We need to rein in the anti-democratic Jacinda.

Read from the bottom up. This is very important.

Thanks, Chris. I think it’s about time New Zealanders took on board the fact  that all these autocratic government decisions including the Three Waters – and the utterly unnecessary, economically disastrous  global warming alarmism they’re peddling, are part of The Great Reset.

We really do need to become a lot smarter about the agenda behind  the far-left Ardern’s diktats.

 She is utterly undemocratic, and very much part of the move to consolidate the power of governments to the detriment of individual liberty, and the freedoms we should be taking for granted in every possible area. I hope  more NZers will now go check it out, and its implications.

This decision to not end MIQ is inexplicable, except within this agenda. It’s wasteful, unnecessary,  and very cruel  and we have to fight her on this – very difficult because she is utterly determined to control what happens to this country

Good for you and your initiative. But please do help wake New Zealanders up  to the reality of this world-wide movement  of The Great Reset.

 Rowan Dean, editor of the UK Australian Spectatorm has been writing very well about it – but there is a great deal of ignorance about what is  – and what it means for us.

I hope you include the media  in this mailout. Many would agree with you.


On 24/11/2021 8:11 pm, Chris Bishop wrote:

Dear Amy —

Don’t believe the spin from the Government’s big 1pm announcement on MIQ today – all they’ve done is said that from 17 January, 2022, Kiwis in Australia can travel to New Zealand.

That’s it. No travel before Christmas – and to make matters worse, you’ll have to self-isolate at home for a week when you arrive.

Incredibly, it looks like Australians will have to wait until 30 April next year before they can come to New Zealand without going into MIQ! That’s a whole five months away.

Yesterday, I revealed that the number of fully vaccinated travellers from Australia to New Zealand in the last three months who have tested positive for COVID-19 in New Zealand is… ZERO. You can watch it here.

That’s right. Zero. Not a single fully-vaccinated person from Australia has tested positive in New Zealand since 23 August.

So why isn’t the Trans-Tasman Bubble open right now? In fact, why don’t we end MIQ for all travellers to New Zealand, right now?

The government is under massive pressure on this issue as today’s (pathetic) announcement demonstrates. That’s thanks to people like you who have signed our petition. The more people that sign, the better – could you send it on and share it online?
Amy, click here to share our petition right now on Facebook. In terms of Kiwis in other countries – you have to wait until 14 February and then do a week’s self-isolation when returning home.

Other travellers to New Zealand have to wait until 30 April next year.

Sadly, Fortress New Zealand continues. It’s time to re-open to the world and end MIQ. Thanks for your support so far. Our campaign is working, but we need to keep the pressure on.

You can also chip in here to help our campaign reach even more Kiwis around the world.

Thank you again for your support.

Kind regards

Chris   Chris Bishop
National Spokesperson for COVID-19 Response  


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