Important correction – re Ardern’s failing government.

Important correction – re Ardern’s failing government.

One million dollars a day, not a week, is being paid by Jacinda Ardern’s government (i.e. by all taxpayers –  governments have no money, except what they take from us) to keep homeless people in motels.

We cannot afford this hard-Left government to remain in power.

But we also need to hold National to account to reverse the damaging racist policies the Prime Minister is enthusiastically backing. As has long been acknowledged,  “A country divided against itself cannot stand.”

Why New Zealanders are revolting against Jacinda Ardern

Make no mistake. New Zealand, once a far happier  and more  prosperous country,  has been thoroughly let down by its politicians.  The recent protests by thousands of farmers and others close to the land represent only the tip of an iceberg of unhappiness, even anger, felt by an increasing number of New Zealanders.

Over these recent decades, with the increasing radicalising of the West,  both of our major political parties have caused considerable damage –  not only by their economic policies,  but by the embracing of social liberalism;  their abandoning of the principle of equality for all, under the law;  and by their wheeler-dealing to buy votes from minor parties and vested interest groups attacking the conservative, stabilising foundations of this country.

Through the neglect of both National and Labour,  eight out of ten New Zealanders despair that they will ever be able to own their own homes – a totally unacceptable and shocking  fact  – due to either the sheer incompetence  – or the deliberate planning – of our two main parties.

Which is it? And why aren’t they being held accountable?  National deserved to lose the last election,  but would very possibly not have done so if it had not been for the apparently personal enmity existing between Winston Peters and the National party in which he once served. That he successfully achieved some positive policies and warned of the dangers of aspects of our foreign policy and excessive largesse in relation to immigration – (where we have lacked sufficient housing and infrastructure to cope  ) –   has not been sufficient for many who regard his support of Ardern’s government of the Left as a betrayal.

 Unfortunately, so much of the damage done to this country has been done by party politics, particularly when a dominant leader controls the party. Many will remember former National Party Prime Minister, the crafty John Key, so long denying in the face of all the evidence that Auckland had a housing problem.  Perceived as over-close to Communist-Chinese backed business interests and their house-buying in this country,  Key’s attempt to change our flag, which would have involved removing the Union Jack which highlights our membership of the Commonwealth – was anathema to New Zealanders. Many are conflicted by the fact Key is so supportive of the tyrannical Xi Jinping that he brags about receiving Christmas cards from this aggressive Communist Chinese leader,  oppressing  his own people, including, ironically, the Christian population.

So much for that Christmas card, celebrating the time of the birth of the Christ child from whom Christianity has descended these two thousand years…while this bullying President of China imprisons brave dissidents and oversees the appalling treatment of the Uighur people who, on  good evidence, are being tortured, their women forcibly aborted…

And where are we today, in this country,  with Jacinda Ardern’s determinedly racist government attempting to hand over basic control of our  important infrastructures such as management of water supplies; our health system; producing revisionist versions of our history in the schools’ curriculum? All these and other moves are part of the planning for eventual co-governance of New Zealand – whoops – Aotearoa – in deference to a small minority of radicalized, but now immensely wealthy corporate groups (courtesy of taxpayers’ settlements) describing themselves as iwi (tribes). House prices are beyond ridiculous.  Auckland’s median house price rose 27 percent to a record $1.15 million from $905,000 last year. Other cities are not far behind. Ardern’s failing  government is paying $1 million a day to keep homeless people in motels.  Her promises about record house-building and much-needed increases in mental health funding have turned out to be simply pie-in-the-sky…  But she is intent on  implementing new and quite unnecessary hate speech laws, fundamentally designed to control people’s thinking – as well as their freedoms.

As for the ridiculous war being waged against carbon dioxide, a minor and non-polluting,  but essential greenhouse gas… New Zealanders are paying richly for our political parties’ buy-in to what is a cargo cult for those benefiting.  The taxpayer is also having to fork out to provide hundreds of millions of dollars to promote the largely highly impracticable use of cycling over cars.

And how many know of the damage the cost of the ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) is to the New Zealand productive sector and its commodities  –  when the Carbon Tax is being applied? I am reliably informed that at a coal distribution centre,  the current CC unit price is around $48 per tonne, and the average tonne of coal delivered is two and half units.  “This additional taxation applied, before GST,  of $120 per tonne of coal,  is causing all South Island-produced commodities using coal to carry through this cost. There are no other energy options for most primary producers in the South Island, despite the hype re alternative fuels.”

As this correspondent points out, “The ETS system is very complex for the general public to understand – they are sold the concept of taxing coalmines as “saving the environment”,  without understanding that their milk, meat,  out of season vegetables, etc. are all carrying this cost”.

Ah, but how useful is all this increased taxation for the government….

How long can one go on deceiving the public?  Under Ardern’s virtual rule, not only is our productive countryside under attack, as our  farmers have made very plain, but  our vaccine rollout is one of the worst in the world and the lowest in the OECD. Our education system is academically farcical and our children are being short-changed – and damagingly indoctrinated.

What’s to be done? Obviously routinely throwing out one political party, and bringing in another,  has not worked

What we are going to have to work for is a civic revolt. All those concerned about what is being done to white-ant this country are needed to help spread the word,

Yes, we can control our politicians. We simply need a tipping point of enough New Zealanders insisting on the very basic, immensely practicable provision which can do this.

The Swiss have it. They control their own government… which calls the people “sovereign”.

It is time for New Zealanders to fight – as once did those who came before us.

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Fairy dust to power New Zealand?

There’s more than one way to destroy a country, Jacinda.

It’s hard to believe that you are so incompetent that you do not realise your punitive policies, based on a flawed ideology, are badly damaging to our productive sector.

The question is: why are you doing this?  You are scoring points with  your comrades of the Left. But you are causing considerable economic damage to this country.

Our energy sector alone is approaching a crisis point.

You must know that even if it were possible to remove all our CO2 emissions, it wouldn’t make one whit of difference to the planet in helping with any so-called climate-change (aka global warming) emergency.

So why are you penalising New Zealanders?

And of course there is no emergency. Check out again what  our best scientists tell us – that the threatening global warming scenario is a scam and a sham.

Moreover, you are presiding over a government giving a very good  imitation of attempting to destroy this country with your attack on free speech – which underpins our democracy.

An increasingly unpopular Prime Minister, you are also effectively destroying our social cohesion, by promoting divisive and unacceptable racist policies.


Of course you must be aware that the very first principle of any democracy is the equality of all before the law.It now concerns so many that yours is probably the worse government this country has ever had, and it is costing us, in so many ways, more than the country can afford.

Please seriously consider resigning.

We need you and your highly damaging, far-Left government to go.

Already New Zealanders are flocking to sign a petition to the Governor-General asking you to resign. Is there no-one in your own Labour Party with the courage to tell you why?


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Jacinda Ardern is now widely perceived as a threat to this country. Why?

Whose country is this, Jacinda?


Many New Zealanders are more and more  concerned about the directions in which Jacinda Ardern’s government is determinedly pushing our country.

 The attack on free speech is extraordinarily damaging, because of course it is basically a totalitarian move, in line with George Orwell’s chillingly prophetic NINETY EIGHTY-FOUR.

No – it’s not that Orwell got the date wrong.  The underground work  of the far-Left to take over this country, hijacking our democracy,  has been under way for several decades. The attack on our education system, substituting for academic learning propaganda directed at brainwashing children according to the agenda of Marxist activists – i.e. Communists  – has been gathering in force from the 60s onwards.

Little by little the ramping up of incremental changes, in line with the Communist Gramsci’s instructions to his followers to conceal their agenda of open warfare – and, instead,move to what has been over-late, at last recognised as “the long march though the  institutions ” – has brought about the situation we are in today.

The Labour Party leader, with her coalition of some equally as dedicatedly far-Left –  assisted by the compliance of the usual patsies found within any political party, adept at keeping their heads down  –   is now bringing into fruition some decades of thoroughly undemocratic practices.

It has not helped the country that whenever the National Party assumed power in turn, its intellectual firepower was insufficient to make its members take on board the importance of reversing the Left’ s power grabs.

In reality, in some ways National has been equally culpable in promoting divisive racial polities, and too easily rubber-stamping treaty settlements that arguably should never have been made –  for example,  the controversial “full and final”  Ngai Tahu treaty settlement claim – which of course turned out to be nothing of the sort.

On very good evidence, described at the time as basically “a swindle, it was facilitated by inept Crown lawyers,  admitting they had no knowledge of the tribe’s history, and almost incredibly, accepting the tribe’s far from  accurate version of events…

It is interesting to see that the sharp-tongued former Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, and  former  Attorney-General, Chris Finlayson (who, with John Key’s help, saw to himself being appointed as a QC…) is  now criticizing National as being on the path to self-destruction.

There would be those who would argue that Finlayson himself  hastened this process.  Apparently he is ignorant of the damage he has arguably done to the country by inexplicably allowing Maori groups to claim ownership of the foreshore and the seabed – which by far the majority of the country thinks should never have been removed from public ownership.

Moreover, it is apparently taxpayers who now have to pay for these claims lodged against public ownership.

 In his private legal practice Finlayson  has represented  numerous iwi groups – and his  blithe assurances that the legislation he promoted would have  very little effect because very few (part-Maori)  would be able to prove what was basically uninterrupted possession – is puzzling. He would no doubt regard himself as a clever lawyer.  The question arises as to  why he should have been unable to see that other clever lawyers might well be able to  drive a horse and cart through the provisions of the legislation.

With a tendency to name-call opponents (‘nutters’ calls itself to mind)  this former National minister has called Coastal Coalition, a  political group  opposed to the removal of coastal and marine land from Crown ownership, ‘clowns’ and ‘profoundly sickening’ .

While he is intent on also berating his former party, very possibly unaware of the damage caused by his apparently naive actions,  reportedly the entire coastline around New Zealand has now been now claimed by various part-Maori interests – in some areas with over-lapping claims made.

 National has also been damaged by what is perceived as John Key’s  too close association with Chinese business interests in this country underpinned by CCP Finance  – with little regard to what the brilliant  Dr Anne-Marie Brady was warning – about whom Finlayson was also reportedly astonishingly  disparaging, at a public meeting- even when he was Minister in Charge of our SIS  – ( New Zealand’s Security Intelligence services). Key himself has been personally enthusiastic about China’s tyrannical dealer, Xi Jinping.

Given that hierarchies in both our major parties have accumulatively done a great deal of damage to this country, and that New Zealanders are  waking up to the fact that we have largely lost our democracy,isn’t it more than time that we moved to  control our politicians?

 It can indeed be done.  The Swiss people, who fought hard for this right, have done so so successfully that their government is unable to impose any legislation with which they disagree upon their people

 The Swiss people, in facts, rule their government, and are acknowledged by their government as  ‘sovereign’.

 See www. 100days

 See, too, 

We have now got to the stage where the public is beginning to wake up. An unprecedented call is being made me to the Governor-General of New Zealand to call for the resignation of Jacinda Ardern  as Prime Minister – for reasons mentioned in my above Spectator articles.

And the waking giant? The comments below this petition are interesting. 


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A great badness abroad – the attack on children

When the targeting of children to indoctrinate them – emotionally and mentally – and to sexually disturb them  – has become a major focus of the far Left  in this country, then a major social crime has been committed.

Under Jacinda Ardern’s stewardship or, more accurately, presiding over and basically ruling  this country, then the very concept of democracy,  let alone its actual reality,  has been mortally wounded.

What sort of opposition can we hope for when what is fundamentally cultural Marxism has now well and truly come into its own,  with her determined promotion of divisiveness, separateness, and identity politics – the classic material of Marxist, i.e Communist tactics.

Surely a strong reaction from the Opposition?

Then why is that not happening?

National, the major party  in opposition, is  at present led by Judith Collins,  who is  largely lacklustre on these issue – rather than taking up the banner of by far most New Zealanders who want no part of this undermining of our country.  The majority, including most of part-Maori descent,  are very much at odds with Ardern’s backing of plans for not only eventual radicalised-only, part-Maori co-governance – but of the right of veto by this small minority of extremists over everything affecting this country, in all areas, including the economy, health,  education, the environment, legislation, the replacing of the English language as far as possible by te reo –  most if it now by no means authentic Maori   – and unelected, undemocratic but paid  representation on local councils throughout the country.

In fact, a small handful of fighting National MPs, apparently kept in line by the party machine – including  Simon Bridges, Paul Goldsmith, Chris Bishop, Simon O’Connor and David Bennett  –  now appear to be constrained from speaking out individually, in conscience. The result is National becoming a damp squib.

The theory now is that Chris Luxon would be better.

Where is the evidence?  And how much faith would  the country have in a John Key protégé  – the former Prime Minister who long denied there was any housing shortage in Auckland; whose perceivedly over-close relationship with Communist Chinese-backed interests in this country caused concern; who apparently obligingly favoured removing the Union Jack from our flag; and who is  on record as being enthusiastic about Xi Jinping’s rule over China – the country whose tyrannized citizens have now become possibly the most repressed in the whole world?

National’s former leadership coup didn’t work out so well. Todd Muller, the protégé of former Prime Minister,  Jim Bolger –  regarded by some as not among the most intelligent of our former leaders – also didn’t work out well.  And with former left-wing Prime Minister, Helen Clark, reportedly a mentoring presence for Jacinda Ardern, whose policies are even more extreme than those of her claimed teacher, there is a feeling abroad that it would be more appropriate for former leaders to stop clinging onto the edges of power – and to retire, whether gracefully or not, from its ongoing temptations.

The media took umbrage at one of National’s best fighters, Simon Bridges, using the tactics of clever photography by reproducing him in awkward poses, at distorting angles – and, as the media so often do, by operating as virtually fifth columnists, bringing about his displacement. While he has been by no means consistent on all the important issues of the day, wrongly over-liberal in retreating from some of his most supported conservative  beliefs, Bridges is still capable of being a far more effective leader of the National Party. In reality it was basically the arrival of Covid-19 which sent sky-higher Ardern’s previous, merely average poll results. 

No opposition MP, given her adroit manipulation of the media and well-managed projection of both the concepts of caring and well-being, paralleled with the promotion of fear, as a result of the pandemic, would have had a chance at the time in the polls against her.

However, the tide is turning , and the country has taken a battering. Moreover, there is worse ahead, given the almost fanatical, basically ridiculous and destructive  recommendations of the Climate Change Commission.

But among the most wounded have been the country’s children.

The unforgivable, blatant indoctrination and untruths proposed to be taught to captive schoolchildren in the proposed new history curriculum has begun to stir the public into a long overdue reawakening.

Culpably,  it has taken far too long, given the unforgivable attacks on our children.

However, New Zealanders are at last perhaps taking on board that it is individual action above all that counts –  both in the protection of children – and in the fight to claim back our country.

© Amy Brooke

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While we were sleeping….

While we were sleeping – – this now destructive government increases its attack upon what was formerly a democracy With many fine writers on board, the fact that these articles of mine consistently achieve top ratings, means that there is a considerable level of concern about what is happening in this country – which our now arguably corrupt mainstream media are careful not to acknowledge.

Our Prime Minister has become an expert in scare tactics – as with her recent ridiculous statement that the issue of climate change is now a matter of life or death. Utter nonsense – more on this later.

Remember – it is rests upon the individual, as ever, whether we lose or save a country. Those who have gone before us thought we were worth fighting for.

© Amy Brooke, Convenor, The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand – – or Check out for yourself my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

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Lockdowns? They don’t work, but they cripple a country. Check out the evidence. You’ll find it here, in this excellent presentation by Rowan Dean,  editor of the Australian Spectator.

But first, his comparison of the brutal treatment Communist China traditionally metes out to its brave dissenters – and the extraordinary and brutal treatment of ordinary citizens by Dan Andrews’s police force in Melbourne. Utterly shocking.

Time for the lying to stop

Is our Prime Minister  really so ignorant that she doesn’t understand that no country can remain peaceful,  stable and unified – without the principles of democracy being respected  – that of the same laws and equal, respectful treatment – applying to all,  regardless of colour,  race and creed…

Does she understand nothing about what happens to any country when it abandons this acknowledgment ? The inevitable fracturing of a country…

Why should she and the Labour coalition  – or any other politicians – need to be reminded  that when some  sections of society begin to oppose the others to gain advantages over them in the name of ethnic diversity, biculturalism, or claimed racial superiority and special insights – and  when governments encourage them with preferential funding and other targeted advantages –  the destabilization of that country is well under way? 

This is now the case in New Zealand.  Why?

Most part-Maori in this country, are, like the rest of us, getting on with our lives, taking care of families, working in the trades, the industries and professions. They do not form the radicalised minority of part-Maori, who, with no holds barred,  are promoting a Maori supremacy movement, ridiculously aiming for co-governance of this country – and apparently very much supported Miss Ardern…

In this case, she needs to publicly be asked by the media what her real agenda is  – given how destructive these directions are.

We also need to be asking why those of part-Maori descent  are consistently, inaccurately and patronizingly,  regarded as an underclass – her government’s constant excuse for directing hundreds of millions of dollars to Maori interests only – much of it, on past history, remaining in the hands of those controlling its administration.

Will the mainstream media begin to hold her to account, and ask the hard questions – dependent as they now on her government for support?

Obviously no, given that New Zealanders all over the country are now complaining it is almost impossible for them to publicly raise concerns about what is happening. Either editors, or management,  are overwhelmingly not allowing readers’ questions to be appear in print.

The inevitable backlash is now well underway – unfair on the majority of part-Maori  – and with never any recognition of how very small is the proportion of part-Maori in actual need…or how successfully the culture of welfare dependency has been ingrained in them, including in non-Maori.

Something is very rotten – this time,  not in the state of Denmark – when a government sets out to divide a country by deliberately promoting the policies of racism – as is now happening in every government department – and with even businesses now required to make decisions based on racist issues.

What we do not fight for, we will lose.

It is time for those who now well recognize what is happening  to start, and to keep, objecting.


Contact your MPs. Ring their local office, and/or email them. Ring Parliament  – 04 817 9999  – and ask to be put through to the MP or leader to whom you wish to make your views known – yours and so many other New Zealanders.

Ring  your local editors and ask why they are not doing a much better job.

Remember –  it is rests upon the individual as ever, whether  we lose or save a country. Those who have gone before us thought it worth fighting for.

© Amy Brooke, Convenor, The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand –  -or

Check out for yourself my book,  “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.” Available through my home page and children’s literature website BOOK Page at –  or at Amazon’s Kindle. 

Claiming back New Zealand

Hobson's Pledge TrustCoastal ruling appeal email address corrected

This email is to correct Attorney General David Parker’s email address since, earlier today, we asked you to email him to stick up for all New Zealanders by appealing against the High Court judgement two weeks ago that granted a Bay of Plenty Maori group customary marine title to several coastal areas.

The claim for customary marine title was made under a 2011 law called the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act.  This provided for a customary marine title to be granted where the claimant tribe could establish, to the Court’s satisfaction, that it had had “continuous and exclusive” use of the particular part of the coast since 1840. 

At the time it was passed into law, the assessment of the relevant Minister was that it would be extremely difficult for any tribe to establish that they had had “continuous and exclusive” use of the claimed coastline, and that as a result the number of successful claims would be very tiny.

Despite the claimed part of the coastline between Whakatane and Opotiki having been forfeited when the related land was subject to confiscation, the judge found in favour of the claimants and injected consideration of “tikanga” into his decision, effectively allowing that to override the specific provisions in the Act. 

If this decision is allowed to stand, it is likely that hundreds of claims for customary marine title – involving most if not all of the coastline – will succeed.

The Attorney General has a statutory responsibility to act in the public interest. His Office has already expressed concern that the Crown’s position has not been correctly represented in the High Court decision, and that the law is not being applied as intended by Parliament.

As a result, the Attorney General is now considering whether or not the decision should be appealed to the Court of Appeal. The deadline for making that decision is 5pm today, and it is vitally important that as many people as possible urge him to lodge an appeal. The email address of the Attorney General, the Hon David Parker, is Hobson’s Pledge Trust Created with NationBuilder, software for leaders.