Jacinda Ardern is *not* following the science

Fact: We know well that this new climate change “emergency”  declaration is not based on science. However, it  is certainly another handy tool of political control by Jacinda Ardern’s politburo….

We can guarantee two things – one is that all New Zealanders will pay for this through increased taxation, and even more regulation and political control by a  left-wing government already costing us dearly.

It is an absolute disgrace that Stuff,  too,  this now thoroughly compromised newspaper chain, actually previously admitted it had no intention at all of  allowing any publication – even from top scientists  – challenging  extravagant climate change claims.

So much for healthy debate – the life-blood of any democracy.

And this trashy newspaper, with subscribers enthusiastically cancelling –  after its ridiculous and factually wrong ‘confession’ about denying Maori interests over the years – (what a disgraceful claim, when all the evidence has long been to the contrary) – is now no asset to the country. In fact it’s being increasingly asked if special, well-funded interest groups influenced cash-strapped Stuff to make this highly compromised claim?

With relevance to this non-factual ’emergency’ … our best scientists in New Zealand and internationally have been challenging this whole beat-up claim for some time.  One example alone:  and naturally Labour and the Greens will make sure they don’t read or publicise this… is to be found  below.

We need more individuals with the moral courage to challenge our political parties on their suppression of findings such as that below…