Is Jacinda Ardern megalomanic?

The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand

Is Jacinda Ardern megalomanic?

That New Zealand is becoming increasingly disillusioned about the real agenda of our power-hungry Prime Minister is a welcome sign of the turning of the political tide. However, on the face of it, National’s new leader, Chris Luxon, apparently equally autocratic in his own way and running the National Party like the CEO  of his own company, is increasing his polling –  as so often happens  – primarily not because of any newly kindled enthusiasm for the National Party.

 New Zealanders have not forgotten many of the damaging decisions and so much left undone during National’s last term in office.  What we are now seeing is the kickback against Ardern, with the growing understanding of an increasing number of New Zealanders that she is costing the country a great deal with her deliberate fomenting of divisiveness. Her obvious preference for basically racist corporations operating under the flags of neo-tribalism to assume control of so many of our institutions reveals her  antipathy to the principles of democracy- equal rights for all, under the law, regardless of gender, race or creed.

 Her willingness to endorse the agenda of a minority of permanently aggrieved, part-Maori – ( by no mean a majority) – seemingly obsessed by one-part only of their racial inheritance – has become the last straw for so many. As has such a flagrant dismissal of the hope of Captain William Hobson – We Are One People – the only way in fact that a country can peacefully prosper and survive.  For so many, the outrageous agenda proposed in the Three Waters proposal has been the turning point.

Nelson’s mayor, Rachel Reese, out of step with the majority of the country, let alone with Nelsonians, seemingly has hope for her own special inclusion if the government’s proposals succeeds. What a correspondent writes here is relevant.

“I tried several times yesterday to post the comment below under this Stuff Nelson article on 3 Waters, but it never appeared. I can’t imagine why – it’s not like Stuff has a woke bias and has taken a large chunk of cash from the Labour government.”

He adds. “Co-governance as proposed for Three Waters would be the end of true democracy in NZ – it’s as simple as that.

“The Labour Party has been incredibly deceitful in furtively implementing the co-governance arrangements recommended in the He Puapua report, which are basically seditious.

“They made no mention of these in their 2020 election campaign, suppressed He Puapua until after the election, and are now pretending it’s not government policy despite implementing at least 3 He Puapua proposals (all against democratic wishes) – introducing local Maori wards, a separate Maori health authority with veto rights over the health authority for other Kiwis, and now co-governance of local water assets in Three Waters.”

All true. And seditious is a very apt word.

However, although Luxon has turned his attention to the state of the economy and the core contribution of government spending to rising inflation, he has given little sign that he and the National Party have any understanding of the white-anting of our democracy by the long introduction of racial preferences,  and spending consistently drip-fed into part-Maori-only areas, based not on need, but race. National even intends, against a pledge long given, to maintain the Maori seats.

We can do better. But we are not going to while we allow political parties to continue to make the consistently wrong decisions they impose up us all. 

It is high time for New Zealanders to take on board the fact that the solution is not for yet another political party to inevitably embark on the same path – but to at last do as the Swiss long did – claim the right to control the actions of our politicians !

Government by the people – not against the wishes of the people – is eminently possible.

We just need enough New Zealanders to wake up to this fact. And given such a disillusionment with all political parties,  there is every sign that this is an idea whose time is now rapidly approaching. 

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