Ihumatao – this is a giant rort and must be totally opposed

“This is a giant rort and must be totally opposed – and it will also open the way for hundreds more claims like this.” Helen Moseley

Tell Jacinda Ardern to protect private property and ensure no taxpayer money goes to Ihumātao.

Sent by Helen Moseley

Absolutely right. But Jacinda Ardern is weak, for all her gift of the gab, and always gives way to the strident few. The majority of NZers, including most part-Maori, are now being ignored in favour of kowtowing to activist agitators.

And Stuff, the now thoroughly discredited newspaper chain, is prioritisng palpable untruths and revisionist history. It looks likely that it is receiving funding to do so from sources which should be questioned. The more who boycott Stuff, the better.

Wealthy tribal corporations are certainly now attempting, and very probably succeeding, to bribe their way into the universities and private institutions. Completely unqualified part-Maori are now deciding who should get research funding in various academic areas which are completely irrelevant to iwis’ politicised interests…but where they are intruding.

Moreover, Ardern’s pronouncements constantly support this divisiveness (whoops – diversity) which is promoting separatism, and destabilising the country.

What does she think she’s doing…? 

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