Serfs in our own country… ruled by political party patsies?

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We have indeed reached a shocking time with New Zealanders now experiencing a virtually dictatorial government inflicting its agenda on the country. In more even than socio-economic areas, enormous damage is being done because of it.

Most people by now, even many formerly gushing about the wonderful Jacinda Ardern, have taken off their blinkers.

Most New Zealanders long thought we had a democracy – even just a representative one, where, supposedly, electorate MPs, for whom a majority voted at the time, would take the wishes of their constituents with them to Wellington.  It wasn’t much – we all knew of the horse-trading behind the scenes where too often the views of the majority of New Zealanders were sidelined.

But now we don’t even have a pretence of representative democracy.

We lost that last pretence when the tattooed minister, Nanaia  Mahuta  – (is she making a statement?)  – moved swiftly to crush New Zealanders’ ability, nationwide,  to prevent their local councils adopting racist Maori wards in local body electorates. Our rights to mount referenda were simply speedily taken away.

How many other Western countries would put up with such an outrageous move?

Whether Mahuta  was prompted to do so by her coalition ruler, or whether she was acting on her own initiative,  is irrelevant – there is no doubt of Ardern’s full backing.

In fact we have a virtual autocracy – government by decree with the pretence only of consultation – as with the ridiculous and duplicitous Three Waters cartoons on television – an insult to the intelligence of the country – designed to make us compliant about basically handing over our water rights to tribal control – with local councils  first bribed into acquiescence.

Given our rapidly worsening situation,  it is obvious that as a priority, we now need an urgent reform of our political system,  as the above Spectator article illustrates. At the moment, we are ruled by political party patsies dominated by agenda-driven party leaders  – as we saw, too,  under “the smiling assassin”, former National leader John Key, also recognised as completely dominating his party.

In addition, we have highly important decisions made by members of Parliament,  upgraded to ministerial ranking, whom we never even elected to parliament – but who gained their seats though List ranking. We are then virtually at the mercy of whatever they decree – as with the unacceptable foreshore and seabed claims.

We not only could be doing much better?  We must. And the simplest way to do so is by a provision which the clever Swiss fought  to gain for themselves.

Check out the website at the bottom of this Spectator article, and go to How it Works.

The politicians won’t like it.  Those media in politicians’ pockets won’t like it. But our children will thank us for it.

There are no catches to this:  it really is very simple.

We need enough of us to endorse the 100 Days proposal to reach a tipping point of New Zealanders insisting to our politicians that we are going to have this provision  – and that they will get no electorate, nor List votes –  unless they support us.

We need financial support to be able to reach as many New Zealanders as possible.

We need you all to help to tell others.

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What freedom, after speech, for New Zealanders?

Freedom of speech? But what freedom, after speech,  is going to be left to New Zealanders?

Underpinning all freedoms is the right to speak one’s mind without fear of punishment, when offering an honest opinion.

It is therefore  one of the first freedoms that must be restricted by any over-authoritarian government which is determined to exercise more and more control over the population.

It’s obviously not a freedom which Jacinda Ardern believes in. 

Shouldn’t we be drawing our own conclusions about this?

This highly determined, ever-smiling Prime Minister, presiding over the most shockingly anti-democratic government in our history, intends to get her own way. Hence the  punitive measures  lined up to deal with those speaking out of turn.

And we should make no mistake – Miss Ardern’s government is basically waging war against conservative, concerned, family-minded people and individuals whose values reflect those of the Christian underpinning of New Zealand –  a name now obviously  displeasing to our Prime Minister.

All the government placards behind televised speakers –  and in the never-ending statements issued  – have now removed our traditional, time-honoured name in favour of Aotearea.

 That this was never the name for New Zealand is apparently totally irrelevant.  A minority of professionally aggrieved,  implacable,  part-Maori extremists –  (by no means representative of most of part-Maori descent) – are to have  their wishes prioritised over the majority of New Zealanders of all ethnic backgrounds   – totally supported by our ideologically driven Prime Minister.

But why?

These invidious and utterly unacceptable hate speech rules which her government apparently intends to inflict upon the country  – while unable to provide any firm definition of what they will encompass – are regarded as basically a knee-jerk reaction to the tragically sad attack on a Muslim community in Christchurch.

The media are complicit in constantly referring back to this tragedy, in such a way that some New Zealanders have remarked on feeling that they are somehow targeted as being complicit in this appalling happening – although it was an Australian, not a New Zealander, who committed this crime.

It is also regarded as strange that he has not been returned to Australia, given that Australia is constantly sending back to this country those convicted of crimes – even. those with a minimal  connection to this country –  such as leaving here, when infants.

At any rate, the envisaged legislation is certainly grist to the government’s mill, widely recognised as being used to de-legitimise criticism of government policy, not only on the “hate speech” proposals, but also on  on immigration, Ardern’s promotion of racism,  and gun law “reform” – where,  predictably, the increasingly aggressive gangs are now the ones well-armed. 

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…and her response to a crime that was not even committed by a New Zealander may, understandably, but most unfortunately, provoke resentment.  It is as ill-thought an action as so many others of her more egregiously damaging pieces of legislation.

Jacinda sows divisiveness – under the umbrella of the weasel word,  diversity. But of course, in effect what she is promoting, inadvertently or not,  are the culture wars which have historically set ethnic and religious groups within society at odds with the majority…with the inevitable, kickback reaction.

In the view of many, this is the most damaging Prime Minister we have ever had.

Shouldn’t we be reflecting upon our ancestors,  both European and Maori, in particular, who fought in the great wars last century to preserve our democratic freedoms, and make the world safer for those of us coming behind?

They loved their country, and we are losing their legacy, because our democracy  is well and truly under attack with the undermining of our very basic freedoms.

Who would have foreseen such an onslaught coming – and how many New Zealanders will now stand up to be counted to fight  back against what has become a virtual war on an undeniably, once far more democratic country?

Will you help? 

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Wearing masks? What is being done to our children?

The 100 Days – Claiming Back New

What have we done to today’s – and even yesterday’s children? Who is going to take responsibility for so many anxious, disturbed, emotionally and mentally destabilised children?

Why have we allowed the dominant groups within society –  our politicians, our educationists, our so-called experts in so many other socio-political areas – to invade what should be the world of childhood,  inappropriately forcing adult concerns upon the very young?

We have all seen the street protests by placarded children convinced that the world is going to come to an end because of an actually innocuous, minor greenhouse gas. But who are the eco-fascists who invaded their world to terrorise them – and why?

That Why? is very important…

Apart from the fact that the inappropriate certainties of the global warming alarmists  are now being challenged by evidence, worldwide, that we are entering a global cooling period – (more on this in future) – what was the justification for invading school classrooms to frighten our young? Why are children being targeted as tools by unscrupulous adults? Even if the global warming scenario were true – and the evidence is that the  short, cyclical  period of warming is now over    –  we need to ask ourselves why children were propagandised – children whose natural innocence is to believe adults in positions of authority.

The unforgivable way in which our young have been systematically overloaded in areas deliberately designed to destabilise them – such as the utterly inappropriate “sex education” forced upon them, without any concern about a lack of appropriate readiness by individual children – (resulting in embarrassing, or shocking, many youngsters) – can be added to the long list of areas in which children have been the targets of adults with their own agenda. (For more information on why sex education was planned and used to deliberately destabilise children – a well-documented claim – see the relevant chapters in my book “The 100 Days – Claiming Back Zealand… What has gone wrong and how we can control our politicians.”  

And now we have our young being told about the “option” of abortion – children, many of whom react with instinctive horror to the fact that babies not yet born can be legally killed, and disposed of…. What about their now being targeted with confused and confusing information on “transgenderism” ?  Are we happy about their being read propaganda stories by drag queens in our public libraries?  Moreover, under this present  government’s proposed “hate speech” laws,  are we going to be ”allowed” to ask these questions,  or voice these concerns, any longer?

Central to what is happening in this country, and indeed overseas, it is high time for the community to ask who gave permission to our hierarchies to take over the control of children, routinely ignoring the wishes of parents?

Little wonder about  the mental and psychological instability of so many  – its consequences found in the level of drug abuse which has swept through our societies…our young so often basically victims of actvists with a quite different agenda from those who genuinely love children.

The issue of forcing masks on the them – up to and including  adolescents, is merely the tip of the iceberg what is being done to the most vulnerable members of our society

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 Check out for yourself my book, “The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.”

Available through my home page and children’s literature website BOOK page at –  or at Amazon’s Kindle.

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