We need you all now – before it’s too late. And how you can really count!

Jacinda Ardern’s determinedly anti-democratic legacy will not easily be undone. We lurch from one election to another, tossing out the previous party because of the damage it has caused. However, the incoming party very rarely begins to seriously tackle the task of reversing the damaging legislation inflicted upon the country by agenda-driven activists who dominate the parties to which they belong.

National, for example, has never addressed the corruption endemic in decisions of the thoroughly racist Waitangi Tribunal.  It has been responsible for the quite shocking legislation removing the foreshore and seabed of New Zealand from ownership by the Crown – that is all New Zealanders – but now being claimed around the whole country by opportunistic, lawyered-up, part-Maori tribal and family groups for whose claims all other New Zealanders have to pay. That this has been allowed to happen because of Chris Finlayson’s and John Key’s apparently utterly naïve assurances that this would not be the case is quite incredible. But the question has been asked – was this simply naïveté?

National shows little sign of understanding what it once stood for. The ownership of our farmland – handed over to communist-backed Chinese businesses…and outstanding scenic attractions now in the possession of overseas buyers – are all thanks to National. The quite shocking deterioration of our education system is thanks to successive, ignorant ministers of education with their puppet strings controlled by today’s neo-Marxists.  The result? New Zealand children, cheated of a quality education, are performing more than poorly in comparison with countries with a far superior academic curriculum, and better qualified teachers.

The ACT party – in spite of its welcome initiative in challenging the claim by radicalised extremists that they should be given basic control over the government of this country – deters many from supporting it because of what is seen as its lack of a moral compass, given Seymour’s vigorous anti-life’s stance on such issues as protection for the unborn child – and the inevitable creep towards liberalisation of euthanasia.

It would take too long to trace the decisions that have powered the downward spiral of this country. But we are faced with the obvious fact that no matter what New Zealanders think, determined politicians regularly tend to have their own way.  

Jacinda  may be a  particularly shocking example, in that no matter how many object to her inflicting on the country today’s basically fake Maori language – reinvented to the point of absurdity to achieve supposed equivalence with the far, far  greater vocabulary of the English language – and her government’s arrogant and  inauthentic substitution of Aotearoa –  she apparently couldn’t care less.  However, this is the sort of thing that political leaders’ from all parties regularly do. They want their own way – even granting that hers is a particularly  egregious example.

The push towards promoting the supremacy of those with even a minimum of Maori genetic inheritance  is one our parents and their parents would never have believed possible. Those who gave their lives to fight for this country would have been absolutely appalled to think this lay ahead – that the very basic provisions of the Treaty of Waitangi are being twisted by a very minor, but highly aggressive and well-financed group of part-Maori determined to overthrow the Westminster system of government, and to establish not just supposed co-government – but basically control of New Zealand.

It is long past time for any New Zealanders to claim that what is happening doesn’t really concern them. It does. It concerns us all. And who would seriously assert we have the right to walk away from the challenge of claiming back this country for our children and their children?

Every inch of ground we yield is taken up by the lunatic fringe – or the apparently sadly deluded. For example, where an individual born biologically male decides that he is really a she – against all the evidence, simply because he feels like it!  The moral cowardice of our hierarchies’ rubber-stamping what many inevitably regard as a delusion – to the extent of allowing biological males to dominate women sports – or to be put in women’s prisons – is shameful. What is equally shameful, given the attack on free speech, is that to actually speak this truth on these and similar issues can be targeted as hate speech – with determined individuals standing by to attempt to punish those who dare to challenge these absurdities.

What do we do? None of our political parties can be trusted and many New Zealanders simply don’t want to vote for any of them. But they do want our country back, normalcy established, and a saner future ahead for our children’s children.

The remedy is in our own hands, in taking up and using the concept that the clever Swiss people fought for nearly two centuries ago, so that they themselves now control their own country, and the Swiss government refers to the people as sovereign.

It is the concept of the 100 Days – by which any piece of legislation passed by Parliament has to sit for 100 days before it can be enacted.   If it seems acceptable to the country, it passes, and quite often does – as proposed legislation comes up from the people themselves – not from tops-down initiatives.

However if it seems dubious, and if 50,000 only  Swiss call for a binding referendum ( the proportion in this country would be about 26,000 New Zealanders) then  the referendum takes place – ad  the people’s decision is final. The government decides its thinking must have been wrong.

This movement was launched at the annual summer sounds Symposium which I founded and ran for a decade and a half- see www.summersounds.co.nz – The 100 Days site was subsequently established see www.100days.co.nz  and has attracted very good support.

As no political party will ever voluntarily agree to hand over power to the people of the country, our politicians will not find the idea at all attractive! However, what is needed is a tipping point of New Zealanders from right around the country so that enough pressure is put on our political parties to realise that they have little choice but to endorse this movement.

 The provision of what is known as a Facultative Referendum – not the BCIR (Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum)  – hands back control of the of the directions and decision-making of the country to the people – who, in this country,  are  politically dominated and over-ruled at the moment.

Some confusion may be sown by the fact that another well-known website is now reinventing the wheel by calling for a 90 day veto – although the 100 Days movement has already been acknowledged there as well under way. However, at least New Zealanders ‘ perception may be assisted by increasing the knowledge that it is possible, and moreover very practicable, for our 100 Days provision to put an end to politicians’ over-lordship of this country…as it did in Switzerland.

But we need all your help. To reach as many New Zealanders as possible we need to get the very real possibilities of the 100 Days brake on all legislation to reach right around the country. Only a tipping point of New Zealanders will cause our political parties to listen to the voice of the people, claiming back this country a genuine democracy.

Catch 11 is that Facebook, as we are all aware, does not like conservative websites. Our ongoing efforts to financially promote these and similar articles, examining the issues of the day, are consistently denied by Facebook.

This makes it very difficult for us to get this important message the coverage needed to reach more widely around the country

 We need your help. Sending these articles on, including the Spectator ones – to raise awareness of what’s happening, and what we can all do about it would be invaluable.

Sending on to at least one other, and asking for that person to do the same thing and so on… would potentially be a great help.

We also need funding, basically philanthropic help to be able to afford the wider advertising that is so important.  Advertising sells a message – and given Facebook’s apparent preference to see these articles reach no further, any assistance here would be so very useful.

Appreciation is already owed to those of you who have donated so generously and who have helped let others know. Thank you very much indeed.

It is rightly said that there is nothing like an idea whose time has come.

It has also been said that you’re either part of the solution – or you’re part of the problem.

Most New Zealanders would not opt to be part of the problem. Will you, too help us?

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