Please note This organisation below is well worth supporting. If you value the things that once made this a great country to live in, please help this petition.

Amy, We have less than 10 days to ask politicians to tell us exactly where they stand on important issues of life, family and freedom. We are collecting your signatures and then we will send them to the candidates asking them to be transparent.
Can you help get this petition to over 10,000 signatures? If you haven’t signed our petition asking candidates to answer our questionnaire, I urge you to please do so now. Please also share this email with any like-minded friends and family. Thank you for playing your part in shaping the future political landscape.
Sincerely, Caleb Stephen and the team at CitizenGO P.S. Now is the time to make your voice heard! Here’s the email we sent you earlier on this: Election time is the perfect opportunity to tell politicians exactly how you feel about your beliefs and where you will direct your vote at the ballot box. Make your vote count and make your voice heard! Sign the petition to ask candidates to answer our questionnaire regarding where they stand on life, family and freedom.
VOTE FOR YOUR VALUES Dear Amy, On 17 October, New Zealanders will have the democratic privilege of voting for the candidates that best represent the values they believe in.
It goes without saying that political candidates represent YOU and YOUR VALUES. But sometimes they forget that. Tell political candidates: I am voting for the values I hold dear. That’s why we need to mean business at the ballot box. And like every other general election, one of the two major parties will form government in the New Zealand House of Representatives. Whichever one ends up securing victory will be the game-changers on important matters of life, family and freedom. So, it’s important that grassroots voters like YOU make your voice heard! Make a statement: Tell political parties you will only vote for the one who protects the values and freedoms you hold dear. To save you the hassle of emailing candidates individually or wading through the smorgasbord of political party policies, I have prepared a questionnaire in which we ask parties where they stand on key issues including… the sanctity of human life for both young and old; the preservation of the freedoms of conscience, belief and expression;  the regressive agenda to indoctrinate young children with dangerous LGBT agenda; the banning of so-called “conversion therapy.” Speak out! Sign our petition to demand candidates to answer our questionnaire. Please read the following questions carefully as the answers to them may impact the way you vote on October 17th. Will you ensure the protection of the child’s right to a mother and father and oppose LGBT adoption? Will you ensure that parents have the right to decide on the upbringing of children, including sexuality education? Will you oppose gender neutral bathrooms? Will you support and vote for legislation that will protect medical professionals from being forced to kill people to keep their licenses and jobs? Will you support and vote for legislation to protect New Zealand’s citizens from medically assisted euthanasia and suicide? Will you uphold the fundamental freedoms of religious belief and expression, maintaining the right of all individuals to worship and exercise their faith? Will you oppose a ban on sexual orientation conversion therapy which prohibits the use of talk therapy? Will you protect the lives of all preborn children? The future of New Zealand is in the hands of voters like you. Don’t think your one vote doesn’t count! Tell the parties and candidates: this time I am voting for those who will actively uphold and protect the values I believe in! Sincerely, Caleb Stephen and the team at CitizenGO P.S. Don’t underestimate the difference you can make! After signing this petition, please share with your friends. —

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