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Given the sheer corruption within our political system, and that the worst government we have ever had in this country is working to destroy our democracy with the implementation of racist and divisive policies, New Zealanders are increasingly asking for whom they should vote.It is more than obvious that Jacinda Ardern’s coalition must be voted out, or we will well and truly have passed the turning point of no return.

However, a Luxon-dominated National government is going to do very little to reverse this. With his silencing of Simon O’Connor, the message goes out that Luxon does not believe in allowing any independently-minded and articulate MPs the freedom to speak as individuals. The repressive and anachronistic system of party politics is designed to silence dissent, and gag intelligent individuals unhappy with policy established by the party hierarchy – both within Parliament and its over ruling bureaucrats.

Those who remember the damage caused by John Key sneaking Pita Sharples off to New York to sign The Declaration On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – a useful tool which Ardern  is using to justify much of her basically apartheid policies –  do not forgive Key for his duplicity, and worse. This Prime Minister, known for basically ruling the National Party, and keen to change our flag with its Union Jack emblem,  must have known that Maoris were not indigenous to New Zealand, and can even recite the names of the canoes that bought them. Like our colonist forbears (from which the majority of today’s part-Maori also descend) they were simply earlier immigrants.

New Zealanders are also aware that the claims to take ownership of our coastline from all New Zealanders – now lodged against every inch of our foreshore and seabed – are due to John Key and Chris Finlayson, who claimed this would never happen. Moreover, it is taxpayers who are being forced to finance these claims. Even the leftist, equally dominating Helen Clark would not support this move. And the marked deterioration in teaching standards and our extensively dumbed-down schools curriculum have not been addressed by the National Party, with its successive Ministers of Education led by the nose by the ministry.  Long controlled by neo-Marxists, many of whom have boasted of their allegiance, they have utilised Lenin’s well-meaning, “useful fools” from within the system. We are all now well aware that, in fact, none of our political parties can be trusted.

 Given a far-Left Prime Minister whose modus operandi is that of deliberately promoting divisiveness and dissent, determinedly granting superior advantages and rights to those of part-Maori descent, inevitably we have become an ethno-state – a country now divided by apartheid-type policies. It would be hard to disagree with those who view such an individual as basically Communist – waging virtual war against our democracy. The pity of it is that our under-educated young New Zealanders, and even their parents, long having had the study of history removed from the school curriculum (Chris Hipkins, whose mother reportedly works within the Ministry, has made things even worse) probably have no real appreciation of how the totalitarian tactics employed by Communists are directed towards the subjugation of the populace, limiting or penalising free speech, and vilifying those brave enough to oppose them.

Fire and Fury, the recent disgraceful pseudo-documentary presented by two reporters who should be ashamed of themselves, is a good example of shockingly biased reporting. Yes, there are undoubtedly individuals who are potentially violent, abusive, infiltrate other peaceful movements, and recommend taking physical action against government members – which is completely unacceptable to the majority of New Zealanders. And they infiltrated the great protest in Parliament grounds where decent, law-abiding individuals came in unprecedented numbers to voice their understandable and deep concern about what is happening to this country under Jacinda Ardern’s government.

 The result was her, and most of our supposed representatives‘refusal to meet. Moreover, Trevor Mallard, regarded as Parliament’s worst speaker ever – and in the view of many, using bullying tactics – disgracefully sprayed them with water – including families and children – and played loud music at them. A favourite of Ardern’s, formerly photographed carrying around her child, he appears to have been rewarded with a diplomatic post overseas – to the anger of many New Zealanders – in spite of having no qualifications for this role.

Moreover, the great truck convoy with thousands of trucks covering the whole of New Zealand – another well-justified and unprecedented protest – elicited an inexcusable, untruthful and dismissive response from James Shaw, head of the fanatical Greens, describing them as “a group of Pakeha farmers from down south.”

The Fire and Fury duo pretty well revealed their affinity with Ardern’s far-Left policies, by lumping together so many decent, brave and troubled individuals at this Parliamentary protest describing them as far Right – and, wait for it “conspiracy theorists”.

How ironic, given that the threat to New Zealand’s democracy is undoubtedly coming from the extreme Left, led by our duplicitous Prime Minister. The naming and shaming these reporters embarked on has basically boomeranged back onto them.

What are we to do? This is the question people are asking everywhere…who to vote for, with every established party – with the exception of the New Conservatives – (ignored by our government-bribed media) – favouring policies distasteful to family people. ACT, far more than National,  is facing up to what is happening to the country, but its leader’s strongly pro-death policy when it comes to protecting the rights of unborn children, and his backing the slippery slope of euthanasia, planned killing, turns many aside. The New Conservatives deserves the support of wealthy individuals who could help them  get their message across and more effectively strategise.

The answer, however , to so many New Zealanders’ concerns about for whom to vote, is that it is time to look elsewhere, rather than continue to support our tightly controlled, major political parties consistently letting us down and promising what they do not perform. To restore our country to a genuine democracy we need look no further than to the clever Swiss people, who so effectively control their own governments that their MPs are merely part-time, most holding down other professional or trades jobs – and their government refers to the people as “sovereign”. Switzerland is now the only genuine democracy in the world, and what the Swiss people fought for, and won, we New Zealanders can also achieve. It will not be a movement favoured by politicians who are never keen to hand over the reins of power. But when enough New Zealanders support us to achieve a tipping point, Parliament will have to listen – in the same way as the Swiss effectively pressured their own government.

This is the aim of our 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand now well-established movement. Please check it out at . It evolved as a result of several years’ debate at our annual Summer Sounds Symposium bringing people together from right across the political spectrum to debate and provide input into the issues of the day. See

To get its message further has been difficult, because the anti-conservative Facebook consistently turns down every financially-backed promotion on which we embark to enable our message to spread out across New Zealand.

And of course, advertising pays. It reaches people – as adman John Ansell’s brilliant IWI/KIWI billboard did. However ironically, it was not Helen Clark’s Labour Party who handed potential possession of all our beaches, foreshores and mineral rights to part-Maori, but National. Why would you ever trust National again, given its chequered record? Yet it is understandably seen by many as the lesser of two evils,  given the urgent necessity to remove Jacinda Ardern’s government from office. No wonder New Zealanders are becoming increasingly depressed, with so many now planning to leave this beleaguered country.

The 100 Days –  Claiming Back New Zealand movement is our best and very achievable opportunity to at last enable New Zealanders to control our politicians so that it is we ourselves who make the best decisions for our country. We are more than grateful to those who have already so generously donated. But we need enough financial support to raise money for effective advertising –  given that Facebook is determinedly blocking our promotions.

Ultimately, everything depends on individuals, on each of us making a stand against this government’s insidious attacks on free speech, threatening individuals with “hate crimes” to intimidate and deter others from sticking out speaking out. A strategy to establish a climate of fear – worse still, disgracefully involving the police – is unfortunately working – but it should be recognised for what it is – bullying the public.

National needs to shape up far more intelligently to target the issues undermining democracy, its present leader apparently not up to the task. National is apparently not good at electing leaders, especially those backed by their past leaders, and many now think that it is time for a change to be made, as, at present, the thnking is that the election may be Luxon’s to lose.

Party politics themselves have become almost a form of minor totalitarianism, with party leaders, backed by their own unelected  party establishment, cracking the whip to virtually force MPs into line.

What is obvious is that it is time for our now thoroughly unrepresentative MPs – many even not even voted into parliament by New Zealanders, but achieving ministerial positions from which they have implemented highly destructive policies – to be challenged.

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