The only possible way to control our politicians


    That more and more New Zealanders are rebelling against the diktats of our Prime Minister, the hard-left Jacinda Ardern, is heartening news.

    Her direct attack on our democratic institutions and practices is unprecedented, with a small handful of selected ministers, such as the ever-compliant Nanaia  Mahuta, chosen to carry the can for her.

    We should make no mistake: the shocking attack on the democratic rights of ratepayers to mount a referendum for a community to choose whether or not to install racist Maori Wards   – removed with unholy haste – (and an embarrassment to many Maori, knowing it for what it was ) came from above.

     So, too,  with the extraordinarily and unnecessarily  complicated, proposed  Three  Waters Reform – with its ultimate aim to remove from local people the ability to make decisions concerning their multi-dollar assets,  and to grant powerful and manipulative tribal corporations greater control than any other entities.

    Her government’s undertaking  to let councils decide for themselves is now replaced by its intent to force this on New Zealanders,  by no means the first of her pledges to be abandoned, when its rejection by the majority has proved unacceptable,

    Ardern’s  government has  gone too far in its power grab,  as her dive in the poll ratings shows.

    However, her promotion of  racial divisiveness,  cloaked in that weasel word, diversity, is an unprecedented attack on the notion vital to the survival of any democracy – equality for all, under the law, regardless of colour, sex, race or creed.

    All over the county, New Zealanders, waking up to what is happening, are rebelling.

    But to many, although  priority will be to throw out her coalition at the next election, given National’s own checkered record under its former Prime Minister, John  Key’s equally autocratic rule, the problem is whom to vote for.

    We do have  the solution within our reach.

    Good lateral thinking has now become a priority for New Zealanders, who need to join together to reach a  tipping point of numbers, to compel our governments to do as the clever Swiss did – to take on board the one provision which means the people themselves  -not the government  – make the decisions about how the country must operate.

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