Vital reading for New Zealanders. What is China up to in the Pacific?

From News Weekly  – one of Australia’s top journals…\

   Incredibly enough, In 2018, two years after he resigned as Prime
   Minister, John Key said: “Xi Jinping’s going to go down in history
   as a good leader of China.”  Reportedly our former Prime Minister
   remains close to China’s tyrannous ruler – but did not get his own
   way with regard to removing the Union Jack from our flag…
    Our  politicians were warned several years back about what was
    happening close to our shores and did nothing.  Moreover,  the
    country looks back at Key's extra ordinary accommodation of
    Communist Chinese backed business interests intent on hoovering up
    our farmland and whatever else has been handed to them in this
    Arguably we have been betrayed by our political leaders.  The
    defence of the realm is the first of the three top requirements of

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