It’s high time to control our damaging political party leaders!

It’s high time to control our damaging political party leaders!

That political reform is needed here and elsewhere is more than obvious, and there is a crucial first step  which should now be taken in New Zealand  – and elsewhere. Look at the fiasco in Theresa May’s Britain alone…If we want to grow up as a people, we need to stop our dug-in Prime Ministers from basically dominating us all.

We have seen the damage done by tyrannical rulers – reflected both in the pages of history  – and constantly highlighted in today’s media.

But what about the fact that throughout the West those in democracies such as New Zealand are seeing a political class, dominated by party leaders with the bit between their teeth – virtually ruling their own parties – and us? Why are we letting this happen?

Although neither Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party nor John Key’s previous National government attracted more than about 37% of New Zealanders voting for them, Ardern is now posturing as the virtual ruler of this country. She is acting as if she has mandate from the country at large which she certainly doesn’t have   – as with the ideologically-driven UN Compact On Global Migration now forced upon New Zealanders.

The same with the ever-smiling John Key   – who, as a political commentator noted at the time – virtually ruled National…with one MP giving the show away when he stated that when the leader told him to jump – he asked:  “How high?”

Leaders don’t like being opposed from within their own party, and although there were damaging policy issues under Key with they disagreed, none of them apparently had the integrity to say publicly say so.The threat of losing ministerial portfolios, the extra salary, the perks, privileges and special cars …seemingly counts more than representing one’s electorate –  or standing up for once principles. So the practice of kowtowing to the party leadership means a particularly determined leader such as Helen Clark or John Key can remain dominating a party and inflicting their own agenda on the country for several years. And we all pay.

Would Helen Clark ever have been able to destroy the combat wing of our Air Force, even claiming at the time that we lived “in a particularly benign environment” (palpably quite untrue – even before the Communist Chinese infiltration of our Pacific Island neighbours, with the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and East Timor among other hot spots of unrest) if she had not become  so dominating within the Labour Party?

More and more New Zealanders are becoming restive at the racially divisive policies being forced upon this country,   the quite deliberate reinvention of the very simple provisions of the Treaty of Waitangi; the canard of the so-called “partnership” supposedly established between the Crown and Maori as an ethnic entity  (rather than aggressive opposing tribal groupings.)  And, as always, “the squeaky wheel gets the most grease”. Our politicians, dominated by our vote-seeking party leaders, give most of their time and attention to those special interest groups clamouring for more and more funding, more and more antidemocratic liberal policies – no matter how socially divisive and damaging.

The most  ignored voice of New Zealanders is now the conservative voice – the voice of families – of those wanting to preserve the best of what made us as a country, underpinned by Christian principles  and the voice of conscience in our dealings – the voice of those unwilling to embrace damagingly new directions when these mean white-anting everything that once made us proud to be New Zealanders.

And dug-in leadership has become one of the most damaging of all today.

The concept of the leader as not only party leader but  as the ruler of the country – a mantle Ardern  seems to have drawn around her own shoulders
is arguably the first that needs modifying – if we are to begin to claim back this country.

Basically,  it means that it is high time we insisted our political parties set a term limit of one year only  for a current leader, at the end of which time he/she should be obliged to step down, while another steps up for a similar term.

During this time, the party leader should be regarded as basically simply a chairman of the board, there to ensure that proper debate is held within the party, and that where policy consensus is not reached, this should be acknowledged. While directions may be set by a majority vote,  issent should also be respected and recorded.

Switzerland, that  far smarter country,  the most successful and prosperous democracy in the world, with a cabinet of only seven individuals, has long been long aware of the danger of an entrenched and determined leader. So it allows its President a one-year term only. At the end of that time, he/she steps down, and another steps up – usually the previous Finance Minister –  and so on – in rotation.

Why are we not insisting on following the best established practices to work towards genuine democratic reform?

Politicians of course, do not want genuine democratic reform. But when enough people begin to realise that this can be actually achieved, given a tipping point of New Zealanders working towards this, then it will be an idea whose time has well and truly come. We can well argue that this is  now certainly the case.

Our country is in a mess with damaging and costly ideologies – such as – but not only – the anthropogenic global warming cult being forced upon New Zealanders. We are being increasingly taxed by both central and local government policy…although it is acknowledged by Australia, too – (a far larger contributing economy than ours) that suppressing every emission from the very minor CO2 contribution to the atmosphere methane contributes far more to the atmosphere) would have absolutely no effect on the climate!   

And yet, while China and India, and other major contributors continue to rack up pollution, we are forced to pay for what has become basically a con – the political pretence that taxing New Zealanders to change the climate will be of benefit!  But it benefits nobody except our government   – always keen to take more and more of our money, which it thinks it has more right to spend than we do.Time for NZ to come of age?  Then let’s start insisting Prime Ministers and party leaders move aside – after one year in power.

Power – so consistently misused…and we all pay. We can change this.   Come on board  to help!  

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A must read book about what China is really up to, here and everywhere..

What China is really up to, here and everywhere…And why is Jacinda Ardern’s government not protecting Dr Anne-Marie Brady?

Communist Chinese interests are reportedly continuing to illegally target Dr Anne-Marie with intimidating and even dangerous behaviour. So where are our strong protests?

Why aren’t the government and the New Zealand Police taking firm action over this issue?

 ” The Jaws of the Dragon  –  How China is taking over New Zealand and Australia”, an impressively researched book by Ron Asher, now updated and reissued by Tross Publishing ( gives a highly concerning,  detailed account of how China. Inc., the business arm of  Communist China’s repressive dictatorship,  is trying to take over the world by grabbing key sectors of various countries’ economies as part of its strategic plan for global control of the world’s resources.

We should make no mistake – we are also in deep trouble here  in New  Zealand.

While  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern  is keen to stress we have “a special relationship” with this increasingly totalitarian country, it is  more and more oppressing its own citizens.

And we’re now allowing this to happen in our own country? Any reference Miss Ardern has to date made to Dr Brady has been off-hand, and non-engaged with the reality of what is happening in regard to Communist Chinese penetration into this country.

Nor has National been any better. In fact there is no doubt that Communist Chinese money has been directed at our apparently utterly naïve politicians – even particularly at National –  under our former Prime Minister, John Key – and at buying covert media influence right across our political parties.

Far from New Zealand being excluded from  the Chinese government’s well-known trademark bullying and intimidation,  such as its rapid and unnecessary arms buildup;  its aggression against its neighbours in the South China Sea;  and its penetration into other oceans and continents in which it has no legitimate purpose or presence”,  it is clear that we are now very much part of its targeted campaign to gain as much control as possible of the strategic resources of other countries.  This has escalated  particularly now under Xi Jinping,  regarded as ruthless as Mao Tse Tung with his increasingly dictatorial and increasingly repressive demands on the Chinese population.

Has John John Key, apparently one of this ruthless individual’s biggest fans in our country, got a clue what is actually taking place in China today when he says, “I think Xi Jinping’s going to go down in history as a good leader of China”…

What an extraordinary statement….

However,  it certainly illustrates the fact that Jacinda Ardern is not alone in  the unawareness she is showing of what is taking place both in China, and in New Zealand.

Both the governments of Australia and New Zealand have apparently been very let down by our security intelligence agencies – although Australia is now several years ahead of us in implementing measures to limit Chinese influence, and to expose the degree to which China been engaged in underground and illegal activities.

For example ” AUSTRALIA must wise up to secret Chinese military activities and the threat of a land grab for resources in Antarctica, a report warns…”  The  Australian Strategic Policy Institute says “Australia’s leadership role is being eroded because of long-term under-investment at a time when other countries are expanding their presence and influence in the region. …“China has conducted undeclared military activities in Antarctica, is building up a case for a territorial claim, and is engaging in minerals exploration there,” –

For some reason. I’m recalling the then Prime Minister Helen Clark obligingly repeatedly showing so many Communist Chinese military delegations around our own very minimal defence resources – and taking steps to destroy the combat wing of our Air Force….

Ron Asher’s vitally important book should be read by every politician – and every other New Zealander who can actually read….

For example,  how many are aware of the degree of Chinese influence in the Pacific, that this Communist country “has made Fiji an important port for its Juanwang  satellite communication vessels which can often be seen in Suva harbour. China is a nuclear power seeking to position itself on what is almost the closest island nation to New Zealand’s shores…not all that different from how the Soviet union used Cuba to intimidate the United States…. And yet John Key insisted that he is not concerned about China’s influence in the Pacific.”

Why not? China’s recent acts of belligerency suggest he should be.

What was happening when on March 2016 , when as Ron Asher points out,  12 countries voted for the United Nations Human Rights Commission’s  resolution condemning Xi’s crackdown and detention of around 250 lawyers and activists in the previous eight months?

Ireland, Australia, Britain, USA , Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany,  Iceland,  Japan,  the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden supported this principled resolution  – but not New Zealand,  where John Key’s government shockingly did not condemn the dictatorial regime of one of the most oppressive, bullying, and environmentally destructive regimes in the world.

Why not?

Arguably we are continually let down by our equivocating -over-dominating leadership.

Given the quality of his research, we simply are not able to deny that Asher is on target when he illustrates that “much of the problems we now face have been self-inflicted by the cowardice, selflessness and treachery of both Labour and National governments”.

We can probably add stupidity and naïveté to our successive Prime Ministers and MPs’  failure to prioritise the interests of our country.

As for Huawei , all the evidence points to this giant conglomerate being little more than a front for spying by China’s military and security services. As defence analyst Paul Buchanan has stated, Huawei is almost certainly a front for Chinese intelligence. It is staffed by Chinese intelligence services in the army, so it is ominous that Huawei has also built a large presence in New Zealand, having been given contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to supply networks for New Zealand’s 3.5 billion ultrafast broadband network…building the  2Degrees mobile network.

” The Jaws of the Dragon – How China is taking over New Zealand and Australia” is a tour de force of analysis and research. That so many of our politicians  – let alone our lacklustre leadership – and that certainly includes our present worryingly naïve Prime Minister  – seem to have no idea at all about the reality of the situation in which New Zealand finds itself, is simply not satisfactory.

This book is a must, deserving the widest possible readership. We simply cannot afford to let our politicians continue to sell us out.

The big question is: Why are they?


Amy Brooke, Convenor, The 100 Days.  See my book “100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand …what has gone wrong, and how we can control our politicians.” Available through my  BOOK Page at, or at Amazon’s Kindle.