Jacinda Ardern is now widely perceived as a threat to this country. Why?

Whose country is this, Jacinda?

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Many New Zealanders are more and more  concerned about the directions in which Jacinda Ardern’s government is determinedly pushing our country.

 The attack on free speech is extraordinarily damaging, because of course it is basically a totalitarian move, in line with George Orwell’s chillingly prophetic NINETY EIGHTY-FOUR.

No – it’s not that Orwell got the date wrong.  The underground work  of the far-Left to take over this country, hijacking our democracy,  has been under way for several decades. The attack on our education system, substituting for academic learning propaganda directed at brainwashing children according to the agenda of Marxist activists – i.e. Communists  – has been gathering in force from the 60s onwards.

Little by little the ramping up of incremental changes, in line with the Communist Gramsci’s instructions to his followers to conceal their agenda of open warfare – and, instead,move to what has been over-late, at last recognised as “the long march though the  institutions ” – has brought about the situation we are in today.

The Labour Party leader, with her coalition of some equally as dedicatedly far-Left –  assisted by the compliance of the usual patsies found within any political party, adept at keeping their heads down  –   is now bringing into fruition some decades of thoroughly undemocratic practices.

It has not helped the country that whenever the National Party assumed power in turn, its intellectual firepower was insufficient to make its members take on board the importance of reversing the Left’ s power grabs.

In reality, in some ways National has been equally culpable in promoting divisive racial polities, and too easily rubber-stamping treaty settlements that arguably should never have been made –  for example,  the controversial “full and final”  Ngai Tahu treaty settlement claim – which of course turned out to be nothing of the sort.

On very good evidence, described at the time as basically “a swindle, it was facilitated by inept Crown lawyers,  admitting they had no knowledge of the tribe’s history, and almost incredibly, accepting the tribe’s far from  accurate version of events…

It is interesting to see that the sharp-tongued former Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, and  former  Attorney-General, Chris Finlayson (who, with John Key’s help, saw to himself being appointed as a QC…) is  now criticizing National as being on the path to self-destruction.

There would be those who would argue that Finlayson himself  hastened this process.  Apparently he is ignorant of the damage he has arguably done to the country by inexplicably allowing Maori groups to claim ownership of the foreshore and the seabed – which by far the majority of the country thinks should never have been removed from public ownership.

Moreover, it is apparently taxpayers who now have to pay for these claims lodged against public ownership.

 In his private legal practice Finlayson  has represented  numerous iwi groups – and his  blithe assurances that the legislation he promoted would have  very little effect because very few (part-Maori)  would be able to prove what was basically uninterrupted possession – is puzzling. He would no doubt regard himself as a clever lawyer.  The question arises as to  why he should have been unable to see that other clever lawyers might well be able to  drive a horse and cart through the provisions of the legislation.

With a tendency to name-call opponents (‘nutters’ calls itself to mind)  this former National minister has called Coastal Coalition, a  political group  opposed to the removal of coastal and marine land from Crown ownership, ‘clowns’ and ‘profoundly sickening’ .

While he is intent on also berating his former party, very possibly unaware of the damage caused by his apparently naive actions,  reportedly the entire coastline around New Zealand has now been now claimed by various part-Maori interests – in some areas with over-lapping claims made.

 National has also been damaged by what is perceived as John Key’s  too close association with Chinese business interests in this country underpinned by CCP Finance  – with little regard to what the brilliant  Dr Anne-Marie Brady was warning – about whom Finlayson was also reportedly astonishingly  disparaging, at a public meeting- even when he was Minister in Charge of our SIS  – ( New Zealand’s Security Intelligence services). Key himself has been personally enthusiastic about China’s tyrannical dealer, Xi Jinping.

Given that hierarchies in both our major parties have accumulatively done a great deal of damage to this country, and that New Zealanders are  waking up to the fact that we have largely lost our democracy,isn’t it more than time that we moved to  control our politicians?

 It can indeed be done.  The Swiss people, who fought hard for this right, have done so so successfully that their government is unable to impose any legislation with which they disagree upon their people

 The Swiss people, in facts, rule their government, and are acknowledged by their government as  ‘sovereign’.

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We have now got to the stage where the public is beginning to wake up. An unprecedented call is being made me to the Governor-General of New Zealand to call for the resignation of Jacinda Ardern  as Prime Minister – for reasons mentioned in my above Spectator articles.

And the waking giant? The comments below this petition are interesting.



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