While we were sleeping, the far Left mounted their attack on our children

While we were sleeping, the far Left mounted their attack on our children – which what should be our centre-leaning parties of the Right have culpably done nothing to reverse.

We are now reaping the whirlwind.


It’s not just Nania Mahuta. When the recent jugular attack by the Left on our democracy quite blatantly attacked our long-standing  tradition of equality under the law (although the removal of the anachronistic Maori seats  in parliament is long overdue) by turning on the public to remove the rights of New Zealanders to vote against racist provisions by their local councils, the challenge was laid down. It’s probably a challenge already made by our local government minister’s primitive tattoo – already of concern to New Zealanders wondering at the message this sends to the world, given Miss Mahuta was also appointed by Jacinda Ardern as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

But Comrade Jacinda’s famously flashing smile was strangely absent. Why? There is no doubt that the invisible hand of the Prime Minister was guiding Mahuta’s actions, and that of the Labour Party patsies who once represented the working man fighting against oppression, against government edicts and the abuse of power. Some of them at least must have felt strikingly uncomfortable. However, none had the courage to cross the floor. Yes-men and-women all, and New Zealand is the poorer for it. All credit to those well-informed National Party members who at last emerged from a long hibernation, joined by ACT, to force Mahuta to keep repeating far into the evening her shamefully evasive, inadequate and nonsensical assertions.

What has now happened is more than ominous. Our Prime Minister, blessed by the tooth fairy and bestowing on us her almost daily benevolence, has long been persuasively promoting separatism and divisiveness within this country, stressing a so-called “diversity” – which, in actuality, means support for The Great Reset, the ill-disguised attack on the family launched by the powerful World Economic Forum calling for “stronger and effective government” everywhere and for “changes”.

More government in our lives?

Ardern’s “diversity” and today’s demand for “tolerance” equals tolerance not for stabilising and conservative,   or even family Christian values. On the contrary, deeply antagonistic to these, it is for every possible fringe activity let loose by the attack on reason now sweeping the world, most of them absurd – even unhinged – like the UK’s call for mid-wives to say “chest-feeding” instead of breastfeeding as a “gender inclusive” move – or the near-hysteric Nancy Pelosi’s call to ban the word mother in the US Congress.

As for “The Great Reset…” we should not fool ourselves – the governments this power group are advocating are not democracies – government by the people. It is calling for virtually fascist governments to impose their own will (its will…) upon the people…

Under New Zealand’s now socialist government, this has very aggressively happened, with the votes of all those New Zealanders who worked hard to gain the 5% needed for a local referendum to prevent their local council’s introduction of the basically racist Maori wards simply over-ruled…dismissed. Moreover the call is essentially ridiculous, given that there is no longer any genetically supported definition of Maori – any individual of overwhelmingly European or Asian descent can still claim to be Maori!  And more ominously, it is all part of the push by extremist, racially obsessed agitators to eventually gain co-government over this country.

But what of an extraordinarily blatant attack on democracy, its very principle  – the wishes of the majority – standing for stability and respect for all regardless of colour, gender race, or creed – against the bullying of a strident minority?

It is very possibly at last a bridge too far for New Zealanders who care about this country,  and what has happened to our children.

© Amy Brooke

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