Jacinda Ardern – not a clue about the “diversity” trap?

Has Jacinda Ardern really not got a clue about the “diversity” trap?

Those finding tedious our PM’s now routinely under-informed pronouncements about important issues of today, in areas where she’s apparently strangely ignorant, may like to draw her attention to what’s now happening in Australia.

Our National Party, too, is long overdue to wake from its over-cosy reliance on  highly suspect funding by Communist Chinese support prior to the last election – and its incredible naivety in granting a high List place to a former Communist Chinese spymaster… who apparently omitted such vital information from his CV.

Isn’t it high time all our political parties woke up to what China is up to in this part of the world?



The shameful kow-towing by Australian universities to Communist Chinese bullying through the controlling of the Confucius Institute by Beijing is undoubtedly contributing to the revolt by well-informed young Chinese students protesting against China’s illegitimate push to intrude further upon Hong Kong’s traditional independence. This is even to the extent of requiring the extradition of Hong Kong Chinese who have found disfavour in the eyes of Beijing – and even, reportedly, the possible forced extradition of Westerners in Hong Kong.

Apparently Ardern, inexcusably, has no understanding of the fact that multiculturalism – the ideologically flawed push for disparate cultures to coexist – without prioritisng their assimilation –  has proved a massive failure throughout Europe. That over-liberal immigration policies are bringing about immense problems in Germany, Sweden and other European countries seems to be lost on our PM – who is apparently ignorant of Samuel Huntington’s famous and prescient warning – “cultures clash.”

 “The Clash of Civilizations is a hypothesis that people’s cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world. The American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington argued that future wars would be fought not between countries, but between cultures.”

Events world-wide support Huntington’s thesis – a reality it is time Jacinda Ardern took on board. If she does not grow up intellectually on this issue, instead of prioritising girlish enthusiasms like “well-being”, she is going to cost this country a great deal. Many concerned New Zealanders think she already has.

Moreover, it would be interesting to learn how many who have responded to this Labour Party leader’s invitation to email her in expectation of getting a reply, will have experienced the same response as I have.

Writing back in March, 2019, I asked Miss Ardern – in relation to words she wants to see banned on Face book – what her objection was to the word “separatism”.

Was it a response to the reality that allowing into a Western democracy individuals from cultures with no intention of assimilating – and contributing to the values of their host country – is eventually going to have a deeply divisive effect? Why would this very obvious consequence – the separatist, even ghetto-like separation of new arrivals beginning to demand special provisions and privileges – be an issue Ardern would prefer to be prevent being freely discussed?

It is always up to any country to judge whether or not the admission of those who are going to call for separatist policies – as for example in Britain and Australia, with Muslim activists demanding Shari law and special recognition for their own preferences – is going to be to the advantage of the people whose country it is.

What when the result is not assimilation, but social unrest and destabilizing – leading to an inevitable backlash?

It was for this reason that the motto: E pluribus unum….Out of many, one...is found on the Great Seal of the United States.

Opting to encourage diversity, in fact, far from delivering in concrete terms a well- integrated, peaceful society, offers far more chance of an eventual backlash as a host country finds its democratic values challenged, and whittled away.

Moreover, an important issue which seems to have escaped Jacinda’s attention is that her March pronouncement condemning words she does not wish used – such as “separatism” – is inexcusably high-handed…as with any Prime Minister expressing his/her personal wishes  – and expected expecting these to be acted upon!

Miss Arden is not the only temporary political leader of a Western country who seems to have little idea not only of the damage that naively prioritizing the concept of diversity has already caused – but that the principle underpinning democracy is that of government by the people * – not government imposed upon the people. 

In Switzerland today this is just what happens*. Well over a century ago, the Swiss insisted upon the right to determine their own directions. They achieved this by imposing a 100 Day stop on any legislation imposed by their government, so that they themselves could debate it – and decide whether or not it should be allowed to go forward.

And this is just what happens today. Such a simple provision – with such a brilliant outcome.

The result is that Switzerland is now the most prosperous and democratic country in the world. Any overbearing politician such as a Jacinda Ardern, a John Key, or an equally domineering Helen Clark is forced to respect the decision of the people of the country  – an almost completely opposite state of affairs from where we, in this country, are now virtually ruled by our politburo – with three-year election choices that amount to very little choice at all…

Isn’t it more than time to fight for this one crucial provision for New Zealanders to win back a democracy?

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