Time to stop political parties over-riding individuals’ consciences !

A poor show, from the National Party leader, re a life-saving chance at last for so many unborn children!


What about freedom of speech, Luxon?  To very many NZers, this equates to bullying…Unacceptable, autocratic behaviour.

You should have refused, Simon.

Those of you MPs so very timid when confronted with aggressive extremists should take on board the fact that the majority of NZers find the notion of abortion highly repugnant.  For very good reason.

Why do so many politicians always cave in when faced with the belligerently aggressive?  As Christopher Luxon now has.  Quite shockingly.

Luxon has just deservedly lost  votes.  This sort of  behaviour never commands respect…

Reflect on this great first step to save more unborn children from being deliberately killed.

Support our http://www.100days.co.nz to help claim back this country from our dominating politicians.

Amy Brooke
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