To Jacinda and others spouting damaging cliches about “diversity …

To Jacinda and others spouting damaging cliches about “diversity …This is what ” diversity”in a common purpose really is…

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It is NOT about  racial divisiveness and separatism, as Jacinda Ardern’s government,  activist individuals, and self-serving hierarchies seem to think – and are determinedly inflicting on us.

The so-called “diversity” they are promoting leads to the fracturing of a country along the lines of racial identity –  a reversion to basic tribalism….

It is intensely damaging to any country which has embarked on this divisive path, as we see from what has been happening in recent years  in countries like Germany and France – to name just two – which too naïvely and idealistically embraced the ideology of multiculturalism.  This,  in spite of the fact that  we have long been warned by Samuel Huntington –  (and others before him)  – in “The Clash of Civilisations” –  that people’s cultural and religious identities would be a primary source of conflict in the future – that future wars would be fought between cultures.  We have seen this particularly in the rise of militant Islamic extremism overseas – and its targeting of Christianity within Western democracies.

Why do our politicians need to be reminded  that no country can remain peaceful,  stable and unified without social assimilation  – and the acknowledgment of a common purpose?

Why do our politicians need to be reminded  that when some  sections of society begin to oppose the others – to gain advantages over them – in the name of ethnic diversity or biculturalism  – to gain self-advantage  –  and  when governments encourage them with preferential funding and other targeted advantages, the destabilisation of that country is well under way?  – as is now the case in New Zealand.

** However, the acceptance of genuine diversity… of diverse and highly talented individuals, voluntarily united in a common purpose, as here –    – creates something  very worthwhile – even beautiful.

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And in the name of unity – and our most important national and international language, which unites us all  – let us remember we are New Zealanders – NOT Aotearoans –  as these same political activists are trying to peddle.

What we do not fight for, we will assuredly lose…and  if so, we shame those of our forebears who did  fight  for us – and for the freedoms too many are now so readily letting slip away.

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