Heading towards a dystopia – what has happened to New Zealand?

Heading towards a dystopia – what has happened to New Zealand?

In spite of the fact that this article, due to some infelicitous editing here and there,  had style changes made that were less than optimum, I’m still sending it out in the hope that  many of you receiving it will forward it.  So many others still need help to understand what is happening to this country.

I wrote “What has happened to New Zealand…” not “What happened…” as if it is all over and done with – which it isn’t.

It is still very much happening,  with the bad heading towards the worse in the form of more and more either simply ill-thought, or, alternatively,  basically subversive legislation,  and damaging socio-political initiatives.

This is taking a huge toll on the people of this country.

Why would any well-intentioned government  deliberately provoke racial unrest by the elevation of a very small minority of part-Maori activists  – (by no means the majority of part-Maori, who want nothing to do with this)  – with an apartheid-type granting of superior rights,  privileges and funding?

The very determined Jacinda Ardern is presiding over a government which is acting as if it has a mandate to rule over the country. It hasn’t. New Zealand does not belong to her and her coalition. It does not belong to any political party, but to all New Zealanders. And, in a supposed democracy,  governments are there to respect the wishes of the majority who give them authority to do so.

It isn’t  happening.  For example, the Prime Minister knows very well that New Zealanders have overwhelmingly rejected the renaming of our country as Aotearoa – not even an authentic translation. Nor are they settling for the unwieldy Aotearoa New Zealand…now craftily substituted as if it were a compromise…with, of course. eventually our traditional world-recognised name being gradually omitted…

With a long-time weak National Party opposition showing no real sign of comprehending what is at stake  – nor having given any undertaking to reverse every single racist provision being implemented by the Ardern argued government – and indeed by previous National governments – such as the disgraceful foreshore and seabed legislation – it is obvious that our country is in trouble.

Never  was this brought home so obviously as by the recently passed law,  incredibly enough, allowing individuals to blithely change the gender on the birth certificate, if they feel like it. Where they are recorded as having been born male or female they can now choose for this to be erased – even though it is of course the recorded truth of the matter.

It is no wonder that expats are now asking what on earth has happened to this country. What indeed, when not one single member of Parliament – our so-called representatives declined to support this legislation as that they would be supporting an untruth.

Not one stood up to be counted.

Yet in the hundreds of public submissions, 70% voted against this self-identifying nonsense – 28% for.

The second thing  this brings him to us is that on so many occasions, when public submissions have been called for and the vote has gone against what this government wants, the submissions have been ignored.

It is getting very late in the day to claim back this country. Although it is obviously imperative that the Labour coalition gets voted out at the next election, National offers no real hope of returning this country to at least a representative democracy.

In this respect, the most important fact that New Zealanders need to take on board, is that the only way to control our politicians and to win back our country  is to do exactly what the clever Swiss people did – so successfully that most of them have other jobs in the professions or trades – and meet only once a week in Parliament.

To find out more and to help achieve a tipping point of enough New Zealanders to challenge all our political parties on this issue, check out the 100 Days movement – www.100ays.co.nz  – and join the increasing number of those coming on board.

Amy Brooke.

Check out for yourself my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

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And thank you very much those who have already done so! 


Amy Brooke. Visit my homepage and children’s literature website: www.amybrooke.co.nz www.100days.co.nz

Why do these persistent untruths about our co-history keep getting pushed at the public? Yes, why!

Historian Bruce Moon tells what really happened at  Rangiaowhia.Yet again, that hydra-headed monster, the false tale of the burning of a church or “whare karakia” at Rangiaowhia, has reared its ugly head from the pen of Vincent O’Malley.[1]

The very name of his book, “Voices from the New Zealand Wars” should be enough to alert the reader for the plain reason that, with the cessation by 1840 of the ferocious “Musket Wars” amongst the Maori tribes there was never again a war in New Zealand, not even a civil war.  There were of course a number of tribal rebellions, that of some Waikato tribes in the 1860s being perhaps the most serious,[2] with both Ngapuhi and Arawa offering warriors to assist in its suppression.

As O’Malley notes, Rangiaowhia had been nominated as a safe place for women, children and old men but he omits mentioning that as the primary food source for the rebels holding the strong fort of Paterangi, this had been totally compromised by its being actively engaged in the rebellion.  

It may be, as claimed by O’Malley,  that to the rebels “the assault on Rangiaowhia was an almost incomprehensible act of treachery.  They had complied with requests to remove their families out of harm’s way, only for the troops to deliberately target them in the most horrific manner possible. In their eyes, those killed in the attack were not victims of war: they were non-combatants who had been brutally murdered.” As one might truly remark in today’s vernacular “yeah right!”

What O’Malley claims here treats the real facts with contempt.   In fact, in deciding to occupy Rangiaowhia in a surprise move at dawn, the humanitarian General Cameron[3] planned to do so with minimal casualties on both sides.  When the troops arrived, the first move was Captain Wilson’s call to the women and children to move out of harm’s way and most did just that, by an escape to the nearby property of Thomas Power and his wife, Rahapa Te Hauata where a white flag was raised and they were not touched any further.

With the cavalry proceeding to enter the village and contrary to O’Malley’s claim that it was “essentially undefended” they encountered small arms fire from the Catholic church where a considerable number of rebels had gathered but the latter, finding that its thin weatherboard walls gave no protection against musket balls, retreated quickly and took no further part in the action.  It might all have ended there, just as General Cameron had hoped, with just two rebels shot by musket fire but alas that was not to be!

It was then that Captain Wilson’s attention was drawn to a “slab hut”[4]from which a woman, a boy and a “large Maori” emerged when called upon to do so, the latter made prisoner by Corporal Little.[5]  On being informed that some Maoris remained inside the hut. Captain Wilson ordered Sergeant McHale, the only Australian in his force, to enter the hut and call on its occupants to surrender.

When McHale obeyed, he was immediately shot dead by the hut’s principal occupant, “Hoani Papita” (“John the Baptist”), grandfather of Potatau.   In the rapid escalation of fire which followed the hut was set ablaze, possibly by the troops, several of whom fell, including the mortally wounded Colonel Nixon.  Then, knowing that all was lost, an old man emerged waving a white blanket in, no doubt, a futile gesture to word off the musket fire – alleged to be a “white flag” in a tale told at the Te Awamutu museum today.  Despite their officers’ orders to hold their fire, in the heat of the battle, he fell to a volley from the troops as did two more who followed him.

When the action had ceased, the troops who entered the remains of the hut found several bodies, charred almost beyond recognition, including that of McHale and two women, said to be daughters of Kereopa Te Rau, notorious for swallowing the eyes of missionary Volkner and drinking his blood from his skull.[6]

After the action, the troops retired to Otawhao, now Te Awamutu, taking a number of prisoners with them, some wounded, and some women and children.  Tents were pitched for their use.  There was a total of seventeen deaths from the action, twelve rebels, all but two at the slab hut, and five of the troops of whom Colonel Nixon died later from his wounds.

As historian Chris Pugsley has observed, this was the decisive action of the entire conflict, a major blow to the morale of the kingitanga, so that the end of armed resistance was only a matter of time and peace returned to this troubled corner of New Zealand.

Sadly, however, it was not the end of the story as Captain Wilson found out at the great meeting at Kopua some months afterwards.  There he was informed by two Wesleyan ministers that “there was one thing the natives were sore about, namely the  kohuru  [murder] at Rangiaohia” [sic].

It was the rebels themselves, furious at being so outwitted, who concocted the colossal lie of the burning of a church full of women and children, the reported “anguish” about this festering in Ngati Apakura to the present day.[7]  The 1991 hearsay of a man, one Mac Burt, about it all and the tale of an old Maori woman described by him in O’Malley’s tale should be seen in this light.  We have heard O’Malley’s “ring of authenticity” from others before him![8]

It was noted rebel leader, Wiremi Kingi, who told the truth: “There was only one house burnt; that was the house where the Maoris died.  I went there and saw it.”

So why, I ask, are so many New Zealanders today[9], so ready to blacken the record of our colonial past, humane by any standard of history and one which indeed, saved war-torn, slave-holding, cannibal Maori society from itself?

That, gentle readers, is not a rhetorical question!!!

Bruce Moon


11 December 2021

[1]     V. O’Malley, “Voices from the New Zealand Wars”, Bridget Williams Books, 2021

[2]     At one stage they planned to attack Auckland with wholesale slaughter of its inhabitants.

[3]     Whose “commendable humanitarianism” is described by military chaplain, Frank Glen in  “Australians at War in New Zealand”, ISBN978-1-87742-739-8, p2011, p.146

[4]     Of various descriptions of this edifice, this appears to be the most accurate!

[5]     They were in fact the boy Potatau who later gave a most detailed account of his experiences, with his mother and father.

[6]     M. A.Tagg, “The Martyr’s  Crown”, ISBN 0-473-11187-X, 2006

[7]     As reported in “Waikato Times” for  9/12/17.

[8]     In the report of the Waitangi Tribunal in favour of the swindle which was the Ngai Tahu claim accepted by it and the Bolger government.  (For a careful analysis, works by A. Everton,  M. Butler and D. Hampton may be cited.)

Corrupt scientists and political zealotry

UN institutions and central bankers are cashing in on promoting this fake global warming catastrophe.  See “ Global warming’s great leap backwards “ by Maurice Newman .


How many New Zealanders are aware of the sheer fakery now offered in relation to the global warming hoax? For example, as Newman reports in his recent Spectator article,  the 12 month-running mean temperature for the world in 2021 is dropping fast and is likely to be well below the 1970 to 2015 trend line. And while anthropogenic global warming theory predicts warming to be fastest in the polar regions, Antarctica has just experienced its coldest six-month period and coldest daily temperature since measurements began 64 years ago … It appears that Arctic ice has stabilised…”

The article below from the brilliant Bruce Moon  – see below for biographical details  – offers a whimsical look at the some of the facts with regard to our ever-changing climate, which has nothing to do with any man-made catastrophe.


A few thoughts

We live on what is mostly a rather viscous ball of very hot and dense fluid surrounding a lump of iron – our world.

The bits we live on are mostly solid chunks which we call “land” floating on this gooey mess, bumping into each other, pushing over and under each other as they have done for billions of years and surrounded, marvellously, with a thin layer of another remarkable fluid – water – in what we call “oceans”.

On the surface – or very near it – there has been another marvellous development – it is called “life”, in millions of diverse forms. 

Sometimes the gluey stuff pops up through an ocean somewhere and solidifies and, if the conditions are right, billions of  little life forms called “coral”  form limestone rings around it.  Then, as the geological record shows, and Charles Darwin worked out, most of these formations sink gradually back into the ocean, until nothing remains except the coral rings which continue to grow.  We call them “atolls”.  If people decide to live on them, as they do, and prevent the continued growth of that coral, these atolls will sink back remorselessly into the ocean. This has nothing to do with alleged sea level rise.  Conclusion: the Maldives are doomed; the Marshall Islands are doomed, Kiribati is doomed, etc., etc. by these  natural processes.

Sometimes what pops up out of the ocean or indeed sometimes on land, usually under enormous pressure, consists of a large amount of gas (much of which we call carbon dioxide), ash and fine solids as well as the thick hot gooey stuff which we call “lava”.  We call these natural phenomena “volcanoes”.  So much of this stuff is sometimes pumped into the atmosphere that it vastly exceeds that from we  humans’ little chimneys, no matter how many of them there are.  A recent example is named “Mt Pinutabo”. Sometimes these clouds of fine ash completely obscure the sun over wide areas, cause such great drops in surface temperature that crops wither and fail to ripen.  People and grazing animals may starve.  When a volcano called Mt Hekla in Iceland did this about 1700 years ago, this caused enormous distress in Ireland which they blamed on their gods whom they abandoned in favour of the new God of a man called Patrick and sure enough, with that change well under way, conditions returned to normal.  None of this was human induced.

Now, sometimes as the solid bits collide; one or another may be pushed up and another pushed down so that of course the ocean floods it.  This has absolutely nothing to do with alleged “sea level rise”.   And whether such land is pushed up or down, at the sea’s margin which we call the “coast”, the water which is in continual movement owing to phenomena called “tides” and “weather”, over which we have no control, washes back and forth and may erode that coast or alternatively deposit upon it material eroded elsewhere.  We may construct seawalls or employ dredges to arrest such events but they are natural processes over which we have very little control and nothing to do with alleged human-induced global warming.

And in the oceans on some parts of the earth near what we call the “poles”, the water may freeze into sea-ice or melt according to the season but as Archimedes worked out more that two thousand years ago this has absolutely no effect on sea level itself. Sometimes that ice may form on land  and slip into the sea, as observed on Greenland coasts but if such slippage is caused by volcanic action thawing the base of the ice, as is conjectured in Eastern Antarctica, so that it slips into the ocean, the consequent sea level rise is a natural phenomenon and human beings can do nothing to prevent it!

And meantime, the amount of radiation we receive from that very dynamic star to which we owe our very existence, the “Sun”, will vary over years, generations and millennia and accept this we must.

Now none of this excuses the wanton destruction of our precious planet’s resources by the greed of humankind – the pollution of our oceans by discarded plastic; the destruction of the rainforests of the Amazon and Indonesia to name but two current examples.  It is to counter activities such as these that the energies of people of goodwill must be directed. 

We are an intelligent species. Let it be, as has been said, that we direct our efforts to correct the those evils of the world which we can correct,  the grace to accept those which we cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.

Bruce Moon, 21 November 21

We need to rein in the anti-democratic Jacinda.

Read from the bottom up. This is very important.

Thanks, Chris. I think it’s about time New Zealanders took on board the fact  that all these autocratic government decisions including the Three Waters – and the utterly unnecessary, economically disastrous  global warming alarmism they’re peddling, are part of The Great Reset.

We really do need to become a lot smarter about the agenda behind  the far-left Ardern’s diktats.

 She is utterly undemocratic, and very much part of the move to consolidate the power of governments to the detriment of individual liberty, and the freedoms we should be taking for granted in every possible area. I hope  more NZers will now go check it out, and its implications.

This decision to not end MIQ is inexplicable, except within this agenda. It’s wasteful, unnecessary,  and very cruel  and we have to fight her on this – very difficult because she is utterly determined to control what happens to this country

Good for you and your initiative. But please do help wake New Zealanders up  to the reality of this world-wide movement  of The Great Reset.

 Rowan Dean, editor of the UK Australian Spectatorm has been writing very well about it – but there is a great deal of ignorance about what is  – and what it means for us.

I hope you include the media  in this mailout. Many would agree with you.


On 24/11/2021 8:11 pm, Chris Bishop wrote:

Dear Amy —

Don’t believe the spin from the Government’s big 1pm announcement on MIQ today – all they’ve done is said that from 17 January, 2022, Kiwis in Australia can travel to New Zealand.

That’s it. No travel before Christmas – and to make matters worse, you’ll have to self-isolate at home for a week when you arrive.

Incredibly, it looks like Australians will have to wait until 30 April next year before they can come to New Zealand without going into MIQ! That’s a whole five months away.

Yesterday, I revealed that the number of fully vaccinated travellers from Australia to New Zealand in the last three months who have tested positive for COVID-19 in New Zealand is… ZERO. You can watch it here.

That’s right. Zero. Not a single fully-vaccinated person from Australia has tested positive in New Zealand since 23 August.

So why isn’t the Trans-Tasman Bubble open right now? In fact, why don’t we end MIQ for all travellers to New Zealand, right now?

The government is under massive pressure on this issue as today’s (pathetic) announcement demonstrates. That’s thanks to people like you who have signed our petition. The more people that sign, the better – could you send it on and share it online?
Amy, click here to share our petition right now on Facebook. In terms of Kiwis in other countries – you have to wait until 14 February and then do a week’s self-isolation when returning home.

Other travellers to New Zealand have to wait until 30 April next year.

Sadly, Fortress New Zealand continues. It’s time to re-open to the world and end MIQ. Thanks for your support so far. Our campaign is working, but we need to keep the pressure on.

You can also chip in here to help our campaign reach even more Kiwis around the world.

Thank you again for your support.

Kind regards

Chris   Chris Bishop
National Spokesperson for COVID-19 Response  


Amy Brooke
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A government in jackboots. No wonder Ardern’s support is plummeting.


It can take a long time to wake that sleeping giant,  the New Zealand public, but it has finally happened. The continual assaults on our long-cherished freedoms,  including freedom of speech,  and,  incredibly,  freedom to visit the sick, the dying and the needy, denied even to family family members, is unprecedented in our history and totally unacceptable in a democracy.

What, too, of the freedom for New Zealanders themselves to make the decisions about who are the most suitable immigrants to welcome among us – those who will assimilate into our society – given the well-known friction that exists when cultures clash,  perhaps by new arrivals holding views antithetical to Christian values long underpinning  this country – and who may expect, as of right, to be granted special privileges, and even to continue a  lifestyle where women, for example, can be treated as subject to male authority?

What about the expectation New Zealanders have long held that our government will be even-handed in its treatment of all citizens,  with equal rights, in law? This  was indisputably the intent  of the  Treaty of Waitangi – that those Maori immigrants whose arrival had preceded that of our European ancestors, by also  becoming subjects of the British Crown,  should share the same legal rights, protection and advantages.

The scrupulous intent shown by the British Crown to establish a Pax Romana over the country had been  encouraged by wise chiefs who wanted a stop put at last to the internecine warfare waged among the tribes, and the appalling practice of cannibalism,  only too prevalent.  By the signing of the treaty, all the inhabitants of this country gained equal protection in law, and  Maori tribes, for the first time ever, gained legal title to the land and physical possessions (taonga ) they then held.

 This taonga did not, of course, extend to other than tangible possessions – not to the foreshore and seabed, nor any right to the control of  the country’s waterways, airwaves, and others lately invented –  nor, of course to separate, multi-million dollar, taxpayer-compelled funding for television channels and the reinvention of a language understandably limited, in a far less advanced and primitive way of life.

However, these newly-invented taonga have since, incredibly enough, been opportunistically contrived by ongoing pressure from radicalized activists, too often supported by the markedly undemocratic Waitangi Tribunal.

Equal rights  necessitate a balance with equal responsibilities – a balance which  is now apparently forgotten by the small minority of part-Maori extremists, by no means representation of the majority of those with some Maori ancestors, who have long been pressuring our too-compliant governments to be given superior rights and extra funding  for “our own people” . However, this  funding,  on past evidence  apparently very often ends up in the hands of those paid to administer it, rather than those most in need or disadvantaged.

Is it not strange that their lot seemingly never  improves, in spite of the now accumulatively hundred of millions of dollars paid out to iwi, in quasi- tribal settlements, for this purpose?

The key word here  is iwi, because these now powerful corporations are by no means wedded to the interests of all needy part-Maori –  but only to those related – because they relying on their membership numbers to provide them with clout when dealing with the governments of the day. The latters’  support has been too often bought by the promise of the non-existent  “Maori vote”. Individual part-Maori,  of course,  no more vote as a  collective than any other ethnic groups in our society.

It is important to remember this, because it is the powerful and immensely wealthy ones like Ngai Tahu – whose controversial  third “Full and Final settlement  (which of course did not turn out to  out to be the case) was more than challengeable with regard to “facts” they presented  – who are now supported by the hard-left Jacinda Ardern’s compromised government to gain not only co-governance of  country, but greater rights over all other New Zealanders, as in the disgraceful Three Waters proposal.

See above.


© Amy Brooke

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Remember He Puapua!

We can’t afford to lose track of this attack on our democracy. Remember He Puapua!


On the undoubted evidence, the  intent to subvert our democracy and turn our country into one governed along racist lines is well under way.

Underpinning all this is the document He Puapua –  so named in the move to relegate English, indisputably our most important national and international language, to second place, wherever possible.

It is not accidental that this sows confusion in the minds of New Zealanders, as the renaming  of our various government-funded institutions and organisations with Maori-only titles makes it more difficult to understand what their responsibility actually is.

For example  –  Oranga Tamariki  – at which so much criticism has been directed: what does it really do? Its title is meaningless to most in this country. So why is it in Maori-only – given that reportedly only 4% of New Zealanders speak today’s te reo?

This is not only culturally insensitive. It  is actually insulting to the majority of New Zealanders that the language of primary importance to all living in this country- no matter what their ethnic background – is being sidelined. Why? Because of the radicalised agenda of a very small minority of those of part-Maori descent.

However, they undoubtedly have the ear of Jacinda Ardern’s government, with their power-grab well supported, in fact apparently prioritised, by her Labour coalition.

It is more than time to protest. Because this group of radicalised extremists well understands that to change the language is to change the culture of the country…

New Zealanders of all backgrounds, including the majority of those with some Maori ancestry, have long taken for granted that we lived in a democracy – safe from the tentacles of a totalitarian government. The notion of any form of apartheid-ranking of citizens according to their racial background is anathema to by far the majority.  However, it is what our destructive  government, through its He Puapua agenda, now aims for.

At last protests are coming  nationwide, with so many at recognising the agenda underpinning this government’s damaging promotion of separatism and divisiveness.

As always, well-meaning individuals – looking with concern at the checkered history of all our political parties –  will clamour for yet another political party to be established.

This would solve nothing.

Basically, all political parties get infiltrated by those with their own agenda – very often that of strong-minded, ambitious individuals who end up virtually controlling that party. The evidence is there, looking at the recent leaders of the major parties.

So how could we be able to  control our governments, and prevent extremist groups white-anting this country –  such as the radicalised hierarchy backed by the Ardern government?

It’s actually very simple.

 See www.100days.co.nz – and join us to achieve a tipping point of New Zealanders  – with such numbers behind us that no government can ignore this movement.

The highly intelligent Swiss fought for, and won, the right to control their own government.

Of course enough of us can achieve the same.  New Zealanders have always been good fighters!

Amy Brooke.

Check out for yourself my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

Available through my home page and children’s literature website BOOK page at www.amybrooke.co.nz –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.

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The only possible way to control our politicians

  • https://www.spectator.com.au/2021/11/kiwi-notes-9/

    That more and more New Zealanders are rebelling against the diktats of our Prime Minister, the hard-left Jacinda Ardern, is heartening news.

    Her direct attack on our democratic institutions and practices is unprecedented, with a small handful of selected ministers, such as the ever-compliant Nanaia  Mahuta, chosen to carry the can for her.

    We should make no mistake: the shocking attack on the democratic rights of ratepayers to mount a referendum for a community to choose whether or not to install racist Maori Wards   – removed with unholy haste – (and an embarrassment to many Maori, knowing it for what it was ) came from above.

     So, too,  with the extraordinarily and unnecessarily  complicated, proposed  Three  Waters Reform – with its ultimate aim to remove from local people the ability to make decisions concerning their multi-dollar assets,  and to grant powerful and manipulative tribal corporations greater control than any other entities.

    Her government’s undertaking  to let councils decide for themselves is now replaced by its intent to force this on New Zealanders,  by no means the first of her pledges to be abandoned, when its rejection by the majority has proved unacceptable,

    Ardern’s  government has  gone too far in its power grab,  as her dive in the poll ratings shows.

    However, her promotion of  racial divisiveness,  cloaked in that weasel word, diversity, is an unprecedented attack on the notion vital to the survival of any democracy – equality for all, under the law, regardless of colour, sex, race or creed.

    All over the county, New Zealanders, waking up to what is happening, are rebelling.

    But to many, although  priority will be to throw out her coalition at the next election, given National’s own checkered record under its former Prime Minister, John  Key’s equally autocratic rule, the problem is whom to vote for.

    We do have  the solution within our reach.

    Good lateral thinking has now become a priority for New Zealanders, who need to join together to reach a  tipping point of numbers, to compel our governments to do as the clever Swiss did – to take on board the one provision which means the people themselves  -not the government  – make the decisions about how the country must operate.

    See the link above. And check out www.100days.co.nz to help us get the numbers to make this possible.

    © Amy Brooke.

Check out for yourself my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

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Pro-life or pro-death?

A long time abortion doctor brings home to us all the reality of this barbaric practice.

I wonder how Jacinda Ardern and David Seymour, among other MPs, can so glibly talk about a ” woman’s right” to her own body, when it’s another little human being being put to death.

Too good to miss

The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealandwww.100days.co.nz  


A pity to miss this – making the rounds – the clever satirical illustration of Ardern’s autocratic reign.

Congratulations to whomever this is due…a re-working of the old Eddy Grant anti-apartheid hit – very relevant now with our current Prime Minister blatantly promoting divisive and destructive racism.

Almost incredible…

As a correspondent notes He Puapua is possibly the most insidious and unacceptable planning document ever laid out by a New Zealand government.

We are losing our democracy, and the only very practicable way to control any, or all, of our political parties is through the 100 Days campaign.

The clever Swiss did it – and we can too!

We need to reach a tipping point of New Zealanders… See 100days.co.nz and support us!


© Amy Brooke.  Check out for yourself my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

Available through my home page and children’s literature website BOOK page at www.amybrooke.co.nz –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.

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And thank you very much to those who have already done so!



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A crisis by design? Deliberately promoting destructive racism?


In response to a recent Spectator article, No,  New Zealand is not Aotearoa, I received more feedback than from any previous ones – even though they consistently rate among the top six most read in the UK/Australian Spectator. I have long found this a puzzle, given that although this internationally-rated publication is more and more being taken up in New Zealand, its readership in this part of the world will be largely Australian.

With the mainstream print media now virtually bribed by our government to support its agenda – and consistently attacking the Opposition, instead of holding the Ardern coalition to account – we no longer have any quality print publications in this country.

However, readership of the Spectator is obviously healthy across this side of the Tasman.  Apparently a lot of Kiwis in Australia are as incredulous and upset about what is happening to this country by the Prime Minister’s quite blatant promotion of regressive tribalism – and the divisiveness she must well know she has been promoting.

All credit to Hugh Perrett from our Hall of Fame, making plain in a letter to Jacinda Ardern that many New Zealanders strongly object to her persistent moves to undermine our democracy – as in the proposed hijacking of community assets with the totally unacceptable Three Waters proposals.Her increasingly stirring the pot of racist separatism, destabilising this country in the eyes of many –  smacks more of Communist tactics designed to white-ant our democracy – than promoting the peaceful assimilation and mutual respect which brings together those from all ethnic backgrounds, with, of course equal rights for all – regardless of colour, race, gender or creed.

That we are losing this country, once viewed as among the most egalitarian in the world, is due to the policies of ethnic favouritism of both our major political parties, originally manipulatively promised “the Maori vote” – non-existent as a voting block. But today’s political parties and all our institutions are now very aware of the considerable wealth of the neo-tribal corporations  – largely due to decades of raiding taxpayers’ pockets in never-ending  compensation for claimed wrongs of the past  (some genuine  – some  fancifully  invented)  – for which New Zealanders today are in no way responsible.

However,  there has never been such a determined attack on the very foundations of this once democracy  –  apparently primarily because of the hard Left agenda of the Ardern government  –  becoming  more and more obvious to an increasing number of New Zealanders.

Even from Australia comes this sad acknowledgement of what is happening – one among so many recently received.

“…My cousin in Australia sends me articles to read and I wanted to say the article I read re Maori language made me cry with frustration as everything was true. I am not a political person but {am} sensing something very bad is going down in this country I have always loved so much. Anyway, just wanted to make contact and say thank you for writing and please keep it up. The truth needs to get out there. Regards (edited).

That New Zealanders, waking up to what is happening  are beginning to fight back as never before,  is heartening – and the removal of this destructive government has now become priority to so many. But there is only one practicable way to stop our present leader and any other autocratic politician from virtually ruling his or her party – and the country.

That is for a tipping point tipping point of New Zealanders coming together to insist on what the Swiss people fought for – and won – to control their own politicians.

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