Remember He Puapua!

We can’t afford to lose track of this attack on our democracy. Remember He Puapua!

On the undoubted evidence, the  intent to subvert our democracy and turn our country into one governed along racist lines is well under way.

Underpinning all this is the document He Puapua –  so named in the move to relegate English, indisputably our most important national and international language, to second place, wherever possible.

It is not accidental that this sows confusion in the minds of New Zealanders, as the renaming  of our various government-funded institutions and organisations with Maori-only titles makes it more difficult to understand what their responsibility actually is.

For example  –  Oranga Tamariki  – at which so much criticism has been directed: what does it really do? Its title is meaningless to most in this country. So why is it in Maori-only – given that reportedly only 4% of New Zealanders speak today’s te reo?

This is not only culturally insensitive. It  is actually insulting to the majority of New Zealanders that the language of primary importance to all living in this country- no matter what their ethnic background – is being sidelined. Why? Because of the radicalised agenda of a very small minority of those of part-Maori descent.

However, they undoubtedly have the ear of Jacinda Ardern’s government, with their power-grab well supported, in fact apparently prioritised, by her Labour coalition.

It is more than time to protest. Because this group of radicalised extremists well understands that to change the language is to change the culture of the country…

New Zealanders of all backgrounds, including the majority of those with some Maori ancestry, have long taken for granted that we lived in a democracy – safe from the tentacles of a totalitarian government. The notion of any form of apartheid-ranking of citizens according to their racial background is anathema to by far the majority.  However, it is what our destructive  government, through its He Puapua agenda, now aims for.

At last protests are coming  nationwide, with so many at recognising the agenda underpinning this government’s damaging promotion of separatism and divisiveness.

As always, well-meaning individuals – looking with concern at the checkered history of all our political parties –  will clamour for yet another political party to be established.

This would solve nothing.

Basically, all political parties get infiltrated by those with their own agenda – very often that of strong-minded, ambitious individuals who end up virtually controlling that party. The evidence is there, looking at the recent leaders of the major parties.

So how could we be able to  control our governments, and prevent extremist groups white-anting this country –  such as the radicalised hierarchy backed by the Ardern government?

It’s actually very simple.

 See – and join us to achieve a tipping point of New Zealanders  – with such numbers behind us that no government can ignore this movement.

The highly intelligent Swiss fought for, and won, the right to control their own government.

Of course enough of us can achieve the same.  New Zealanders have always been good fighters!

Amy Brooke.

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