Unisex toilets. And why aren’t NZ parents fighting for their children?


What’s wrong with so many New Zealand parents that they meekly put up with not only the dumbed-down curriculum that neo-Marxist activists have long been inflicting on our schools? They have also put up with the morally and emotionally dangerous sex education programmes deliberately targeted to destabilise children. 

Are New Zealand parents in particular more intellectually and morally flabby than those fighting back overseas?  If not, why has there been no public outcry? 

See my book – The 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand – what has gone wrong and how we can control our politicians.

In several chapters, but particularly the one on sex education here and throughout the West (P 89) I detail how from the beginning its ill-concealed intent was to destroy lives. And it has succeeded to an extraordinary extent.

While the suicide rate among so many teenagers – let alone their turning to drugs and alcohol as a panacea – is now rife in this country – there has been no public outcry about children being groomed for sex in our schools.

Yet our Ministry of Education – infiltrated by those determined to white-ant the West – and stacked with Lenin’s “useful fools” – (well-meaning but essentially stupid individuals who have been so very compliant with all the nonsense with which they have been programmed) – has been very adroit at ignoring one fact.

Sexual relations are among the most powerful human forces. We know that adults whose relationships and marriages break up can find it utterly devastating – and can take years to recover emotionally.

Yet it is regarded as okay to demonstrate sexual techniques to our children – and advise them of the availability of “easy” abortions –  while school counsellors  are able to take girls to have an abortion without the necessity of informing their parents… even though they know now of the link between abortion and breast cancer later on.

There is basically a great wickedness abroad – targeting the innocence of children – to now also  persuade them of a biological lie – that they can now choose to be any sex they wish. This has led to this push for unisex toilets.

Moreover – try to get a letter published in a local newspaper – pointing out how unsafe it can be for young girls, in this predatory era, to have to visit a public toilet in a park or elsewhere, only to find it also being used by men.  You’ll find it very difficult to get any local community paper to actually publish this. Congratulations to the NZ Herald for doing so here.

Time to cancel subscriptions to those stifling the debates of the day – as with Stuff and its blacklisting of  valid debate on the climate change hysteria, which has now reached cult proportions. 

This Fairfax subsidiary is not where the real news is any more.

And parents – start fighting for your children.  They’re worth it.


© Amy Brooke, Convenor, The 100 Days. www.100days.co.nz

See my book “100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.” Available through my  BOOKS Page at www.amybrooke.co.nz  or at Amazon’s Kindle.



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