Heading towards a dystopia – what has happened to New Zealand?

Heading towards a dystopia – what has happened to New Zealand?

In spite of the fact that this article, due to some infelicitous editing here and there,  had style changes made that were less than optimum, I’m still sending it out in the hope that  many of you receiving it will forward it.  So many others still need help to understand what is happening to this country.

I wrote “What has happened to New Zealand…” not “What happened…” as if it is all over and done with – which it isn’t.

It is still very much happening,  with the bad heading towards the worse in the form of more and more either simply ill-thought, or, alternatively,  basically subversive legislation,  and damaging socio-political initiatives.

This is taking a huge toll on the people of this country.

Why would any well-intentioned government  deliberately provoke racial unrest by the elevation of a very small minority of part-Maori activists  – (by no means the majority of part-Maori, who want nothing to do with this)  – with an apartheid-type granting of superior rights,  privileges and funding?

The very determined Jacinda Ardern is presiding over a government which is acting as if it has a mandate to rule over the country. It hasn’t. New Zealand does not belong to her and her coalition. It does not belong to any political party, but to all New Zealanders. And, in a supposed democracy,  governments are there to respect the wishes of the majority who give them authority to do so.

It isn’t  happening.  For example, the Prime Minister knows very well that New Zealanders have overwhelmingly rejected the renaming of our country as Aotearoa – not even an authentic translation. Nor are they settling for the unwieldy Aotearoa New Zealand…now craftily substituted as if it were a compromise…with, of course. eventually our traditional world-recognised name being gradually omitted…

With a long-time weak National Party opposition showing no real sign of comprehending what is at stake  – nor having given any undertaking to reverse every single racist provision being implemented by the Ardern argued government – and indeed by previous National governments – such as the disgraceful foreshore and seabed legislation – it is obvious that our country is in trouble.

Never  was this brought home so obviously as by the recently passed law,  incredibly enough, allowing individuals to blithely change the gender on the birth certificate, if they feel like it. Where they are recorded as having been born male or female they can now choose for this to be erased – even though it is of course the recorded truth of the matter.

It is no wonder that expats are now asking what on earth has happened to this country. What indeed, when not one single member of Parliament – our so-called representatives declined to support this legislation as that they would be supporting an untruth.

Not one stood up to be counted.

Yet in the hundreds of public submissions, 70% voted against this self-identifying nonsense – 28% for.

The second thing  this brings him to us is that on so many occasions, when public submissions have been called for and the vote has gone against what this government wants, the submissions have been ignored.

It is getting very late in the day to claim back this country. Although it is obviously imperative that the Labour coalition gets voted out at the next election, National offers no real hope of returning this country to at least a representative democracy.

In this respect, the most important fact that New Zealanders need to take on board, is that the only way to control our politicians and to win back our country  is to do exactly what the clever Swiss people did – so successfully that most of them have other jobs in the professions or trades – and meet only once a week in Parliament.

To find out more and to help achieve a tipping point of enough New Zealanders to challenge all our political parties on this issue, check out the 100 Days movement – www.100ays.co.nz  – and join the increasing number of those coming on board.

Amy Brooke.

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