Why are our politicians deliberately promoting racist policies?

Why are our politicians deliberately promoting racist policies?


 And why are our local body councils and even our universities – shockingly enough   – marching to the same divisive tune of pushing for diversity /divisiveness – policies of preferential treatment on account of race –  rather than promoting equality and assimilation?

We know that for a country to remain united and stable, we need to aim for a commonality of interests – not constantly give in to the strident demands of racist agitators demanding special treatment.  Continuing to follow this dead-end path is fanning the flames of controversy…leading to increasing resentment from those New Zealanders now disadvantaged because they do not fit the criterion guaranteeing special treatment.

We should be remembering the lesson inherent in Kipling’s great poem, “Dane-Geld” – not embarking on policies of appeasement – but  insisting on one law for all – regardless of colour, gender, race or creed.

Our politicians need to be reminded of Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights.  

Will you help by contacting them to remind them? It all helps… and what have you got to lose – in the fight to return this country to the basic principles of fairness, equality – and freedom of speech?

What we now have instead is all the perniciousness of identity politics…

Many thanks to those individuals who do fight back – and especially to those who have so generously given financial support to The 100 Days  – Claiming Back New Zealand  initiative to help us to keep reaching out further. See http://www.100days.co.nz 

But no thanks  at all to those who always leave it to others to renew the fight for our democracy – although it is one that has to be renewed in every generation. As it has so often has been said, Eternal vigilance is needed to safeguard democracy….

And as the great G.K. Chesterton reminded us, “This is the  first principle of democracy: that the essential things in men are the things they hold in common, not the things they hold separately.”

But our government,  local body governments and hierarchical institutions, impervious to his reminder, have launched  us on a thoroughly undemocratic path, taking us all far from the things we hold in common.

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Will you join us to help win back this country?

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