Time for the lying to stop


Is our Prime Minister  really so ignorant that she doesn’t understand that no country can remain peaceful,  stable and unified – without the principles of democracy being respected  – that of the same laws and equal, respectful treatment – applying to all,  regardless of colour,  race and creed…

Does she understand nothing about what happens to any country when it abandons this acknowledgment ? The inevitable fracturing of a country…

Why should she and the Labour coalition  – or any other politicians – need to be reminded  that when some  sections of society begin to oppose the others to gain advantages over them in the name of ethnic diversity, biculturalism, or claimed racial superiority and special insights – and  when governments encourage them with preferential funding and other targeted advantages –  the destabilization of that country is well under way? 

This is now the case in New Zealand.  Why?

Most part-Maori in this country, are, like the rest of us, getting on with our lives, taking care of families, working in the trades, the industries and professions. They do not form the radicalised minority of part-Maori, who, with no holds barred,  are promoting a Maori supremacy movement, ridiculously aiming for co-governance of this country – and apparently very much supported Miss Ardern…

In this case, she needs to publicly be asked by the media what her real agenda is  – given how destructive these directions are.

We also need to be asking why those of part-Maori descent  are consistently, inaccurately and patronizingly,  regarded as an underclass – her government’s constant excuse for directing hundreds of millions of dollars to Maori interests only – much of it, on past history, remaining in the hands of those controlling its administration.

Will the mainstream media begin to hold her to account, and ask the hard questions – dependent as they now on her government for support?

Obviously no, given that New Zealanders all over the country are now complaining it is almost impossible for them to publicly raise concerns about what is happening. Either editors, or management,  are overwhelmingly not allowing readers’ questions to be appear in print.

The inevitable backlash is now well underway – unfair on the majority of part-Maori  – and with never any recognition of how very small is the proportion of part-Maori in actual need…or how successfully the culture of welfare dependency has been ingrained in them, including in non-Maori.

Something is very rotten – this time,  not in the state of Denmark – when a government sets out to divide a country by deliberately promoting the policies of racism – as is now happening in every government department – and with even businesses now required to make decisions based on racist issues.

What we do not fight for, we will lose.

It is time for those who now well recognize what is happening  to start, and to keep, objecting.


Contact your MPs. Ring their local office, and/or email them. Ring Parliament  – 04 817 9999  – and ask to be put through to the MP or leader to whom you wish to make your views known – yours and so many other New Zealanders.

Ring  your local editors and ask why they are not doing a much better job.

Remember –  it is rests upon the individual as ever, whether  we lose or save a country. Those who have gone before us thought it worth fighting for.

© Amy Brooke, Convenor, The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand –www.100days.co.nz  -or

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