Abortion law “reform”?What are Ardern & Little up to?

Abortion law “reform”? What are Ardern and Little up to?

And why is Andrew Little, the Minister of Justice who commissioned this report, now avoiding acknowledging its findings? See below.**

Must we simply conclude he is, on this issue, the wily Jacinda Ardern’s patsy?

The New Zealand public has not demanded a liberalising of the abortion laws – this is a typical example of extremist, minority power groups with the government’s ear trying to push through legislation – with Jacinda Ardern’s willing cooperation. But the public has had enough of top-down legislation.

Moreover, the public has already rejected this. Why isn’t Andrew Little acknowledging it? Do he and Ardern really simply not know the public has spoken? Hmm.

Good for Winston, calling for a public referendum rather than allowing the government to ensure it becomes even easier to have babies killed before birth.

The useful weasel words of “progress” … “liberalising” …and “reform” are being trotted out by this failing socialist government to justify a horrific procedure which is now overwhelmingly being rejected overseas – as the reality of what is actually involved in abortion has been more and more brought home to the public.

But not to Ardern and Little?

And what about the reality of so many desperate women, offered no concrete help by government agencies – merely being referred for abortion – never subsequently able to get over the loss, the depression and mental anguish of having their son or daughter disposed of?

How can Andrew Little, the Minister of Justice, possibly be ignorant of the fact that submissions from the public with regard to the proposed abortion law “reform” overwhelmingly oppose what this Labour government proposes!

Jacinda can hold baby Neve in her arms. What about all those mothers carrying their own growing son or daughter who are going to be increasingly pressured in future to “get rid of it”?

What we are witnessing is the gradual removing of protection for both mother and child…

**From the Law Commission’s Ministerial Briefing Paper on Abortion Law reform which stemmed from a request from the Minister of Justice on 27th February 2018.

Summary of submissions (taken from Appendix 5 of the Briefing Paper)

3149 submissions received in total from organisations and individuals.

2,280 submitters addressed the issue of whether abortion should be decriminalised and treated as a health issue.

1,677 opposed decriminalisation and treatment as healthcare (73.5%)

603 supported treating abortion as a health issue (26.44%)

So we can only conclude that both Jacinda Ardern and Andrew Little do know that by far the majority of submitters opposed decriminalisation.

It’s time they listened to the public – rather than attempting to inflict their own agenda on New Zealanders.

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