Why the darkening of this country?

What has happened to us, that black is now the predominant colour characterizing New Zealand? https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2019/07/the-west-fades-to-black/

Is the darkening of the country a metaphor for the triumph of the political movements launched by extremist, radicalized factions to become even more “progressive” a country. i.e. that is for the abandoning of that moral compass which underpinned and stabilized what was once recognized as “a great place to bring up children”.

What children?

Each year tens of thousands of them are killed before birth – and our Prime Minister has reportedly long looked forward to making it much easier for unborn children to be disposed of. And yet she is a woman, who must have been well aware of the reality of the growing child inside her.  Her daughter.

What about all those other daughters who will now never know their mothers or fathers. The sons?

Abortion is killing…no matter what Andrew Little’s and Jacinda Ardern’s convenient “views” are.

Fact. Without that killing of a woman’s child. there is no abortion.

No wonder the darkness  that has crept over our country – in particular – as well as throughout the West. And already the consequences are all around us.

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