A crisis by design? Deliberately promoting destructive racism?


In response to a recent Spectator article, No,  New Zealand is not Aotearoa, I received more feedback than from any previous ones – even though they consistently rate among the top six most read in the UK/Australian Spectator. I have long found this a puzzle, given that although this internationally-rated publication is more and more being taken up in New Zealand, its readership in this part of the world will be largely Australian.

With the mainstream print media now virtually bribed by our government to support its agenda – and consistently attacking the Opposition, instead of holding the Ardern coalition to account – we no longer have any quality print publications in this country.

However, readership of the Spectator is obviously healthy across this side of the Tasman.  Apparently a lot of Kiwis in Australia are as incredulous and upset about what is happening to this country by the Prime Minister’s quite blatant promotion of regressive tribalism – and the divisiveness she must well know she has been promoting.

All credit to Hugh Perrett from our Hall of Fame, making plain in a letter to Jacinda Ardern that many New Zealanders strongly object to her persistent moves to undermine our democracy – as in the proposed hijacking of community assets with the totally unacceptable Three Waters proposals.Her increasingly stirring the pot of racist separatism, destabilising this country in the eyes of many –  smacks more of Communist tactics designed to white-ant our democracy – than promoting the peaceful assimilation and mutual respect which brings together those from all ethnic backgrounds, with, of course equal rights for all – regardless of colour, race, gender or creed.

That we are losing this country, once viewed as among the most egalitarian in the world, is due to the policies of ethnic favouritism of both our major political parties, originally manipulatively promised “the Maori vote” – non-existent as a voting block. But today’s political parties and all our institutions are now very aware of the considerable wealth of the neo-tribal corporations  – largely due to decades of raiding taxpayers’ pockets in never-ending  compensation for claimed wrongs of the past  (some genuine  – some  fancifully  invented)  – for which New Zealanders today are in no way responsible.

However,  there has never been such a determined attack on the very foundations of this once democracy  –  apparently primarily because of the hard Left agenda of the Ardern government  –  becoming  more and more obvious to an increasing number of New Zealanders.

Even from Australia comes this sad acknowledgement of what is happening – one among so many recently received.

“…My cousin in Australia sends me articles to read and I wanted to say the article I read re Maori language made me cry with frustration as everything was true. I am not a political person but {am} sensing something very bad is going down in this country I have always loved so much. Anyway, just wanted to make contact and say thank you for writing and please keep it up. The truth needs to get out there. Regards (edited).

That New Zealanders, waking up to what is happening  are beginning to fight back as never before,  is heartening – and the removal of this destructive government has now become priority to so many. But there is only one practicable way to stop our present leader and any other autocratic politician from virtually ruling his or her party – and the country.

That is for a tipping point tipping point of New Zealanders coming together to insist on what the Swiss people fought for – and won – to control their own politicians.

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