Jacinda Ardern – an agenda-driven autocrat?

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Jacinda Ardern’s government bribing of the media in this country as part of the (untranslated) He Puapua agenda to destroy the freedom of the press, essential in any democracy, is paying off. The $55 million given to mainstream media provided,  basically, on condition they do as her government tells them – provide news stories that support a government-approved narrative – has now paid off for Ardern.

As recently as last September 10,  TV3 featured a highly important interview with its political editor, Tove O’Brien, in which she pointed out that thousands of documents in relation to the government’s handling of the Covid-19 virus highlighted issues about which our dictatorial Prime Minister does not want the country to know. The attached interview appeared, but was then rapidly removed by TV3 and not included in the evening news.

As a correspondent has pointed, out this blatant interference and suppression of important information is an interesting example of the power of Ardern’s increasingly fascist government to shut down discussion.

Among issues presented in the interview, which Ardern does not want the country to know, is that unions have been strong-arming the government to put more pressure on employers to top up the wage subsidy – many of whom would simply not be able to afford this – and in spite of the fact that advice shows this would then cost jobs.

The documents point to government incompetence over a long period, showing that testing is not up to scratch, that self-isolating is not effectively monitored, and that the country could be kept at level 2 to 3 up for up to 2 years. In what has been described as a shockingly cynical move, gagging her ministers, she is forbidding them to speak in relation to the facts revealed, and instructing them to stick to brief written responses. Incredibly, she has issued orders that any written response has to be sent to her to first sign off – actions described as shocking and cynical.  This from the woman who promised honesty and transparency from her government.

This is no longer even a representative democracy. These moves suggest the basically fascist control of a highly-determined individual, not allowing her own MPs to any longer act on behalf of constituents.

As one New Zealander has put it, signing the petition below to the Governor-General to remove Ardern, already reaching over 35,000, “In 60 years of being able to vote I have never seen a government doing so much in an undemocratic way. This is not the country I have lived in happily for those years.”


Elections can, in fact, be fixed. So New Zealanders who are already looking ahead to vote for the demise of this now arguably corrupt Labour coalition should not rejoice too soon.. Will The only practical way forward to reclaim our country – and a real democracy – is for us to achieve a tipping point of enough New Zealanders to challenge the government to insist on what the clever Swiss realised, fought and won!

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