Why do the MSM refuse to ever allow this issue to be debated?! Is this because they are now heavily bribed by the Ardern government?

There is no climate change emergency! See below. So why are we being conned and heavily taxed by the Ardern government?            https://ncc.org.au/newsweekly/energy-science-enviro/delusions-of-climate-hysteria-global-warming/

Christopher Luxon is also supporting the  climate change hysteria. So why would you vote his party into power?
 Do Labour, National and the Greens really not know that the demand for coal for  burning is increasing world-wide – for good reason – while our ridiculous Net Zero target, now being abandoned by major countries – and  course, completely ignored by China –  is still in place for New Zealand?
It’s high time to claim back this country from ignorant, ill-informed, and even devious politicians. See – www.100days.co.nz

The most important movement in New Zealand today

The 100 Days Claiming Back New Zealandwww.100days.co.nz

See –  https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/08/political-dystrophy/

We need help your help, because our movement is vitally important to you.

In fact it is the most important movement in New Zealand today.

For the reasons given below, we need financial support.

 Donation details are there on our website at:

Cognos Ltd 100 Days – 03 1355 063124400

Given the sheer corruption within our political system, and that the worst government we have ever had in this country is working to destroy our democracy with the implementation of racist and divisive policies, New Zealanders are increasingly asking for whom they should vote.It is more than obvious that Jacinda Ardern’s coalition must be voted out, or we will well and truly have passed the turning point of no return.

However, a Luxon-dominated National government is going to do very little to reverse this. With his silencing of Simon O’Connor, the message goes out that Luxon does not believe in allowing any independently-minded and articulate MPs the freedom to speak as individuals. The repressive and anachronistic system of party politics is designed to silence dissent, and gag intelligent individuals unhappy with policy established by the party hierarchy – both within Parliament and its over ruling bureaucrats.

Those who remember the damage caused by John Key sneaking Pita Sharples off to New York to sign The Declaration On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – a useful tool which Ardern  is using to justify much of her basically apartheid policies –  do not forgive Key for his duplicity, and worse. This Prime Minister, known for basically ruling the National Party, and keen to change our flag with its Union Jack emblem,  must have known that Maoris were not indigenous to New Zealand, and can even recite the names of the canoes that bought them. Like our colonist forbears (from which the majority of today’s part-Maori also descend) they were simply earlier immigrants.

New Zealanders are also aware that the claims to take ownership of our coastline from all New Zealanders – now lodged against every inch of our foreshore and seabed – are due to John Key and Chris Finlayson, who claimed this would never happen. Moreover, it is taxpayers who are being forced to finance these claims. Even the leftist, equally dominating Helen Clark would not support this move. And the marked deterioration in teaching standards and our extensively dumbed-down schools curriculum have not been addressed by the National Party, with its successive Ministers of Education led by the nose by the ministry.  Long controlled by neo-Marxists, many of whom have boasted of their allegiance, they have utilised Lenin’s well-meaning, “useful fools” from within the system. We are all now well aware that, in fact, none of our political parties can be trusted.

 Given a far-Left Prime Minister whose modus operandi is that of deliberately promoting divisiveness and dissent, determinedly granting superior advantages and rights to those of part-Maori descent, inevitably we have become an ethno-state – a country now divided by apartheid-type policies. It would be hard to disagree with those who view such an individual as basically Communist – waging virtual war against our democracy. The pity of it is that our under-educated young New Zealanders, and even their parents, long having had the study of history removed from the school curriculum (Chris Hipkins, whose mother reportedly works within the Ministry, has made things even worse) probably have no real appreciation of how the totalitarian tactics employed by Communists are directed towards the subjugation of the populace, limiting or penalising free speech, and vilifying those brave enough to oppose them.

Fire and Fury, the recent disgraceful pseudo-documentary presented by two reporters who should be ashamed of themselves, is a good example of shockingly biased reporting. Yes, there are undoubtedly individuals who are potentially violent, abusive, infiltrate other peaceful movements, and recommend taking physical action against government members – which is completely unacceptable to the majority of New Zealanders. And they infiltrated the great protest in Parliament grounds where decent, law-abiding individuals came in unprecedented numbers to voice their understandable and deep concern about what is happening to this country under Jacinda Ardern’s government.

 The result was her, and most of our supposed representatives‘refusal to meet. Moreover, Trevor Mallard, regarded as Parliament’s worst speaker ever – and in the view of many, using bullying tactics – disgracefully sprayed them with water – including families and children – and played loud music at them. A favourite of Ardern’s, formerly photographed carrying around her child, he appears to have been rewarded with a diplomatic post overseas – to the anger of many New Zealanders – in spite of having no qualifications for this role.

Moreover, the great truck convoy with thousands of trucks covering the whole of New Zealand – another well-justified and unprecedented protest – elicited an inexcusable, untruthful and dismissive response from James Shaw, head of the fanatical Greens, describing them as “a group of Pakeha farmers from down south.”

The Fire and Fury duo pretty well revealed their affinity with Ardern’s far-Left policies, by lumping together so many decent, brave and troubled individuals at this Parliamentary protest describing them as far Right – and, wait for it “conspiracy theorists”.

How ironic, given that the threat to New Zealand’s democracy is undoubtedly coming from the extreme Left, led by our duplicitous Prime Minister. The naming and shaming these reporters embarked on has basically boomeranged back onto them.

What are we to do? This is the question people are asking everywhere…who to vote for, with every established party – with the exception of the New Conservatives – (ignored by our government-bribed media) – favouring policies distasteful to family people. ACT, far more than National,  is facing up to what is happening to the country, but its leader’s strongly pro-death policy when it comes to protecting the rights of unborn children, and his backing the slippery slope of euthanasia, planned killing, turns many aside. The New Conservatives deserves the support of wealthy individuals who could help them  get their message across and more effectively strategise.

The answer, however , to so many New Zealanders’ concerns about for whom to vote, is that it is time to look elsewhere, rather than continue to support our tightly controlled, major political parties consistently letting us down and promising what they do not perform. To restore our country to a genuine democracy we need look no further than to the clever Swiss people, who so effectively control their own governments that their MPs are merely part-time, most holding down other professional or trades jobs – and their government refers to the people as “sovereign”. Switzerland is now the only genuine democracy in the world, and what the Swiss people fought for, and won, we New Zealanders can also achieve. It will not be a movement favoured by politicians who are never keen to hand over the reins of power. But when enough New Zealanders support us to achieve a tipping point, Parliament will have to listen – in the same way as the Swiss effectively pressured their own government.

This is the aim of our 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand now well-established movement. Please check it out at www.100days.co.nz . It evolved as a result of several years’ debate at our annual Summer Sounds Symposium bringing people together from right across the political spectrum to debate and provide input into the issues of the day. See www.summersounds.co.nz

To get its message further has been difficult, because the anti-conservative Facebook consistently turns down every financially-backed promotion on which we embark to enable our message to spread out across New Zealand.

And of course, advertising pays. It reaches people – as adman John Ansell’s brilliant IWI/KIWI billboard did. However ironically, it was not Helen Clark’s Labour Party who handed potential possession of all our beaches, foreshores and mineral rights to part-Maori, but National. Why would you ever trust National again, given its chequered record? Yet it is understandably seen by many as the lesser of two evils,  given the urgent necessity to remove Jacinda Ardern’s government from office. No wonder New Zealanders are becoming increasingly depressed, with so many now planning to leave this beleaguered country.

The 100 Days –  Claiming Back New Zealand movement is our best and very achievable opportunity to at last enable New Zealanders to control our politicians so that it is we ourselves who make the best decisions for our country. We are more than grateful to those who have already so generously donated. But we need enough financial support to raise money for effective advertising –  given that Facebook is determinedly blocking our promotions.

Ultimately, everything depends on individuals, on each of us making a stand against this government’s insidious attacks on free speech, threatening individuals with “hate crimes” to intimidate and deter others from sticking out speaking out. A strategy to establish a climate of fear – worse still, disgracefully involving the police – is unfortunately working – but it should be recognised for what it is – bullying the public.

National needs to shape up far more intelligently to target the issues undermining democracy, its present leader apparently not up to the task. National is apparently not good at electing leaders, especially those backed by their past leaders, and many now think that it is time for a change to be made, as, at present, the thnking is that the election may be Luxon’s to lose.

Party politics themselves have become almost a form of minor totalitarianism, with party leaders, backed by their own unelected  party establishment, cracking the whip to virtually force MPs into line.

What is obvious is that it is time for our now thoroughly unrepresentative MPs – many even not even voted into parliament by New Zealanders, but achieving ministerial positions from which they have implemented highly destructive policies – to be challenged.

The most practical and achievable way of doing this is through www.100days.co.nz

It is also very important to LIKE or SHARE  us at –


Please support us to claim back our once-democracy. It can be done. We just need to reach enough New Zealanders to let them know.

Thank you!

© Amy Brooke

Under Ardern, New Zealand is occupied territory.

To appreciate the radicalised activists’ fight for our children’s minds, check out the NZ Ministry of Education link below with the revealed attempt to “decolonise” our country. https://ncc.org.au/newsweekly/foreign-affairs/under-ardern-nz-is-occupied-territory/ Other useful and historical links are supplied by the Australian News Weekly – well worth subscribing to for a much-needed overview of topics important to us all –particularly given the virtual collapse of the standards of our mainstream media. Please support them, and the Australian Spectator. https://www.spectator.com.au/ Amy Brooke http://www.100days.co.nz  

No, Jacinda – we are not Aotearoa.

To all National Party members:

An excellent letter (read from the bottom up) has raised questions to which by now the majority of New Zealanders want answers.

What are you going to do about the fact that:
 a) Jacinda Ardern, all her government departments   and our disgracefully bribed mainstream media are trying  to force a name-change on this country, without any consultation whatsoever with New Zealanders.

 Ardern was using  the inauthentic Aotearoa when she was recently Hollywooding  overseas.

But none of you have publicly challenged her?

b) Is this party going to face up to this issue,  and publicly tackle her about trying to change our name – which a succession of polls has shown that New Zealanders overwhelmingly reject?

c)  Does National and its also apparently autocratic leader, Chris Luxon, intend to challenge the government about the renaming of all our government institutions in supposed Maori so that what they actually do has become incomprehensible to most New Zealanders?

The majority are utterly fed up with this – but National are well and truly letting us down.

d)  Does this party intend to tackle these challenges of, basically,  an assertion of  Maori superiority which many New Zealanders are now finding culturally offensive?

I would like an answer to these questions – as would so many other New Zealanders.

Amy Brooke
As sent – see the attachment below as I received it.-

“Look at Waiwere Falls notice first. Then you will understand where this guy is coming from.

 “Foreign language Safety notice

“This is a disgrace to all New Zealanders. Talk about give the Maori an inch and they take mile, goes without saying.”

(Please note – this is not the fault of the majority  of part-Maori descent, but of the small minority of activist extremists whom Ardern is obviously encouraging. It will continue  until enough New Zealanders strongly and publicly object -including t our local city councils across the country, prioritizing all greetings in Maori, rather than English.  Amy Brooke. )

       ” HI.  FYI. 

        My son was hiking in the Waiwere Falls region between Te Aroha and 
Matamata yesterday. 

        The following letter that he has sent is self-explanatory and worthy 
of taking your time to read. If ever you had any doubts about the apartheid 
intentions of the current government, read on and take the time to open the 
attached photo. 

        To me, this “Maori language-only” safety warning is a step too far! 

        Dear Sirs  

        A) DOC Relations manager 

        b) Worksafe NZ relations and safety manager 

        c) MP For Hauraki region N Mahuta 

        d) Coromandel MP  S Simpson 

 cc Casey Costello – NZ Ratepayers association 

 Bcc- “Various stakeholders” 

  Regarding an urgency sign at Waiwere Falls on the 2nd July 2022 

        As a matter of urgency could the issue of safety notices for public 
understanding posted at the start of major national hiking trail(s) be 
reviewed and then come back with a clear explanation to the following 
questions at your earliest (regarding the attached image)- 

         Could you please – 

        1) explain/translate what the following attached caution sign is 

        2) Explain why it is solely presented in a foreign format (no other 
language version was presented at, on or in the surrounds) 

        3) Why isn`t an appropriate English sign, and if required for track 
users, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Samoan, Fijian, Japanese, etc. translations 
be provided? 

        4) Remind me who is paying for these signs 

        5) What action Worksafe NZ will be taking to stop this deliberate 
exclusion of people to safety information 

        5) When this issue will be permanently resolved by DOC as 
presumably, it is a matter of urgent safety to visitors? 

        6) What the local and neighbouring MP has to say about this 

 A concerned NZ-born, tax-paying Citizen, who would like to 
understand if they are in danger on national trails, in their own country, 
who speaks the predominant, national, English language only. 

        Waiwere falls danger notice in foreign language July 22.jpg 

 Let’s leave the word “aotearoa back in Stephenson Percy Smith’s 
story book where it belongs. 
There has only ever been one name that encompassed all the land mass, 
foreshore and seabed that today is known as New Zealand – and that is “New 
The name of our fabulous country has been known as New Zealand for 379 years 
 The word “aotearoa” has only been around for 130 years.  An Englishman, 
Stephenson Percy Smith made it up for his fictional story about Kupe and wanted a

maori sounding word that he could use to name this land in his story. 
The maori were tribal orientated, so collectively, they never ever had a 
name that encompassed all the land mass and seabed that is currently known 
as “New Zealand”. 
Secondly, maori never ever heard the word aotearoa until sometime after 1890 

So, New Zealanders …

Be proud!

        Stand up!         

 Speak up!   
 Keep “New Zealand” as the only name of our beautiful country where many 
cultures and races live. 
and …Leave the word “aotearoa” back in Stephenson Percy Smith’s story 
book where it belongs 

 This issue needs to be addressed: If you agree with what you have read, 
please, please forward it on to family, friends, colleagues etc.

Spread the word …”


Please oppose Jacinda Ardern’s fascist move to rename our country – and forward this important petition. Thank you:)

New Zealand, NOT Aotearoa

The official name of our nation, New Zealand, is a vital and important part of our nation’s collective history and culture. But our public servants, apparently under the instruction of Jacinda Ardern and Nanaia Mahuta, are now calling our nation Aotearoa or the ugly and clunky Aotearoa-New Zealand. Aotearoa is now used on official documents including our passports. This is an outrage. Such an important matter, the renaming of our nation, should only be made with our willing consent.

What you need to know:

  • Dutch explorer Abel Tasman named our islands New Zealand in 1642
    • Maori adopted this name, Nu Tirani, the name used in the Treaty of Waitangi
    • The name Aotearoa first appeared in writing as a Maori name for New Zealand in 1855
    • New Zealand, translated from the Dutch “new sea-land”, is a beautiful and appropriate name for our islands.
  • renaming our nation as Aotearoa or Aotearoa-New Zealand would be damaging to our international reputation and extremely expensive:
    • Aotearoa would baffle non-New Zealanders who would have no idea of what or where this new place is – this would remain a problem for decades
    • we have collectively spent hundreds of millions of dollars in creating our New Zealand brand, which would be destroyed if we became Aotearoa or Aotearoa-New Zealand
    • the six syllable Aotearoa is cumbersome and difficult for non-Maori speakers to pronounce – this cannot be easily overcome.

What you can do:

We must fight to preserve our cultural heritage: Jacinda Ardern and Nanaia Mahuta have no authority to change the name of our nation by stealth.

Please sign our petition below demanding that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern publicly affirm New Zealand as the name of our country, and forward this petition to your friends, family and colleagues.

A majority of New Zealanders strongly oppose changing the name of our country – we must speak up.

Thank you,
on behalf of Hobson’s Pledge

Don Brash and Casey Costello

55,832 signatures

We, the undersigned citizens of New Zealand, demand that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern publicly affirms that the official name of our nation is New Zealand, not Aotearoa-New Zealand, or Aotearoa, and instructs all government departments to use the current official name only, which means on New Zealand passports and in all communications where the name of New Zealand appears.

Will you sign?

First Name Last Name Email

AotearoaNew Zealand NOT AotearoaAbel Tasmanculture

Like this to spread the word:

Hobson’s Pledge Trust

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Why are our MPs such patsies?

 The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealandwww.100days.co.nz

Given that we are a country in decline, it is time for our political party leaders to be told they are not born to rule, and need to recognize that individual members are adults and should be treated as such – to exercise their own judgment.


In fact we are well overdue to challenge our political parties in relation to the way they override individual MPs’ conscience votes. We would do far better to operate as the Tories do in Britain – where party dissent provides vigorous debate and a far more in-depth analysis of issues. For example, the recent challenges to Boris Johnson not only over party-gate, but over other issues of policy.

Meanwhile, Jacinda Arden is basking in photo opportunities overseas in relation to the signing of trade negotiations that were started well before her time in office, taking years to be settled – as each of the 27 member countries in the EU had to be reached and negotiated with separately. Moreover, the meat and dairy industries are very disappointed with the outcome of the free trade deal struck between New Zealand and the European Union, saying it falls far below their expectations. Some argue New Zealand should have walked away.

However,  one issue with which New Zealanders should be challenging Ardern is her constant referring to our country while she has been overseas as Aotearoa New Zealand. She has a nerve. She has not consulted with, nor been given permission by New Zealanders to change the internationally known name of this country. Nor was Aotearoa even the original Maori equivalent for our correct name.

Her behaviour is essentially fascist, with every government department now compromised, and our arguably corrupt mainstream media now touching its collective forelock, and substituting Aotearoa as well as unintelligible te reo terms for the language we all speak   – the most valued one in the world.

What has gone wrong with the rest of our parliamentarians? Who from Labour National, or ACT is objecting to this hijacking of our correct name? Why are questions not being asked in the House about what right Ardern has to hijack our country’s name, without consulting New Zealanders- who in fact have overwhelmingly rejected the use of Aotearoa…

 Not a squeak from Christopher Luxon,  who continues to disappoint with a lacklustre performance –  an undertaking to reverse The Three Waters power grab  but with apparently no comprehension that so many of the racist   provisions that both National and Labour  instituted over the years now need to be reversed. No country can succeed which divides its citizens along racial lines as a priority.                      

We have in fact an intellectually substandard political system when a determined leader such as a Helen Clark or a John Key can dominate and control party policy. This is far from healthy, and equally as bad is the mainstream media immediately pouncing on any signs that a party such as National, for example, may have members challenging its leadership, or openly debating or disagreeing on issues of policy. With its persistent mischief-making,  our media invariably try to promote this as an example of undesirable signs of instability within that particular party. It is in fact this is exactly what should be happening, that intelligent – and very often obviously far from genuinely intelligent   – men and women should come together to debate issues. To aim for a party to be controlled by its hierarchy is not only undesirable – it is an attack on free speech. Key was known to rule National, and caused a great deal of damage to the country. And while potential votes have been transferred from the Labour coalition –  so desperate are many New Zealanders to get rid of Ardern’s government – disappointment is now constantly voiced about the National leader’s substandard performance – and the way he is conducting himself. Luxon is apparently trying to run the National party as if he is the CEO of a corporation, with its members his employees. Moreover, equally disgraceful is the capitulation of grown men and women to being ordered about as if they are children – and unable to hold and defend their own intellectual positions.

Luxon’s pressure on Simon O’Connor to take down his sign of support for the US Supreme Court decision on Roe V Wade was viewed by many as essentially bullying. It was all very well to claim that O’Connor’s position  was not that of the National party. Nobody would have thought it was, so this was irrelevant. Nor was it to Simon O’Connor’s credit, after recently hollywooding on the importance of free speech, that he caved in and he did what he was told, essentially disappointing those who expect better things from him.

Where are the National party members with a spine? Ironically, too, while Luxon was busy virtue-signalling by “empathising” with the distress of those women who would no longer be able, as a constitutional right (which of course it never was) to have put to death an unborn son, or daughter, ACT’s pro-death David Seymour and Jacinda Ardern’s mouthpiece, Clarke Gayford, were only too anxious to slam this important pro-life decision – with Gayford’s wonderfully original, “That’s one small step for supreme court justices. One giant leap backwards for womankind.”

The greatest number of deaths now worldwide are from abortion, estimated at 73 million annually,  while many Western countries are now dangerously below the level at which the birthrate needs to be maintained to keep a country economically viable .

It will be not enough to see the this disastrous Labour coalition thrown  out next election if National, under the inappropriately dominating and under-performing Luxon,  can’t pull up its socks and produce a better more comprehensive set of policies to attack this racist malaise which is  an affliction on us all, both part-Maori and the majority of New Zealanders. It is failing too, intellectually, by endorsing the complete untruth of a climate change emergency which is serving Ardern so well.

And while Christopher Luxon is bragging about learning this now largely artificial language,  te reo – (why would one bother?) he may be interested in James Allan’s recent Spectator column summarizing his shock at what he encountered when returning recently to New Zealand – and the attack on English, and on our country, spearheaded by Ardern.

https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/07/some-have-wokeness-thrust-upon-them/  – New Zealand’s spiral downwards into irrationality.

It is well worth supporting The Australian Spectator for a far more comprehensive overview of what is happening  in, and to, this country we are losing.


The silence of our MSM is deafening…

© Amy Brooke

Check out  www.100days.co.nz  and join us to help in the fight back against our undemocratic government – and to support this much-needed initiative to control all our political parties.

You can also order my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

It is available through my  BOOKS page at www.amybrooke.co.nz –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.

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Amy Brooke

Visit my homepage and children’s literature website: www.amybrooke.co.nz


© Amy Brooke

Check out  www.100days.co.nz  and join us to help in the fight back against our undemocratic government – and to support this much-needed initiative to control all our political parties.

You can also order my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

It is available through my  BOOKS page at www.amybrooke.co.nz –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.

We need your support – please help us get our  message further out –  see the DONATIONS page www.100days.co.nz 

And thank you very much those who have already done so!

It is also very important to LIKE or SHARE  us at –


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Amy Brooke

Visit my homepage and children’s literature website: www.amybrooke.co.nz



Time to stop political parties over-riding individuals’ consciences !

A poor show, from the National Party leader, re a life-saving chance at last for so many unborn children!


What about freedom of speech, Luxon?  To very many NZers, this equates to bullying…Unacceptable, autocratic behaviour.

You should have refused, Simon.

Those of you MPs so very timid when confronted with aggressive extremists should take on board the fact that the majority of NZers find the notion of abortion highly repugnant.  For very good reason.

Why do so many politicians always cave in when faced with the belligerently aggressive?  As Christopher Luxon now has.  Quite shockingly.

Luxon has just deservedly lost  votes.  This sort of  behaviour never commands respect…

Reflect on this great first step to save more unborn children from being deliberately killed.

Support our http://www.100days.co.nz to help claim back this country from our dominating politicians.

Amy Brooke
Visit my homepage and children’s literature website: www.amybrooke.co.nz

What have we come to?

What have we come to?


How many know that leaders Jacinda Ardern and David Seymour, among others of our politicians, voted for any similarly alive babies to be left to die, without medical help or comfort, in this country?

Utterly barbaric decisions,

 What indeed have we come to? Killing babies, in pain – then turning our backs on them…

What do Jacinda Ardern, Joe Biden, and Anthony Albanese have in common?

 The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealandwww.100days.co.nz

The short answer is that they are all apparently intent on ruining their country.

With Australia’s new Labor government replacing a supposedly conservative Liberal party which lost respect with leader Scott Morrison’s under-performance, Jacinda Ardern has a new hard-Left fellow traveller with whom to liaise. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is on target, as The Spectator Australia editor Rowan Dean has pointed out, to “likely transform itself into a mixture of modern New Zealand and Argentina, nations shackled by debt and welfarism, strangled by red and green tape and stifled from expressing democratic dissent.”

He is  right on target when adding, “We have only to look to New Zealand to see the extraordinary damage being done by an avowed left-wing government obsessed with identity and race politics and, of course, climate change. Once former International Socialist Leader Jacinda Ardern and her government achieved power in their own right, she dramatically accelerated her turbo-drive towards socialism.” 

 With Joe Biden’s mental competence seriously in question, the Democratic Party in the US is finding his plummeting poll ratings an embarrassment. His on-going destruction of the American economy;  his lack of action with regard to  establishing border controls viewed as a national security threat; and his extraordinary reluctance to take any tangible action to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state have seen his government  sitting idly by while Iran’s ruling mullahs advance their nuclear programme.  The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has recently revealed that Iran now has enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb.

And yet our mainstream media – which devoted itself to daily demonizing Donald Trump – has consistently failed to make any reference to the damage this probably worst President in American history is causing to the US, and contributing to its loss of status worldwide. Moreover, our media have infamously failed to report on the scandal involving Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and the Federal Investigation into his business dealings – obligingly dismissed by much of the US media – with our own mainstream media obligingly oblivious.

Birds of a feather? Biden’s lavish praise of Ardern is itself an indictment. The Australian Labor Party’s climate change policies will, as the Spectator editorial notes, “ruin many a small business, hurt families and the vulnerable, and threaten manufacturing and enterprise…as has happened in Europe and the United Kingdom.”

Our own unholy coalition of Labour, James Shaw’s apparently fanatical and ignorant Greens, and a Maori Party determined to turn this country into an ethno-state, basically dominated by power-hungry and racially obsessed iwi, has our once-democracy under all-out attack.  As The Spectator notes “The shocking speed with which the New Zealand Labour government has created two classes of citizens based on genetics and elevated iwi rights about others, will be the blueprint for Labor“ {across the Tasman} and “the impetus for a push towards any number of new institutions, bureaucracies and laws which will do plenty to enrich the activist classes, but absolutely nothing to help real Australian aborigines in remote townships achieve economic independence. “

 The parallel with the largely squandered, multi-million dollar payouts to part-Maori hierarchies in this country is obvious. And Rowan Dean’s timely reminder about Scott Morrison’s government failure to realise is that “if you don’t actively fight the culture wars and support conservative values to the hilt, you have already surrendered every issue to the Left”.

At the heart of the leftist damage undermining our own country is the ridiculously alarmist and non-existent “climate crisis” also criminally being used to terrorise schoolchildren, although, despite what the activists are saying (using computer – only models) the science itself tells us that climate is, as always, relatively stable, reliably unreliable, and very changeable. To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is fraudulent… Moreover there has not been any appreciable warming for the last 15 years and 2020 was reportedly the coolest in the last ten years.

However the infiltration of the Green’s radical activists into our schools is producing a desperately worried younger generation denied the core competencies of writing, reading, calculating and critical thinking, with no knowledge of what is owed to Western civilization – nor of the brutalities of previous communist and socialist regimes. New Zealand children have become so very easily propagandized.

All credit then to Heather du Plessis-Allan, now dissenting from the apparently brainwashed media. “The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that we are being incredibly naive and frankly stupid in forcing farmers to pay for climate emissions. Or in fact, forcing anyone in this country to pay for climate emissions. “

Meanwhile the new hard-Left Labor government in Australia is now calling upon Australia’s remaining coal-fired power stations, begging them to charge themselves up to full capacity, given a serious market shortage, just as freezing conditions have hit.  It has been hailed as a particularly brazen move, this new government demanding that the work be fast-tracked and that “they must “get moving on fixing their plants right now.” Ironically, these are the same coal plants that Labor promised the Australian people they would close down as soon as possible while branding the Liberal Party “coal killers” and “fossil fools”.

A useful corrective to Jacinda Arden’s breathtakingly hypocritical, recent address at Harvard University about the importance of democracy, of freedom of speech and debate, is to reflect on the money her government has paid to the mainstream media, provided they do not criticise her policies with regard to the fabricated claim that the Treaty of Waitangi is about co-governorship. We can also recall, together with so much else,   that Local Government (LGNZ) – the national body meant to promote the interests of councils and their residents – signed an agreement with the Government that prevents it from criticizing Three Waters.

But then, “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.”

© Amy Brooke

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A quite different, vulnerable little life

Worth remembering – that the little heartbeat from a child sheltering inside his or her mothers’ body can be heard at 6 weeks.


Texas now bans abortions, when faced with this reality – that “a woman’s right to her own body” does not extend to disposing of that of a genetically different, tiny, vulnerable child to which she has given life.

Abortion indisputably kills that child.

Tell that to Jacinda Ardern, David Seymour and those other politicians who were so very anxious to make it even easier for highly pressured New Zealand girls and women to abort their own child – and even voted for medical aid and care to be withheld from any aborted child born alive!

How happy would you be to vote for those who are pro-death, rather than those who are pro-life…