The UN Compact on Global Migration – a disgraceful affair

The UN Compact on Global Migration – a disgraceful affair

What many regard with good reason as the sneaky signing of this potentially damaging agreement is going to be the turning point for so many.

Right across the country, well-informed New Zealanders are shocked at what is seen as a thoroughly underhand  effort by our Left-wing Coalition government to deliberately postpone  endorsing this UN agenda-driven, control move against the West  – (no matter what Winston thinks about it)  – until just as Parliament closes down for the year.

Why should we be surprised? It’s certainly not the first time that determined politicians,  very well aware that  the country, nationwide, is strongly opposed to  some agenda-driven legislation, have deliberately pushed it through right on the verge of Christmas when Parliament is closing down. And, of course – hoping that we will all be too busy at this very special time of the year to be able to mount a sufficient protest.

Well, the days of civic protest, of marches on Parliament  – not by special interest groups but by New Zealanders now increasingly concerned about what is happening to this country –  are coming closer. What sort of democracy do we now have when this delayed decision has been deliberately contrived  – in order to prevent the Opposition from providing much-need debate – and from highlighting the flaws in the government’s arguments?

But it is certainly helping New Zealanders further towards coming of age politically.

The level of anger that the government has taken this route is palpable – much of it directed at Winston Peters – whose intelligence has never been doubted – but who is now quoting the Crown Law Office as virtually saying everything is just fine… that all the other Western countries, acting on obviously far better informed, expert advice – and saying no to signing this weasel document  – are just wrong.  In Winston’s view…

Regardless of what lawyers from the Crown Law Office have said – apparently more or less to the point that everything is hunky-dory – we just don’t believe them – with very good reason. Moreover, although at the moment that’s another issue, the Crown Law Office has arguably already proved itself less than competent in the past.

This country is now divided into two camps – that of the political class – versus the people. And we all now know the former take no real notice of New Zealanders,  except at election time. Jacinda Ardern’s hard-Left, Labour-Green  socialist grouping now has the bit well and truly between its teeth – and we’re all going to be paying… And paying. As one commentator has noted, socialism is basically fascism – and inflicting this legislation on a country strongly opposed to it is basically a fascist move.

Winston –  I hear on all sides – is going to be toast, at the next election.  He is widely regarded as having let down this country.  One perception is that his obvious, extreme  antagonism towards the National Party, strongly opposed to this insidious UN Compact, has led the position he has taken – which, to many now shocked New Zealanders, is a betrayal of their trust in him.

Which way to go now?

It has become more and more obvious to so many that politicians simply can’t be trusted  – and that the only way forward  is not through launching and backing yet another political  party, but through achieving a tipping point of New Zealanders to support our highly winnable movement  to win back this country.

See and join us to help in this crucial fight! 

© Amy Brooke, Convener. The 100 Days – Claiming back New Zealand.

The Compact for Migration? Yet another control push by the UN…

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The Compact for Migration? We all know it’s basically yet another control push by the UN… 

Given all the countries that have pulled out to date, when is Jacinda Ardern going to stop dithering and  take on board the fact that so many other democracies, including now our nearest neighbour Australia, have pulled out FOR GOOD REASON.  Others are facing unrest by populations that have had enough of their governments making bad decisions… 

Why can’t Jacinda look at the actual evidence? It’s incredible and unforgivable that the Labour coalition is still even considering signing this anti-the West, typical UN bureaucracy demand.

Winston is not distinguishing himself   – and he will be toast by the next election if he doesn’t disassociate New Zealand First from it.  He is already changing his tune – but instead of trying to constantly score points about National he should stop having five bob each way – because he obviously realises the implications for New Zealand… if this is one more UN Diktat inflicted on us. So it’s time for him to plainly say so.

Naturally Helen Clark backs it – one of the best reasons for our rejecting it, considering Clarke’s vision was, and probably still is for a One World government to which individual countries are supposed to yield sovereignty. Remember how she destroyed the combat wing of our Air Force – to Australia’s incredulity? Can you imagine the Australians ever allowing a leader with such an obvious agenda   to destroy a vital part of their defence force?

Why did New Zealanders wake up so late? At least, the evidence is that they are increasingly doing just this, that attitudes are changing and that the electorate is increasingly fed up with being basically ruled by leaders whose competence is more than questionable. Either that or their interests are not the same as those of the country at large. And wouldn’t that be considered subversion?

We are buying new planes with surveillance and combat capabilities. Miss Clark won’t like that? And now she is back in the country, from the Beehive come reports that she is constantly stirring the pot.

Time to let go, Helen… or just go…

This UN push is a yet another socialist/ Communist vision, and Miss Ardern looks to be a big fan of Miss Clark. She also likes to call people Comrade.


We don’t need fellow-travellers running this country. The decision should be made by New Zealanders – for New Zealanders – not by left-wing political parties for a now thoroughly discredited UN – with a record of choosing the most oppressive countries in the world to head the Human Rights Organisations. That  really says everything.

As for heading off to Morocco to oversee the signing of something whose meaning is perfectly clear,  reading the text    – we’re  all tired of expensive jaunts for which we all pay – while the political class  burn up carbon credits  jetting here and there,  inventing more and more fuel and other  taxes for the rest of us.

Haven’t we all had enough?

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Is Facebook interfering again?

Can the reaction to the Gossnell film can be regarded as a victory against the very truth of what happens in abortion?

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer is currently playing in theatres nationwide, but one of the film’s producers says that Facebook is doing its part to keep Americans from knowing about it. Why?

Was the great Times columnist, Bernard Levin right or wrong when he said,  “the atrophy of moral judgment is the characteristic disease of our times – the inability to see evil and a willingness to condone it”? 

Is there in fact a great badness underpinning the attack on the truth of what happens in abortion? Is our own Prime Minister dodging this, in her wish to “liberalise” the law?

Why do so many American women – and women elsewhere  – they  who know the reality of a dependent little life growing inside them –  so very desperately repudiate  what is actually true? Why do they fight against taking on board the fact that much more is involved than the highly specious mantra of “a woman’s right to her own body”?

It’s not her own body she’s having killed, is it…

So what about the fudging of the fact that the deliberate killing of a boy or girl child instead is what actually happens?

What if it is no accident that we have progressed – or rather – regressed – to the point where people have become embarrassed about actually using their judgment about what is good or  evil – even about the existence of actual forces of good and evil – because it is now unfashionable to do so? 

Has “evil” simply become an embarrassing word?

But what if there is both good and evil in the world and we are constantly faced with choices between these?  And what if these choices carry consequences?

What is the effect on us – and on our society – if we just don’t want to know – if we pretend it doesn’t matter whether or not we actually try to get to the truth of issues – rather than simply justify to ourselves and others the choices that are “more convenient”, more palatable?

But what if to be human carries an obligation that we must evaluate what we’re doing – what we support and what we don’t support?

What if we are expected to think with our heads as well as our hearts – to make moral choices – to even think about the meaning of the word moral?

What if it is time to stop ignoring or glossing over the damage this dreadful practice has done to so many women, victims of a massive con – many in pain for the rest of their lives… let alone the dead babies resulting?

Is part of the problem with Western civilisation today that basically, individuals have been long propagandised against the necessity for moral and spiritual and spiritual choices in our lives?

What if it is actually true that …”Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians. 

Is it time we faced up to being far less conflicted about talking about  the very real possibility of moral and spiritual evil  – and of the act of abortion being very much part of this? 

And shouldn’t we wonder why those who legitimately raise these issues are subjected to such vilification and abuse?

 © Amy Brooke




Jacinda Ardern – you shouldn’t be signing this!

Jacinda Ardern  – you shouldn’t be signing this!

You haven’t even consulted New Zealanders, Miss Ardern… and yet this is supposed to be a democracy!  Our Prime Minister has no moral right whatever to ignore what obviously far more knowledgeable countries’ leader  are refusing to sign – yet another anti-the West, United Nations edict – The UN Compact on Migration.

What right, concerned New Zealanders are asking, does our Prime Minister have to sign an agreement already rejected by far more knowledgeable politicians around the world, acknowledging the loss of sovereignty to their own country? Her confident conviction – now thoroughly disproved – that rising sea levels threaten Pacific nations so we must take more islanders on board is simply an embarrassment to read. See

The National Party is rightly refusing to sign this migration agreement, objected to not only by the US, but by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland. Denmark, Belgium, and now New Zealanders are waking up to its implications – a potential considerable loss of sovereignty for the nations signing to this thoroughly damaging agenda, achieving, as always, more jobs for the girls and boys who dream up these compliance edicts to dump on countries – together with more costly drains on their economies. – i.e. is every one of us.

Concerned New Zealanders are now asking if our Prime Minister is out of her depth,  as she appears to be incompetent in this area and other areas. We can recall she confidently declared New Zealand has no Russian spies.

Is she equally as naïve about the agenda-laden Communist-Chinese backed infiltration into our political parties, the very generous donations…the buying up of our farmlands and strategic assets? That the National Party’s former Minister in Charge of the SIS,  Chris Finlayson, apparently showed a quite shocking ignorance of what was happening in this area of national security  and the threat this country is facing – rudely dismissing at a public meeting a reference to the brave Dr Anne-Marie Brady’s well acknowledged competence – is arguably a pointer into how unacceptably ignorant our politicians basically are.

Why aren’t our political representatives routinely saying No to the ever-increasing edicts and impositions being laid upon us by the implacably anti-Western United Nations Organisation? That fact that John Key also allowed Pita Sharples to sneak off to New York to sign the Declaration  on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples  – locking us into more of the U.N.’s pernicious agenda – without even consulting the country or notifying the media  – was an insult  to New Zealanders.

Similarly, Ardern’s played-down intent to sign this document  – without even referring it back to the country as a whole – a document which will undoubtedly serve to challenge New Zealand’s sovereignty with regard to how many refugees we can decide to take. It will pressure us to yield the right to determine that we will – as we should – restrict this right in relation to those whose cultural beliefs will not best to serve the interests of this country.

Intelligent discrimination can only help safeguard those basically Christian values which have so long safeguarded the democracies of the West. And this of course, is one reason why they are so strongly under attack, as part of what is fundamentally a Marxist agenda – using issues of cultural identity to attack democracies worldwide. That these have been well and truly under attack can’t possibly be unknown to our politicians looking at the disastrous effects of radicalised Islamic  immigration into Germany as a result of the feelgood – thinkbad idiocy of Angela Merkel. Her apparent inability to foresee the consequences of importing Muslim  extremists – while attempting to bully other countries into acquiescence – has resulted in a Germany now subject to an unprecedented rise in crimes of violence, assault, rape with which the police admit they cannot cope.

The UN, of course, has long been captured by this determination to brandish “cultural identity” as a political weapon. And in this insidious document, the UN Compact on Migration, we find the same weasel mantra about “non-discrimination” – when in fact the ability to discriminate is vitally important for the survival of any country.

New Zealanders must insist on their right to allow entry into the country only to those prepared to assimilate and support the foundations upon which our democratic society country has been built – not to work towards challenging and destabilising our core values. Moreover, the ability for each of us to discriminate is an important part of our very survival.

The bludgeon of multiculturalism, also invoked, has now been shown to be one of the most effective weapons in attacking the West to destabilise it. Another has been that on freedom of speech – an area where our own Race Relations Commission’s highly flawed recommendations similarly attempt to undermine our very basic freedoms. To aim to regulate speech is to attack the very essence of democracy.

So why doesn’t Miss Ardern listen? Her conviction that she knows best challenges the triumphalist feminist claim that if only women ruled the world things would be very different. Seemingly, self regarding female leaders have no apparent advantage over incompetent male leaders.  We can only deduce that, like the ill-fated Theresa May  – with her apparent staggering incompetence in dealing with the EU’s attempts to turn the UK into a basically vassal state of an unelected, undemocratic Establishment –  or the incredibly foolish Angela Merkel –  women leaders per se have no apparent advantage over incompetent male leaders.

It also highlights the very problem with leadership – the ability of self-regarding, ambitious individuals throughout history to commit their country to actions which so often bring about disastrous consequences.  Switzerland, arguably the most successful of all democracies, does not allow its governments to make decisions on behalf of the people of the country!

Through their 100 Days provision by which Swiss citizens can scrutinise all legislation and decide for themselves whether they wish to back it  – it’s the Swiss electorate who retain control of the politicians.

The only prospect of genuine electoral reform in this country is for New Zealanders to support the same, very achievable aim – See and help us to claim this country back.

© Amy Brooke – Convener – The 100 Days-Claiming back New Zealand – what has gone wrong and how we can control our politicians 

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