Pro-life or pro-death?

A long time abortion doctor brings home to us all the reality of this barbaric practice.

I wonder how Jacinda Ardern and David Seymour, among other MPs, can so glibly talk about a ” woman’s right” to her own body, when it’s another little human being being put to death.

Too good to miss

The 100 Days – Claiming Back New

A pity to miss this – making the rounds – the clever satirical illustration of Ardern’s autocratic reign.

Congratulations to whomever this is due…a re-working of the old Eddy Grant anti-apartheid hit – very relevant now with our current Prime Minister blatantly promoting divisive and destructive racism.

Almost incredible…

As a correspondent notes He Puapua is possibly the most insidious and unacceptable planning document ever laid out by a New Zealand government.

We are losing our democracy, and the only very practicable way to control any, or all, of our political parties is through the 100 Days campaign.

The clever Swiss did it – and we can too!

We need to reach a tipping point of New Zealanders… See and support us!


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A crisis by design? Deliberately promoting destructive racism?

In response to a recent Spectator article, No,  New Zealand is not Aotearoa, I received more feedback than from any previous ones – even though they consistently rate among the top six most read in the UK/Australian Spectator. I have long found this a puzzle, given that although this internationally-rated publication is more and more being taken up in New Zealand, its readership in this part of the world will be largely Australian.

With the mainstream print media now virtually bribed by our government to support its agenda – and consistently attacking the Opposition, instead of holding the Ardern coalition to account – we no longer have any quality print publications in this country.

However, readership of the Spectator is obviously healthy across this side of the Tasman.  Apparently a lot of Kiwis in Australia are as incredulous and upset about what is happening to this country by the Prime Minister’s quite blatant promotion of regressive tribalism – and the divisiveness she must well know she has been promoting.

All credit to Hugh Perrett from our Hall of Fame, making plain in a letter to Jacinda Ardern that many New Zealanders strongly object to her persistent moves to undermine our democracy – as in the proposed hijacking of community assets with the totally unacceptable Three Waters proposals.Her increasingly stirring the pot of racist separatism, destabilising this country in the eyes of many –  smacks more of Communist tactics designed to white-ant our democracy – than promoting the peaceful assimilation and mutual respect which brings together those from all ethnic backgrounds, with, of course equal rights for all – regardless of colour, race, gender or creed.

That we are losing this country, once viewed as among the most egalitarian in the world, is due to the policies of ethnic favouritism of both our major political parties, originally manipulatively promised “the Maori vote” – non-existent as a voting block. But today’s political parties and all our institutions are now very aware of the considerable wealth of the neo-tribal corporations  – largely due to decades of raiding taxpayers’ pockets in never-ending  compensation for claimed wrongs of the past  (some genuine  – some  fancifully  invented)  – for which New Zealanders today are in no way responsible.

However,  there has never been such a determined attack on the very foundations of this once democracy  –  apparently primarily because of the hard Left agenda of the Ardern government  –  becoming  more and more obvious to an increasing number of New Zealanders.

Even from Australia comes this sad acknowledgement of what is happening – one among so many recently received.

“…My cousin in Australia sends me articles to read and I wanted to say the article I read re Maori language made me cry with frustration as everything was true. I am not a political person but {am} sensing something very bad is going down in this country I have always loved so much. Anyway, just wanted to make contact and say thank you for writing and please keep it up. The truth needs to get out there. Regards (edited).

That New Zealanders, waking up to what is happening  are beginning to fight back as never before,  is heartening – and the removal of this destructive government has now become priority to so many. But there is only one practicable way to stop our present leader and any other autocratic politician from virtually ruling his or her party – and the country.

That is for a tipping point tipping point of New Zealanders coming together to insist on what the Swiss people fought for – and won – to control their own politicians.

 Join us to help. See

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No, we are not Aotearoa – but destructive neo-tribalism is well under way.

 The 100 Days – Claiming Back New

One of the most heartening things to see happening in New Zealand today is so many now fighting back against what has become a regressive form of tribalism, heavily promoted by Jacinda Ardern’s Labour coalition.

The agenda outlined in He Puapua, in spite of all her government’s disclaimers, makes it quite plain that the planning is for a powerful minority of those of part-Maori descent – no matter how tenuous – envisaged as not only sharing governance over the whole country, but in fact with institutions established on racist grounds having the right of veto over the wishes of the majority. This has already happened in the health sector, where this Maori right of veto, incredibly enough, is now embedded. It is also on the agenda for the infamous Three Waters proposals.

We are now basically engaged in a cultural civil war, with highly wealthy neo-tribes able to influence social and political outcomes because of their economic power. Related to this is former Prime Minister John Key’s decision to surreptitiously send Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples to the UN to sign The Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, which has subsequently caused a great deal of damage.

It was not only utterly inappropriate for this to have been done with no consultation with the country – even in utmost secrecy – but doubly so, given that Maori were not indigenous – but proudly traced their ancestors’ arrival according to the canoes in which they came. That they in fact succeeded others who had arrived before them was freely acknowledged by the ancestors of today’s part-Maori  – and substantiated by archaeological evidence… even though considerable political pressure has been applied to suppress such evidence.

It is in fact this declaration – irrelevant to this country  – which is now being used by Ardern’s government to support the divisive and damaging racial divide being inflicted upon New Zealanders in the name of ‘diversity’  – a weasel word with the equivalence of promoting divisiveness and disunity.

It can be laid at her government’s door that a petition is now circulating to make English an official language of New Zealand. It has of course always been, and still is, our most relevant and important language. However, the damage being done to social cohesion – let alone intelligibility – is illustrated by the fact that most government communications, local government papers and those from other institutions nationwide are now frequently headed in Maori – spoken by a very small number of New Zealanders.

Untranslated words and phrases –  inserted indiscriminately into English sentences and contexts – contribute to the confusion relating to much of what is now being inflicted on the country. Moreover, this largely now reinvented language has no relevance whatsoever outside New Zealand, and is incomprehensible to the majority of the country – whereas English, one of the most important international languages – is used in communications on the world stage.

Interestingly Rachel Boyack, a recent Labour Party MP, is now calling for backing from fellow MPs for her private members Plain Language Bill which will require all government departments to use plain language in their documents, and on their websites, to make their intent, their communications and planning easier to understand.

This should put the cat among the pigeons very nicely, as the increasing proliferation of words and phrases unintelligible to the majority of the country would of course no longer be permitted. This would very much go against the grain for those extremists long pushing for English to be pushed into second place.

Our Prime Minister’s own response to this – given that her apparent intent has been in the opposite direction – will be interesting.

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Please note – the dumping of the documents mentioned below, as advertised by being sent and received widely throughout the country,  has been wrongly dated. It took place in 2020, not this recent September 10, as  referred to below.

This correction is being issued to clarify this fact.

However, it is quite correct that specific guidelines for the media have been issued by the government to which they must adhere support the government’s narrative in relation to its race-based agenda. News cover stories that support the government narrative are also sought.

Jacinda Ardern – an agenda-driven autocrat?

It’s hard to keep up with our adroit Prime Minister who apparently doesn’t like answering questions, such as the one about where does … Continue reading Jacinda Ardern – an agenda-driven autocrat?The Spectator Australia 0 Comments

Jacinda Ardern’s government bribing of the media in this country as part of the (untranslated) He Puapua agenda to destroy the freedom of the press, essential in any democracy, is paying off. The $55 million given to mainstream media provided,  basically, on condition they do as her government tells them – provide news stories that support a government-approved narrative – has now paid off for Ardern.

As recently as last September 10,  TV3 featured a highly important interview with its political editor, Tove O’Brien, in which she pointed out that thousands of documents in relation to the government’s handling of the Covid-19 virus highlighted issues about which our dictatorial Prime Minister does not want the country to know. The attached interview appeared, but was then rapidly removed by TV3 and not included in the evening news.

As a correspondent has pointed, out this blatant interference and suppression of important information is an interesting example of the power of Ardern’s increasingly fascist government to shut down discussion.

Among issues presented in the interview, which Ardern does not want the country to know, is that unions have been strong-arming the government to put more pressure on employers to top up the wage subsidy – many of whom would simply not be able to afford this – and in spite of the fact that advice shows this would then cost jobs.

The documents point to government incompetence over a long period, showing that testing is not up to scratch, that self-isolating is not effectively monitored, and that the country could be kept at level 2 to 3 up for up to 2 years. In what has been described as a shockingly cynical move, gagging her ministers, she is forbidding them to speak in relation to the facts revealed, and instructing them to stick to brief written responses. Incredibly, she has issued orders that any written response has to be sent to her to first sign off – actions described as shocking and cynical.  This from the woman who promised honesty and transparency from her government.

This is no longer even a representative democracy. These moves suggest the basically fascist control of a highly-determined individual, not allowing her own MPs to any longer act on behalf of constituents.

As one New Zealander has put it, signing the petition below to the Governor-General to remove Ardern, already reaching over 35,000, “In 60 years of being able to vote I have never seen a government doing so much in an undemocratic way. This is not the country I have lived in happily for those years.”

Elections can, in fact, be fixed. So New Zealanders who are already looking ahead to vote for the demise of this now arguably corrupt Labour coalition should not rejoice too soon.. Will The only practical way forward to reclaim our country – and a real democracy – is for us to achieve a tipping point of enough New Zealanders to challenge the government to insist on what the clever Swiss realised, fought and won!


Please join us to help!

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Check out for yourself my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

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More than one way to ruin a country

The 100 Days – Claiming Back New

There can be no doubt at all that New Zealand, once at least an almost-democracy, is now under attack.

Cui bono? To whose benefit?  Or, Who profits by this…? a phrase used by Cicero at a time when the collapse of the Roman Republic was imminent, is one we, too, should be asking in relation to what is happening to this country. 

The signs that our own democracy is facing a virtual collapse are all around us – a claim that may sound exaggerated until we look at the indisputably racist, anti-democratic agenda that the Labour coalition, under the far-Left Ardern, is imposing on the country.

Similarly with John Key, described as “the smiling assassin” by those who worked  closely with him before he returned to New Zealand,  and who also appeared to think that his personal popularity would enable him  to get rid of  our  flag’s Union Jack –  a  reminder of our rich cultural heritage – Ardern is  confident of her  own and her government’s  popularity. She has gone even further, wanting to get rid of our country’s internationally-recognised name.  Why?

A leaked email revealing a directive sent down from her office recently, in relation to dumped Covid-19 documents, has this over-authoritarian Prime Minister telling her ministers not to give interviews, stating that “the government has no need to respond because of its overwhelming public support”.

 If this support continues, then we have lost this country, not only as a quasi-democracy.  We know that freedom of speech is essential to any democracy.  Yet her proposed legislation further attacking the right of individuals to freedom of speech – with extraordinary penalties lined up to intimidate the population – is part of any far-Left government’s agenda.  

The intent of He Puapua, to deliberately promote separatism and so divide the country, citizens against citizens, comes straight from the Communist Manifesto, with its attack on community integration. Her push to change the name of the country and attempt to make government documents less intelligible, sprinkled with Maori, or re-invented Maori  terminology –  replacing our most important national and international language   – is not part of her be-kind-to-one another exhortations.

 It is in fact highly discourteous, given that only an estimated 4% of New Zealanders speak today’s  teo reo – by no means the original Maori language, but one now largely reinvented,  similarly to Esperanto, but without the latter’s original intent to enable all the peoples of the world to speak a common language. It is English which has become the most important language internationally. Today’s largely reinvented Maori is spoken nowhere else, and is an anachronistic attempt to reinvent a language which has become largely irrelevant, even if understandably of historical importance to those of Maori descent.

However, the allocating of scores of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to attempt to inflict this largely irrelevant and inauthentic reinvention of the original Maori upon schoolchildren, their teachers and other institutions, diverts much-needed funding from essential areas such as health related issues. For example, it is to the government’s shame that Starship, our leading Children’s Hospital, is so  cash-strapped that it has to appeal to the public for funds… while scores of millions of dollars are continually diverted to wastefully promote what is no longer an authentic language.

Moreover, far more important languages need prioritising, given that te reo is not spoken in any other country in the world, and that New Zealand children would benefit far more from learning a language of genuine use to them overseas. Moreover, to expect new immigrants, speaking their own language  – and needing to become fluent in English – to spend precious time by being required to also take on the burden of this reinvented language, is unconscionable.

There is an urgent need to replace the now Marxist Ministry of Education with a system removed from the dominance, politicised decisions and dumbing down of the Left, and replace it with a body answerable to the needs of children and their parents.
Moreover, when everybody speaks English, this crosses boundaries of race and cultural values, promoting a sense of national cohesion.

A contributing factor to this social cohesiveness is the shared history of our traditional Western values – passed down to both those of European and part-Maori descent – but with the latter discouraged from celebrating this highly important part of their heritage. Again, one has to ask why…

This has not been by accident,  but as part of the attack on our national cohesion which too many New Zealanders have not yet recognised – having fallen into the trap of being wrongly persuaded that the Treaty of Waitangi set up a partnership between Maori and the Crown – not only one that never happened, but that in fact was impossible. Yet this canard is being skilfully promulgated to persuade the gullible that co-governance of New Zealand is justified. Moreover, it is not just co–governance which is envisaged, but one where superior rights are to be given to those with some percentage of Maori ancestry, entitled to claim extra political power and money as a chosen people.

It is good to see so many now opposing this deliberate promotion of racial divisiveness.  But what that it is being deliberately done needs to be far more fully recognised.

There have been warnings throughout history that a country divided against itself cannot stand. We all need to understand that the former peace and harmony of this  country is not only under attack by divisive pressure groups with prioritised access to government  – but is also supported by politicians with an agenda far from that of a cohesive society.
Presiding over all this social unrest is today’s ever-smiling Prime Minister,  seemingly intent on inflicting her own agenda decisions on us all. The writing is in fact on the wall,  with the enemy already within the gates.

But when more New Zealanders begin to at last ask this crucial question, Cui bono?  – the answer will become more obvious. And for those willing to fight for the country for which so many of our forebears  gave their lives, the very practicable way back can be found at

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Jacinda Ardern must be very pleased with herself

Should we in this country – known to the world as  New Zealand – not Aotearoa – be able to expect that debate on the important issues of the day should be readily available, open and transparent?

Or is it fine that our mainstream media have been paid to act as the mouthpiece of a far-Left government?

There is only one possible answer, if we are to consider ourselves a democracy – that freedom of the press is essential.

We have lost it, because our mainstream media have sold the country out. We cannot afford to be anything but very clear about what is actually happening to us.

Owning the press is an important part of any government’s plan to propagandise, and eventually control the population. Athough it has no place in a democracy,  gagging the press, or buying its complicity, is one of the first and most important moves of any totalitarian government –  as in the former USSR, in China, North Korea –  or wherever an all-controlling government lays down what is, and what is not, desirable for people to read.

However, our main media outlets have accepted what are basically government bribes, amounting to ongoing millions of dollars – provided they agree to not challenge the Ardern government in relation to its factually wrong claims – such as that the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi established a legal partnership – or indeed any kind of partnership – between Maori and the Crown.

Not only would this have been impossible, it is totally untrue. Yet, when Ardern, who parrots this claim, was asked in a personal email by the former leader of the National Party and Governor of the Reserve Bank,  Don Brash, to produce the evidence that this is the case – she did what she is very good at – she dodged replying.

We are very aware that the PM does not answer questions to which she dislikes the answer. Her racist blueprint for establishing apartheid in this country, and incredibly enough, supposed co-governance by a small minority only of radicalised part-Maori – apparently obsessed about one part only of their genetic inheritance – is a recipe for sowing widespread divisiveness and instability. It beggars belief that she simply doesn’t have enough intelligence to appreciate this.

She must also be well aware that as a result of the signing of the treaty, all New Zealanders, no matter what their racial background, became subjects of the Crown with equal protection, rights and responsibilities.  The dreamworld of ethnic superiority in which some academics apparently find themselves does not alter actual facts:  in Captain William Hobson’s words – He iwi tahi tatou – We are one people.

This is apparent not a concept that appeals to Miss Arden.  Fostering dissent among New Zealanders, the government aims to remove from local people the control of their own assets, such as water – with the view of giving the same extremist part-Maori activists superior rights over its ownership.  Other part-Maori expressing concern about this move, and what it will do to the country and the inevitable resentment that will follow, are simply ignored. After all, as activist, Titewhai Harawira reminded her followers, “The squeaky wheel gets the most grease…” Noisy, even badgering minorities can hold a majority to ransom.

Ardern uses the canard of the signing of the treaty establishing a partnership as justification for the apparent aim of co-governance laid out in the originally heavily redacted He Puapua – which previously claimed she had not even read.

But what of media complicity?  The list is long, but all the requirements laid upon various institutions to conform to receive their funding have one thing in common – they must adhere to race-backed conditions such as “cultural competency” courses which will produce advocacy journalism – ongoing attempts to “educate” the public.

We are in fact losing this country because of  a government which is not only attempting to essentially bribe the media to toe this far-Left  government’s line – but is  also attempting, through its insidious and intimidating proposals to reform our “hate speech “laws – to restrict what we say – with extraordinarily harsh penalties dangled over our heads.

Although that sleeping giant the public is at last beginning to stir,   it is very late in the day for many New Zealanders to wake up to the fact this is not government by the people for the people – this is a régime closer to that of a totalitarian one stretching its  tentacles over the whole country.
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Babies left to die – but some lived

This is apparently not what Jacinda Ardern would be pleased about, as, shockingly, when she moved to “liberalise” our abortion laws, she voted against an amendment brought forward by the MP for Tamaki, Simon O’Connor, to require health professionals to help babies born alive – after an attempt to kill them in the womb.

But what, Jacinda, of the little aborted ones, that against all the odds survived?

International swimmer’s inspiring story is a living rebuke to the abortion industry

Ernie Gawilan’s life is more proof that while abortion activists champion choice, the ‘healthcare’ they advocate is murder.

Mon Aug 30, 2021 – 3:42 pm EDT

(LifeSiteNews) – “If you read Filipino swimmer Ernie A. Gawilan’s profile at the website of the International Paralympic Committee, you won’t read anything about abortion. His “type of impairment” is listed as “limb deficiency,” and the “origin of impairment” is noted as “congenital.”

Gawilan began swimming in the year 2000 during his free time while working as a housekeeper in Samal, and a swim coach noticed him. Gawilan has gone on to win three gold medals and two silvers at the 2018 Asian Para Games in Indonesia, becoming the first Filipino athlete to do so.

Gawilan is competing in Tokyo this year in the 2021 Paralympics, but there is more to the famous swimmer’s story than immediately meets the eye. In a 2014 interview, Gawilan revealed that he very nearly didn’t make it out of the womb alive. Gawilan lacks legs, and his left arm failed to fully develop—but he also grew up as an orphan when his mother died of cholera when he was only five months old.

Gawilan was conceived in an affair his mother had with another man, and the little boy nearly died in the womb during a failed abortion when she tried to hide the pregnancy from her husband (who subsequently abandoned them).

“I must have been a good swimmer even in my mother’s womb, because I survived the abortion,” he told the interviewer. “I just swam.”

In the water, Gawilan says, he “feels normal.” Growing up, he was bullied for his disability and his appearance, and it was not until he discovered swimming and was noticed by a coach. He has gone on to compete in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, New Zealand, Myanmar, South Korea, and Italy, raking in 15 international swimming medals. The abortion survivor is now considered a world-class athlete.

The stories of abortion survivors are unique because they give us answers to unanswerable questions: what would the missing millions have looked like? What might they have done? How would they have changed us? Who might they have loved, and been loved by? A single human being has a tremendous impact on those around him, and it is hard to grasp what we have lost in the carnage of abortion.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with abortion survivors on my podcast, and their stories are incredibly powerful. There is Melissa Ohden, who found out as a teen that she had soaked in saline in the womb for days but survived. There’s Claire Culwell—author of the recent book Survivor—who survived an abortion, but lost her twin, and wonders every day when she looks in the mirror if she is staring at the face of her lost sibling. There’s Gianna Jessen, who also survived an attempt to kill her in the womb with saline, and still suffers the physical consequences.

These survivors are a living rebuke to the abortion industry, which tried and failed to kill them. Their stories are ignored because by the standards of our progressive society, they should not exist. Men like Ernie Gawilan and women like Melissa Ohden, Claire Culwell, and Gianna Jessen are supposed to be dead—but God had other plans. To know their stories is to know that day by day, we are destroying countless precious people who had the right to take their place among us. Those who champion the right to kill these people should be condemned, and should be forced to face the truth about what they are doing.

Ernie Gawilan’s life is more proof that while abortion activists champion choice, the “healthcare” they advocate is murder. We must never, ever forget that.”

Follow Jonathon

Jonathon Van Maren is a public speaker, writer, and pro-life activist. His commentary has been translated into more than eight languages and published widely online as well as print newspapers such as the Jewish Independent, the National Post, the Hamilton Spectator and others. He has received an award for combating anti-Semitism in print from the Jewish organization B’nai Brith. His commentary has been featured on CTV Primetime, Global News, EWTN, and the CBC as well as dozens of radio stations and news outlets in Canada and the United States.

He speaks on a wide variety of cultural topics across North America at universities, high schools, churches, and other functions. Some of these topics include abortion, pornography, the Sexual Revolution, and euthanasia. Jonathon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in history from Simon Fraser University, and is the communications director for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Jonathon’s first book, The Culture War, was released in 2016.


“What, too, could have been more unexceptionable than the requirement in this country, New Zealand, to provide such a child with medical care, treatment and comfort? Yet Ardern, herself a mother, was not at all keen on the idea.  Nor, disgracefully, was the majority of our MPs.

The amendment would have required, that if a baby was born alive following a failed abortion, a qualified health practitioner, present at the time the child is born, would have a duty to provide that child with appropriate medical care and treatment.

It would have also required the medical care and treatment of a child born as a result of a failed abortion to be no different than the duty to provide medical care and treatment to a child born other than as a result of an abortion.

How can such an appalling abandonment of a tiny baby, utterly defenceless, and in distress, possibly be morally justified?

When we look at the mess the world is in today with the sad nonsense of males and females convincing themselves that they can swap the sex in which they are born, Mother Teresa’s words come back to haunt us. She essentially said that when a country’s parents embark on killing their own unborn children it is the beginning of the ruin of that country. From there, from here, it is downhill.

 In her words, “We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other?” and, “A nation that kills its children in the womb has lost its soul.” I believe abortion is barbaric, unethical and inhumane.”

© Amy Brooke

Serfs in our own country… ruled by political party patsies?

Check out this link below.

We have indeed reached a shocking time with New Zealanders now experiencing a virtually dictatorial government inflicting its agenda on the country. In more even than socio-economic areas, enormous damage is being done because of it.

Most people by now, even many formerly gushing about the wonderful Jacinda Ardern, have taken off their blinkers.

Most New Zealanders long thought we had a democracy – even just a representative one, where, supposedly, electorate MPs, for whom a majority voted at the time, would take the wishes of their constituents with them to Wellington.  It wasn’t much – we all knew of the horse-trading behind the scenes where too often the views of the majority of New Zealanders were sidelined.

But now we don’t even have a pretence of representative democracy.

We lost that last pretence when the tattooed minister, Nanaia  Mahuta  – (is she making a statement?)  – moved swiftly to crush New Zealanders’ ability, nationwide,  to prevent their local councils adopting racist Maori wards in local body electorates. Our rights to mount referenda were simply speedily taken away.

How many other Western countries would put up with such an outrageous move?

Whether Mahuta  was prompted to do so by her coalition ruler, or whether she was acting on her own initiative,  is irrelevant – there is no doubt of Ardern’s full backing.

In fact we have a virtual autocracy – government by decree with the pretence only of consultation – as with the ridiculous and duplicitous Three Waters cartoons on television – an insult to the intelligence of the country – designed to make us compliant about basically handing over our water rights to tribal control – with local councils  first bribed into acquiescence.

Given our rapidly worsening situation,  it is obvious that as a priority, we now need an urgent reform of our political system,  as the above Spectator article illustrates. At the moment, we are ruled by political party patsies dominated by agenda-driven party leaders  – as we saw, too,  under “the smiling assassin”, former National leader John Key, also recognised as completely dominating his party.

In addition, we have highly important decisions made by members of Parliament,  upgraded to ministerial ranking, whom we never even elected to parliament – but who gained their seats though List ranking. We are then virtually at the mercy of whatever they decree – as with the unacceptable foreshore and seabed claims.

We not only could be doing much better?  We must. And the simplest way to do so is by a provision which the clever Swiss fought  to gain for themselves.

Check out the website at the bottom of this Spectator article, and go to How it Works.

The politicians won’t like it.  Those media in politicians’ pockets won’t like it. But our children will thank us for it.

There are no catches to this:  it really is very simple.

We need enough of us to endorse the 100 Days proposal to reach a tipping point of New Zealanders insisting to our politicians that we are going to have this provision  – and that they will get no electorate, nor List votes –  unless they support us.

We need financial support to be able to reach as many New Zealanders as possible.

We need you all to help to tell others.

If you can do both, you are doubly valuable – and we owe you. Thank you… See the DONATIONS page

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