Abortion? Time for our politicians to develop a moral compass.

“Abortion is infanticide. It is the killing of an infant. And we should all stand against it.”

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who chose not to marry the father of her child, is in favour of removing abortion from the Crimes Act.

She must be aware that this will make abortion more freely available in New Zealand. Is she really unaware of what is actually involved in an abortion, and of the very sad consequences for so many mothers afterwards? For many, it is a regret – for the rest of their lives – for the child they never knew.

Contrast her stance with that of the man our media most love to relentlessly revile – the President of the United States, Donald Trump. And read the two links below.



“The tragic reality, however, is that the political arm of the abortion lobby is desperate to avoid any line of demarcation when it comes to the question of when life begins. The reason for this reticence is clear—it’s because once a line has been drawn, one must defend where that line is drawn. The abortion industry knows very well that science is on a steady and sustained march that demonstrates conclusive signs of life at earlier and earlier points of gestation. They know that conceding a line must be drawn somewhere will eventually demonstrate the humanity that exists at conception and drive them out of business. So they resist drawing any line at all.”

We are assured by doctors, including women doctors who perform abortions in New Zealand, that an aborted child is not a child at all – that no baby is really a baby until it is actually born.

How convenient for them…well it is certainly not a cute kitten, or puppy – it is unmistakably someone’s son or daughter -and we should, as a nation, in particular our politicians,  stop shamefully fudging this issue…



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