Why does Jacinda Arden not offer sanctuary to Asia Bibi? We need an answer.

Why does Jacinda Arden not offer sanctuary to Asia Bibi? We need an answer.


Our Prime Minister likes to present a compassionate and caring call for refugees, even when it come to giving the impression she knows better how to deal with Australia’s problems than does our big neighbour.  This is not a good look for her – and it would not be totally unfair to accuse her of a certain arrogance in taking this confrontational stand.

Moreover, although she denies this is the case, Miss Ardern’s activism in this area reportedly has brought New Zealand into focus as a very possible newer target for people smugglers.

Australian intelligence officials say monitored communications over the past few months have put New Zealand into focus as one of the main possible destinations for asylum seekers – see  The Australian reports. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2018/01/jacinda-ardern-s-caused-people-smuggling-spike-aussie-intelligence.html

Intelligence sources have blamed this on her offer, without any consultation with New Zealanders, to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore detention centres.


Although Ardern keeps stirring the pot on this issue of opening our doors to more refugees, many New Zealanders would like to see better action on the problems this country already faces in relation to the acute housing shortage affecting so many – and in dealing with the problems of our own homeless people.

Moreover, it is all very well to say that women and children be given preference – and this may well be a more desirable option  for countries accepting young single males as refugees.  However, if a husband and father is part of a mother and children relationship, then any proposal to remove children from a caring, protective father and spouse obviously needs to be rethought.

The refugees that by implication Miss Ardern implicitly accuses the Australian government of mismanaging already have a place to be.

Why then isn’t our Prime Minister far more concerned about some of those individuals persecuted in their own countries, and in many cases facing the death penalty, not for having committed any crime, but particularly because they are Christians now being targeted worldwide by fundamental Islamic activists and terrorists – and by the China’s Communist government turning on its own people?

Why, for example,  do we have Jacinda Ardern’s extraordinary silence in relation to the very obviously deserving,  shockingly imprisoned and now greatly endangered Christian woman, Asia Bibi, mother of two little girls and supported by a devoted husband?

Although temporally freed from prison in Pakistan, she, her family and relatives are now in grave danger, and desperately need help.

I doubt if there is one New Zealander who would object to our country offering sanctuary to this brave, long persecuted Christian woman.

So why aren’t the media asking Jacinda why we are not extending this much needed offer to someone so obviously deserving?

 Why not, Jacinda?

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