Referenda results?  Make no mistake about what is happening.

Referenda results?  Make no mistake about what is happening.

We are heading downwards in a country of decline – anti-life and anti-everything which New Zealand once stood for.  

 Pro-death, pro-abortion, pro-drugs, the shocking attack on freedom of speech, the promotion of racial separatism, the trashing of our education system and a revisionist attack on the  truth of our actual history…  Not just State creep, but State control is determinedly inching its way into the lives of us all.  

What has now become a wedge in the door is being celebrated by those activists virtually waging war on the vitally important values which have so long stabilised our society. Moreover, those very few extremists spearheading the destructive move to liberalise cannabis, incessantly lobbying government and our intellectually underpowered media, have no intention of stopping,   This, though they must well know that Sweden liberalised cannabis for 20 years in the 60s, but two decades later made it illegal, and now has some of the most restrictive drug regulations in the West. So why did our politicians, including of course the far-Left, ever-smiling  Miss Ardern –  vote in favour of it? Shouldn’t we ask them? 

 What is indisputably war on the West is well under way, aided by the same largely ignorant or highly determined politicians, whose “liberal”, basically Marxist agenda is chipping away at the cohesion of this country with their anti-family agenda.  And basically, the accelerating takeover of New Zealand – never known as Aotearoa – (another activist push) – is only succeeding because of the dereliction of the so-called silent majority. 

Those who walk away from what is happening to this once far happier country because they’re “too busy’ or “not interested in politics” have a great deal to answer for. We are all more than busy, but there is little excuse for those who could, but don’t, bother to lift a finger against the destructive agenda of those taking over our country. 

Or perhaps, even as the former great Times columnist, Bernard Levin, argued, we have reached the stage where “the atrophy of moral judgment is the characteristic disease of our times, the inability to see evil, or the willingness to condone it.” 

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