The fight for New Zealand is now under way. One country – two governments

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government,  in opting for the poison of identity politics, more than any previous government – has become arguably  the most divisive and destructive  in our history. There is little doubt our democracy is being destroyed – with some now being more equal than others...

The accepted definition of a democracy is that all citizens are equal under the law. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of their race, religion, ethnic group, or gender. Yet we are now at a well-advanced stage in New Zealand where those of European, or any other racial inheritance,   are essentially being discriminated against because of this government promoting racial divisiveness.

Although the Maori economy is now worth $68 billion – and  any desired special projects could well be accommodated from this funding – largely  accumulated as a result of taxpayers’ pockets continually raided over these decades to settle both genuine, and now, highly dubious claims, Ardern’s  latest government budget is targeting $1.1 billion for new initiatives  directed towards part-Maori only.


With their sense of fair play, New Zealanders always want to see the genuinely downtrodden get a fair deal – no matter what ethnic group they may belong to.   However, the majority, by far, want to see funding directed to those in need – but not on the basis of race.

Moreover, any government which continually and systematically awards hundreds of millions of dollars of funding because of claimed racial identity, rather than need, cannot possibly be ignorant of the sense of unfairness that many New Zealanders now feel – including very probably the majority of part-Maori – who understand the resentment that will inevitably result from this government’s divisive activism – and its deliberate promotion of the policies of separatism.

Moreover, it is ridiculous that we are at the stage where there is no definition whatsoever of who can legitimately claim to be  Maori, where in fact many claiming this  –   for the sake of special benefits and special funding, are largely European or Eurasian in genetic inheritance. There are no longer any full-blooded Maori.

Yet Jacinda has apparently no intention at all of taking this very important issue into account – or of facing up to the fact that she is deeply dividing this country by her anti-democratic policies.

The question increasingly being asked is: Does she care? She cannot possibly be ignorant of what is happening. And if not, New Zealanders are entitled to ask what her agenda is…

No wonder there is on-going concern about the diminishing of our democracy.

We are now at the stage where a highly-respected Australian commentator refers to us as the Socialist Republic of Aotearoa – not only because of the white-anting of New Zealand under this far-Left government, but because of the minority of radical extremists determined to force this name-change upon the country – even though an independently commissioned poll found 90% of New Zealanders rejecting the name Aotearoa.

However, Aotearoa now appears at every possible televised opportunity behind the Prime Minister, her government officials and bureaucracy. Why?

The number of New Zealanders feeling they want to leave the land of their birth, or to where they immigrated with hope, is a sad indictment of the destructiveness of the attack now being extraordinarily ramped up against the values we once all held dear.

The leader of the Opposition also needs to take on board on board the fact that calling this budget “a bit little disappointing” is a highly inadequate response – and that National needs to be putting up a far  better fight against what is happening…

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