Is Joe Biden deliberately selling out America – following in Obama’s footsteps?

Is this actually subversion?
While many regard Joe Biden as having become senile,  or at least considerably advanced along the road to mental confusion – too many of the decisions he has been making,  and continues to do so, are not only damaging to America’s interests, but are inexcusably facilitating the path for Iran to complete the development of weapons of mass destruction.

He follows here in the footsteps of Barack Obama, who capitulated to Iran’s murderous regime without – (as was pointed out at the time) even attempting to at least bargain for more humane conditions in that country, including the  lessening of the the oppression women.

Inexplicably, Obama apparently didn’t bother.

The Islamic Republic has long been, and remains, a leading executioner of its people,  despite sustained international pressure, in 2021.  But not from Joe Biden- nor his predecessor?

The excellent Gatestone Institute, long targeted by the Left, is well worth accessing for its very good mailouts on international affairs.

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