Why do the MSM refuse to ever allow this issue to be debated?! Is this because they are now heavily bribed by the Ardern government?

There is no climate change emergency! See below. So why are we being conned and heavily taxed by the Ardern government?            https://ncc.org.au/newsweekly/energy-science-enviro/delusions-of-climate-hysteria-global-warming/

Christopher Luxon is also supporting the  climate change hysteria. So why would you vote his party into power?
 Do Labour, National and the Greens really not know that the demand for coal for  burning is increasing world-wide – for good reason – while our ridiculous Net Zero target, now being abandoned by major countries – and  course, completely ignored by China –  is still in place for New Zealand?
It’s high time to claim back this country from ignorant, ill-informed, and even devious politicians. See – www.100days.co.nz