To Jacinda and others spouting damaging cliches about “diversity …

To Jacinda and others spouting damaging cliches about “diversity …This is what ” diversity”in a common purpose really is…

Don’t miss the wonderful link below, showing what can be achieved by diverse individuals,  united in a common cause. **

It is NOT about  racial divisiveness and separatism, as Jacinda Ardern’s government,  activist individuals, and self-serving hierarchies seem to think – and are determinedly inflicting on us.

The so-called “diversity” they are promoting leads to the fracturing of a country along the lines of racial identity –  a reversion to basic tribalism….

It is intensely damaging to any country which has embarked on this divisive path, as we see from what has been happening in recent years  in countries like Germany and France – to name just two – which too naïvely and idealistically embraced the ideology of multiculturalism.  This,  in spite of the fact that  we have long been warned by Samuel Huntington –  (and others before him)  – in “The Clash of Civilisations” –  that people’s cultural and religious identities would be a primary source of conflict in the future – that future wars would be fought between cultures.  We have seen this particularly in the rise of militant Islamic extremism overseas – and its targeting of Christianity within Western democracies.

Why do our politicians need to be reminded  that no country can remain peaceful,  stable and unified without social assimilation  – and the acknowledgment of a common purpose?

Why do our politicians need to be reminded  that when some  sections of society begin to oppose the others – to gain advantages over them – in the name of ethnic diversity or biculturalism  – to gain self-advantage  –  and  when governments encourage them with preferential funding and other targeted advantages, the destabilisation of that country is well under way?  – as is now the case in New Zealand.

** However, the acceptance of genuine diversity… of diverse and highly talented individuals, voluntarily united in a common purpose, as here –    – creates something  very worthwhile – even beautiful.

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And in the name of unity – and our most important national and international language, which unites us all  – let us remember we are New Zealanders – NOT Aotearoans –  as these same political activists are trying to peddle.

What we do not fight for, we will assuredly lose…and  if so, we shame those of our forebears who did  fight  for us – and for the freedoms too many are now so readily letting slip away.

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Ihumatao – this is a giant rort and must be totally opposed

“This is a giant rort and must be totally opposed – and it will also open the way for hundreds more claims like this.” Helen Moseley

Tell Jacinda Ardern to protect private property and ensure no taxpayer money goes to Ihumātao.

Sent by Helen Moseley

Absolutely right. But Jacinda Ardern is weak, for all her gift of the gab, and always gives way to the strident few. The majority of NZers, including most part-Maori, are now being ignored in favour of kowtowing to activist agitators.

And Stuff, the now thoroughly discredited newspaper chain, is prioritisng palpable untruths and revisionist history. It looks likely that it is receiving funding to do so from sources which should be questioned. The more who boycott Stuff, the better.

Wealthy tribal corporations are certainly now attempting, and very probably succeeding, to bribe their way into the universities and private institutions. Completely unqualified part-Maori are now deciding who should get research funding in various academic areas which are completely irrelevant to iwis’ politicised interests…but where they are intruding.

Moreover, Ardern’s pronouncements constantly support this divisiveness (whoops – diversity) which is promoting separatism, and destabilising the country.

What does she think she’s doing…? 

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Jacinda Ardern is *not* following the science

Fact: We know well that this new climate change “emergency”  declaration is not based on science. However, it  is certainly another handy tool of political control by Jacinda Ardern’s politburo….

We can guarantee two things – one is that all New Zealanders will pay for this through increased taxation, and even more regulation and political control by a  left-wing government already costing us dearly.

It is an absolute disgrace that Stuff,  too,  this now thoroughly compromised newspaper chain, actually previously admitted it had no intention at all of  allowing any publication – even from top scientists  – challenging  extravagant climate change claims.

So much for healthy debate – the life-blood of any democracy.

And this trashy newspaper, with subscribers enthusiastically cancelling –  after its ridiculous and factually wrong ‘confession’ about denying Maori interests over the years – (what a disgraceful claim, when all the evidence has long been to the contrary) – is now no asset to the country. In fact it’s being increasingly asked if special, well-funded interest groups influenced cash-strapped Stuff to make this highly compromised claim?

With relevance to this non-factual ’emergency’ … our best scientists in New Zealand and internationally have been challenging this whole beat-up claim for some time.  One example alone:  and naturally Labour and the Greens will make sure they don’t read or publicise this… is to be found  below.

We need more individuals with the moral courage to challenge our political parties on their suppression of findings such as that below…

Why are our politicians deliberately promoting racist policies?

Why are our politicians deliberately promoting racist policies?

 And why are our local body councils and even our universities – shockingly enough   – marching to the same divisive tune of pushing for diversity /divisiveness – policies of preferential treatment on account of race –  rather than promoting equality and assimilation?

We know that for a country to remain united and stable, we need to aim for a commonality of interests – not constantly give in to the strident demands of racist agitators demanding special treatment.  Continuing to follow this dead-end path is fanning the flames of controversy…leading to increasing resentment from those New Zealanders now disadvantaged because they do not fit the criterion guaranteeing special treatment.

We should be remembering the lesson inherent in Kipling’s great poem, “Dane-Geld” – not embarking on policies of appeasement – but  insisting on one law for all – regardless of colour, gender, race or creed.

Our politicians need to be reminded of Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights.  

Will you help by contacting them to remind them? It all helps… and what have you got to lose – in the fight to return this country to the basic principles of fairness, equality – and freedom of speech?

What we now have instead is all the perniciousness of identity politics…

Many thanks to those individuals who do fight back – and especially to those who have so generously given financial support to The 100 Days  – Claiming Back New Zealand  initiative to help us to keep reaching out further. See 

But no thanks  at all to those who always leave it to others to renew the fight for our democracy – although it is one that has to be renewed in every generation. As it has so often has been said, Eternal vigilance is needed to safeguard democracy….

And as the great G.K. Chesterton reminded us, “This is the  first principle of democracy: that the essential things in men are the things they hold in common, not the things they hold separately.”

But our government,  local body governments and hierarchical institutions, impervious to his reminder, have launched  us on a thoroughly undemocratic path, taking us all far from the things we hold in common.

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Paying lip-service only to “kindness” and “well-being’…

So much for kindness, compassion and well-being – putting the family first – particularly our most vulnerable – the elderly and the very young.

In fact, in New Zealand, too, it can be counted as a basic form of abuse that so many needy of our very old and ill have been denied access to their families throughout our lockdowns, unable even to visit the dying – fathers, mothers, grandparents…to hug them, hold their hands, and say goodbye.

What about the babies lost because of proper care? And those denied proper treatment for cancer, health kidney and other problems… let alone the mental distress undergone by so many – the promotion of the climate of fear…and the inevitable suicides from loss – including loss of hope…

The deaths from these ill-thought political decisions are acknowledged to considerably exceed those from the coronavirus.

So much for Jacinda Ardern’s much vaunted kindness and well-being mantras…

What about that old saying ” empty vessels make the most noise” ?

Referenda results?  Make no mistake about what is happening.

Referenda results?  Make no mistake about what is happening.

We are heading downwards in a country of decline – anti-life and anti-everything which New Zealand once stood for.  

 Pro-death, pro-abortion, pro-drugs, the shocking attack on freedom of speech, the promotion of racial separatism, the trashing of our education system and a revisionist attack on the  truth of our actual history…  Not just State creep, but State control is determinedly inching its way into the lives of us all.  

What has now become a wedge in the door is being celebrated by those activists virtually waging war on the vitally important values which have so long stabilised our society. Moreover, those very few extremists spearheading the destructive move to liberalise cannabis, incessantly lobbying government and our intellectually underpowered media, have no intention of stopping,   This, though they must well know that Sweden liberalised cannabis for 20 years in the 60s, but two decades later made it illegal, and now has some of the most restrictive drug regulations in the West. So why did our politicians, including of course the far-Left, ever-smiling  Miss Ardern –  vote in favour of it? Shouldn’t we ask them? 

 What is indisputably war on the West is well under way, aided by the same largely ignorant or highly determined politicians, whose “liberal”, basically Marxist agenda is chipping away at the cohesion of this country with their anti-family agenda.  And basically, the accelerating takeover of New Zealand – never known as Aotearoa – (another activist push) – is only succeeding because of the dereliction of the so-called silent majority. 

Those who walk away from what is happening to this once far happier country because they’re “too busy’ or “not interested in politics” have a great deal to answer for. We are all more than busy, but there is little excuse for those who could, but don’t, bother to lift a finger against the destructive agenda of those taking over our country. 

Or perhaps, even as the former great Times columnist, Bernard Levin, argued, we have reached the stage where “the atrophy of moral judgment is the characteristic disease of our times, the inability to see evil, or the willingness to condone it.” 

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Donald Trump’s pro-life values are superior to those of Jacinda Ardern

Donald Trump’s pro-life values are certainly superior to those of Jacinda Ardern. Her vote here is shocking

Why would Jacinda Ardern vote to leave babies to die – when they have been born alive after an abortion! Incredible…

I know whose values I would vote for… and so would most women…

Amy Brooke – for 100 Days –  Claiming Back New Zealand…

Please note This organisation below is well worth supporting. If you value the things that once made this a great country to live in, please help this petition.

Amy, We have less than 10 days to ask politicians to tell us exactly where they stand on important issues of life, family and freedom. We are collecting your signatures and then we will send them to the candidates asking them to be transparent.
Can you help get this petition to over 10,000 signatures? If you haven’t signed our petition asking candidates to answer our questionnaire, I urge you to please do so now. Please also share this email with any like-minded friends and family. Thank you for playing your part in shaping the future political landscape.
Sincerely, Caleb Stephen and the team at CitizenGO P.S. Now is the time to make your voice heard! Here’s the email we sent you earlier on this: Election time is the perfect opportunity to tell politicians exactly how you feel about your beliefs and where you will direct your vote at the ballot box. Make your vote count and make your voice heard! Sign the petition to ask candidates to answer our questionnaire regarding where they stand on life, family and freedom.
VOTE FOR YOUR VALUES Dear Amy, On 17 October, New Zealanders will have the democratic privilege of voting for the candidates that best represent the values they believe in.
It goes without saying that political candidates represent YOU and YOUR VALUES. But sometimes they forget that. Tell political candidates: I am voting for the values I hold dear. That’s why we need to mean business at the ballot box. And like every other general election, one of the two major parties will form government in the New Zealand House of Representatives. Whichever one ends up securing victory will be the game-changers on important matters of life, family and freedom. So, it’s important that grassroots voters like YOU make your voice heard! Make a statement: Tell political parties you will only vote for the one who protects the values and freedoms you hold dear. To save you the hassle of emailing candidates individually or wading through the smorgasbord of political party policies, I have prepared a questionnaire in which we ask parties where they stand on key issues including… the sanctity of human life for both young and old; the preservation of the freedoms of conscience, belief and expression;  the regressive agenda to indoctrinate young children with dangerous LGBT agenda; the banning of so-called “conversion therapy.” Speak out! Sign our petition to demand candidates to answer our questionnaire. Please read the following questions carefully as the answers to them may impact the way you vote on October 17th. Will you ensure the protection of the child’s right to a mother and father and oppose LGBT adoption? Will you ensure that parents have the right to decide on the upbringing of children, including sexuality education? Will you oppose gender neutral bathrooms? Will you support and vote for legislation that will protect medical professionals from being forced to kill people to keep their licenses and jobs? Will you support and vote for legislation to protect New Zealand’s citizens from medically assisted euthanasia and suicide? Will you uphold the fundamental freedoms of religious belief and expression, maintaining the right of all individuals to worship and exercise their faith? Will you oppose a ban on sexual orientation conversion therapy which prohibits the use of talk therapy? Will you protect the lives of all preborn children? The future of New Zealand is in the hands of voters like you. Don’t think your one vote doesn’t count! Tell the parties and candidates: this time I am voting for those who will actively uphold and protect the values I believe in! Sincerely, Caleb Stephen and the team at CitizenGO P.S. Don’t underestimate the difference you can make! After signing this petition, please share with your friends. —

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Are the Ardernistas and Greens living on Planet Stupid?

Are the Ardernistas and Greens living on Planet Stupid?

“The Captains and the Kings depart…”

When the very fine artist, critic and columnist Giles Auty died recently in Australia, viewing with regret what had happened to his adopted country – and aware that we in New Zealand are in even worse straits – we lost one of those very few still standing to fight the corruption of these times. How have ignorance and stupidity – with or without deviousness – become a characteristic disease now in so many Western democracies?

Tragedy or comedy? It was impossible not to smile when recently listening to an LBC announcer in Britain recounting with incredulity the mindless behaviour of people there.  Almost lost for words, trying to understand what was taking place, he asked if they were living on Planet Stupid?  Equally worriedly, he pointed out that they actually have the vote…

Living on Planet Stupid? This phase really sums the question so many New Zealanders have been asking for so long about more than a few of our politicians – in particular with regard to the global warming con, which Miss Ardern, the basically Marxist Greens and too many shockingly lazy MPs have swallowed,  line and sinker.

Or have they? Given the challenge to the whole global warming hysteria, not only by well-informed scientists, but those apologising for having bought into it in the first place, we would be foolish to dismiss the Left’s – and indeed the Right’s – continued, culpable buy-in of this nonsense. What we need to remind ourselves is that promoting global warming alarmism has given governments the best of all opportunities to tax every single area of our economy  – all industries, business, farming, development, transport, fuel…the campaign against the use of coal, the search for oil…Every individual New Zealander  is  being impoverished through increased taxation – costs past on to us –  because of what is now recognised to have been a hugely exaggerated  – in fact basically non-existent threat  – to enrich the governments coffers.

What is particularly reprehensible is that even if the release of CO2 –  this important gas, but minimally represented in the atmosphere –  was drastically reduced in this country – it wouldn’t make one whit of difference to reducing global warming. Why are we being conned into politically imposed virtuousness, in no way at all reducing supposed global warming – while energy-hungry China and India are firing up more and more coal stations?  Much smarter than this country, the US has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, one in a line of treaties imposed by activists on the Left promoting alarmist propaganda. Given all the recent evidence challenging this,  it’s high time for us to stand up to our politicians and demand an end to their lucrative tax gathering scam – because scam it basically is. Tell Jacinda – and tell James Shaw…

Another important issue, pushed by the usual suspects, is the attempt to try to rename this country Aotearoa – which was never even its Maori name. No matter, we are being manipulated by continuing pressure on politicians  – and the only-too compliant, mischief-making and leftist media. It is yet another push from the Maori Supremacy movement, relying on the goodwill or laziness of New Zealanders to give up opposing it. A policy of appeasement? However, we should know just from history that appeasement never works:  the demand increases – as has been happening continually with those from very few, but vocal, culturally bullying part- Maori extremists – who appear to have considerable ego problems. Although a distinct minority, their demands never stop. However, now great poetry has been removed from the school curriculum, the important reminder in Rudyard Kipling’s “Dane-geld” has been largely lost.

”And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we’ve proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane”..

A recent poll showed the majority of this country voting 70 to 30% against this radicalized, extremist push. However, under the guise of being nice to those with a chip on their shoulder, too many politicians, and virtue-signalling media commentators and business managers are joining in the attack on our country’s name – New Zealand.

This is all part of a deliberately orchestrated movement to gain more and more territory, inch by inch, for radicalised Maori – none of whom in fact are predominantly Maori at all, and who determinedly ignore the immense benefits that the introduction of civilisation brought to this country.  It is not to their credit that they are dishonest enough to ignore and even disrespect their majority, non-Maori forebears.

It’s time to boycott Aotearoa-named companies and products that obligingly appease these radicals – and to point out that is culturally insensitive to not be addressed in the language everyone must understand – English – our important national and international language. Moreover, why should immigrants to this country – those from Asia, Europe, India, Cambodia,  the Philippines, etc. already with their own primary language,  be forced to compulsorily learn the newly invented, largely completely inauthentic “Maori” – as a result of what is basically cultural bullying? Competence in English is their and our prime need. Of course.

We are more than at the crossroads down the blind alleys of the racial, anti-white cultural bullying and the disproved nonsense of global warming.

It is that Miss Ardern is really so very ignorant? Or are there just so many opportunities for increased taxation and control by going along with this canard, Jacinda? Too many ignorant and compliant politicians have turned this country into an intellectual wasteland. All part of course, of the attack on our productive industries – and the destroying of our economy.

GK Chesterton pointed out that, “A tired democracy becomes a dictatorship.” And under Miss Ardern’s edicts and the Green party’s destructive agenda, this is arguably where are heading – a virtual dictatorship – control by a very few…

Yet it has never been easier to protest – and even a few dozen individuals  – (it is always the individuals who count) – contacting Parliament – the readily available phone number is 04 817 9999 – and asking to be put forward   to the office of the leader,  or to any member of a political party, means that one can state one’s views – in support of – or against any stance – or proposed legislation.

What can you/we as an individual(s) be waiting for? In this critical lead-up to the election, listening to voters and soliciting their support is very important to all politicians. They are doing so. But are they only hearing from the extremists? As so very often…

We should not be leaving the fight against any ill-tide of the times to the great-hearted fighters like Giles Auty. Ultimately we are, and will be, judged on what we do – and what we omit to do.

Why not ring 04 817 9999   – or email Parliament…Or?.. 

What are you doing to help? And well done indeed if you are J

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Why Sweden said NO to Cannabis AGAIN. Yes, again…we need to know.

Why Sweden said NO to Cannabis AGAIN. Yes, again! Jacinda’s government needs to take this on board…

Amy Brooke, Convenor, The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand –

 Join us to help win back this country.  Check out for yourself my book “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.” Available through my home page and children’s literature website BOOK Page at –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.