming from the extreme Left, led by our duplicitous Prime Minister. The naming and shaming these reporters embarked on has basically boomeranged back onto them.

What are we to do? This is the question people are asking everywhere…who to vote for, with every established party – with the exception of the New Conservatives – (ignored by our government-bribed media) – favouring policies distasteful to family people. ACT, far more than National,  is facing up to what is happening to the country, but its leader’s strongly pro-death policy when it comes to protecting the rights of unborn children, and his backing the slippery slope of euthanasia, planned killing, turns many aside. The New Conservatives deserves the support of wealthy individuals who could help them  get their message across and more effectively strategise.

The answer, however , to so many New Zealanders’ concerns about for whom to vote, is that it is time to look elsewhere, rather than continue to support our tightly controlled, major political parties consistently letting us down and promising what they do not perform. To restore our country to a genuine democracy we need look no further than to the clever Swiss people, who so effectively control their own governments that their MPs are merely part-time, most holding down other professional or trades jobs – and their government refers to the people as “sovereign”. Switzerland is now the only genuine democracy in the world, and what the Swiss people fought for, and won, we New Zealanders can also achieve. It will not be a movement favoured by politicians who are never keen to hand over the reins of power. But when enough New Zealanders support us to achieve a tipping point, Parliament will have to listen – in the same way as the Swiss effectively pressured their own government.

This is the aim of our 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand now well-established movement. Please check it out at www.100days.co.nz . It evolved as a result of several years’ debate at our annual Summer Sounds Symposium bringing people together from right across the political spectrum to debate and provide input into the issues of the day. See www.summersounds.co.nz

To get its message further has been difficult, because the anti-conservative Facebook consistently turns down every financially-backed promotion on which we embark to enable our message to spread out across New Zealand.

And of course, advertising pays. It reaches people – as adman John Ansell’s brilliant IWI/KIWI billboard did. However ironically, it was not Helen Clark’s Labour Party who handed potential possession of all our beaches, foreshores and mineral rights to part-Maori, but National. Why would you ever trust National again, given its chequered record? Yet it is understandably seen by many as the lesser of two evils,  given the urgent necessity to remove Jacinda Ardern’s government from office. No wonder New Zealanders are becoming increasingly depressed, with so many now planning to leave this beleaguered country.

The 100 Days –  Claiming Back New Zealand movement is our best and very achievable opportunity to at last enable New Zealanders to control our politicians so that it is we ourselves who make the best decisions for our country. We are more than grateful to those who have already so generously donated. But we need enough financial support to raise money for effective advertising –  given that Facebook is determinedly blocking our promotions.

Ultimately, everything depends on individuals, on each of us making a stand against this government’s insidious attacks on free speech, threatening individuals with “hate crimes” to intimidate and deter others from sticking out speaking out. A strategy to establish a climate of fear – worse still, disgracefully involving the police – is unfortunately working – but it should be recognised for what it is – bullying the public.

National needs to shape up far more intelligently to target the issues undermining democracy, its present leader apparently not up to the task. National is apparently not good at electing leaders, especially those backed by their past leaders, and many now think that it is time for a change to be made, as, at present, the thnking is that the election may be Luxon’s to lose.

Party politics themselves have become almost a form of minor totalitarianism, with party leaders, backed by their own unelected  party establishment, cracking the whip to virtually force MPs into line.

What is obvious is that it is time for our now thoroughly unrepresentative MPs – many even not even voted into parliament by New Zealanders, but achieving ministerial positions from which they have implemented highly destructive policies – to be challenged.

The most practical and achievable way of doing this is through www.100days.co.nz

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Please support us to claim back our once-democracy. It can be done. We just need to reach enough New Zealanders to let them know.

Thank you!

© Amy Brooke

Under Ardern, New Zealand is occupied territory.

To appreciate the radicalised activists’ fight for our children’s minds, check out the NZ Ministry of Education link below with the revealed attempt to “decolonise” our country. https://ncc.org.au/newsweekly/foreign-affairs/under-ardern-nz-is-occupied-territory/ Other useful and historical links are supplied by the Australian News Weekly – well worth subscribing to for a much-needed overview of topics important to us all –particularly given the virtual collapse of the standards of our mainstream media. Please support them, and the Australian Spectator. https://www.spectator.com.au/ Amy Brooke http://www.100days.co.nz