Why is Jacinda waging war on our democracy?


What does Australia have that we no longer do? The answer is a handful of excellent print and online publications dealing with important issues of the day which New Zealand no longer has.
Among these is the fine Australian News Weekly, with its well-researched,  highly relevant articles tracking what is happening in this part of the world –  putting to shame our now government-owned, mainstream media, proving so very derelict in this area.

The long-accepted role of the print media, on behalf of the public,  to hold the actions and proposals of the government up to public scrutiny has been virtually abandoned because  it has accepted, and indeed applied for,  financial handouts from Prime Minister Ardern’s far-Left Labour coalition.
It is not going to bite the hand that feeds it – so the unprecedented attack being mounted against our democracy by Ardern’s racist policies receives little opposition – apart from a few commentators risking their jobs by speaking out.

Nor is this the only area in which a compliant  media is failing the country.

“There is a well-documented record of billions of years of climate change in our planet’s geological past well before humans existed. Why is this ignored by climate activists?

“There is validated evidence of climate change on planets and moons in our Solar System in places that humans have not visited. This is also ignored by climate activists.

“We now have hints of climate change on distant exoplanets which will be validated with new space science. Whether we look into the past, the present or the future, there is climate change in our galaxy and it never has been shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming.”

The shocking reality of what is now basically media corruption is that he and others well-qualified to debate those asserting, as facts, issues which are nothing of the sort, are banned from our mainstream media.

Shouldn’t we be asking why?

For New Zealanders to support magazines like the Australian News Weekly  https://ncc.org.au/newsweekly/ not only assists them in the vital job they do – it also helps oppose the misinformation, the complete fabrications,  and in some cases the downright lies, with which we are now routinely afflicted.

Please help, where you can. © Amy Brooke

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