The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand Movement.

Convened by writer and commentator Amy Brooke.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.”  Victor Hugo

The most successful democracy in the world, where the government respectfully refers to the electorate as sovereign, is Switzerland.

The fact that not the Swiss government, but the people of the country itself actually make the decisions, has brought this about.

But surely New Zealand is a democracy?

The reality is – no. In actual fact, our democratic freedoms now extend only to throwing out one political party or coalition when it is perceived as having done so much damage that it should be removed, to exchange it for another –  which nobody now really believes is going to be any better.

New Zealand used to be called a representative democracy, where MPs supposedly represented the views of their constituents in the House.

However, we are no longer even a representative democracy.

A watershed has been passed.

New Zealand went down the road of no return in 2009 when the anti-family, anti-smacking legislation was passed, instigated by a reputedly Marxist Green MP, Sue Bradford; supported by a heavily socialist and dominating Prime Minister, Helen Clark;  and scandalously endorsed by National Party leader John Key telling his party members to do as they were told.

But of course our representatives MPs stood up to be counted?

Not one.

Not one of the major parties’ so-called constituent MPs stood up to be counted and to represent the views of their constituents although polls showed that New Zealanders were well over 85% opposed to this ominous and intrusive legislation.

List MPs, yes-men, and yes-women, are answerable to nobody except their party leaders.

It’s time now to claim back this country. Yes, it can be done. And no,  it isn’t difficult at all. It will just take time for this concept to be understood.  All it needs is for New Zealanders to say that they have had enough , that they claim the right to make the decisions that affect them.

The Swiss claimed that right 160 years ago, when they realized that they no longer had a democracy.

They have proved it works. It simply works!

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“The simplification of anything is always sensational.” GK Chesterton.

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