No abortion takes place without a growing child being killed

To all MPs due to vote again in that attack upon the unborn child.

How very convenient for those voting in favour of making it even more possible to kill a child in the womb to piously object to images showing what in fact does happen when an unborn child is put to death —even dismembered in order for this to take place. And yes, it is killing – no abortion happens without a preterm, girl or boy child being put to death.

And of course, from  those indifferent to the plight of the unborn child the protest has come — about “extreme language” — typically from Andrew Little — with protests about graphic images of what actually happens when a child not yet born is put to death, deliberately.

Since when has telling the truth become extreme? Only when those wishing  to dodge the reality of the deliberate ending of the life of a woman’s growing son or daughter want to quieten the opposition… and to disparage it.

Jacinda Ardern’s excuse for protesting against the photos which show what the result is when a growing baby (calling it  a foetus doesn’t dodge this reality ) is deliberately killed is apparently on the basis  that this may upset some women who have had abortions.

One can join them in their grief for the choices they have made – and many never really recover from this regret and sadness. Many, in fact wish they had not been persuaded into an abortion which troubled them, even at the time.

But if such graphic photos make it possible for more women, and the men involved, to realise that not just a woman is involved — but another, quite separate little human life with a beating heart, and  tiny limbs, living an independent existence inside what should be the shelter of its mother’s womb —then this is an important step in facing the long overdue fact that so many find it convenient to ignore…that when two human lives are at stake, it is simply not a moral decision to completely discard the rights of the most vulnerable and helpless of all our children.

Why in fact has there never been provided an advocate for the unborn child— particularly given that the Abortion Supervisory Committee has long been viewed as indifferent to this quite separate, special, needy little life?

In countries like America, the pro-life movement is gaining enormous traction. Scans in particular showing the growing child have brought home to so many the very real person-hood of that child,

And how ironic that in this increasingly and damagingly “liberal” country we’re now dominated by a Prime Minister who seems to have no idea that it is not up to her and associated political oligarchies to impose legislation on the people of the country.

In any real democracy— as in Switzerland  —proposed law changes should come from the people — not top-down from those like the self-willed Ardern.

Save the whales? Save the beach forests? Save the planet? On all the trendy issues of the day the liberal Left can be relied upon but not to save the lives of our most defenceless human beings.

Shame on those voting on the intent to make abortion even wore widespread in this country.

And thank you to all those MPs who refuse to support this extremist and immoral legislation.

© Amy Brooke