What Price Western values?

By far one of the best commentaries on the reality of the Islamic push against the West is supplied by the Gatestone Institute.  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12378/tommy-robinson-injustice

The quite outrageous treatment inflicted on Tommy Robinson in Britain raises growing concern relating to judicial activism – as well as police bias – if not actual corruption.

Predictably, then, it has come under attack from left liberalism with a barrage of outright untruths, and damaging claims designed to deter readers.

These should be ignored. The Institute itself has replied to them, but we can expect more, given the not only misguided, but even virulent agenda of those anti-the West and its democratic values.

One of the most appalling things about what is happening is that those whom we should have been able to rely on to speak out strongly in defence of freedom and democracy have  packed their tents… and are abandoning the most important values which underpin our society.

What about the significance of the fact that in this country, so many Protestant churches, long sold, have been turned into cafés and restaurants, while the Catholic Church, historically stronger in its beliefs and its uncompromising teaching of Christ’s message, is now, in many parishes across the country, under the authority of the present Cardinal, closing its doors to the needy, the downtrodden, the desperate…except at strictly regulated Mass times.  Apparently, insuring any valuable contents is now considered more important than ensuring that those who need to sit in peace and quiet, or to pray, are not turned away.

The Muslim mosques, however, are opening all over the country, twenty-three in Auckland alone.

What has happened when the mosques are opening, but the Church which claims to be descended in a direct line of from the apostle into whose care Christ gave it, can’t be bothered defending its core values, flying the flag for Christendom, and supporting and rallying its own people?

Where then, in face of the rise of militant Islam (by no means representative of all Muslims – but a threat to moderate Muslims, too) are we to look for hope for the future?

The answer can only be, as in Britain, in the response by so-called ordinary people, which the media like to condescendingly call “populism”.

It’s another name for people protesting against the ruling élites, to rally for the values which formed the foundation of their society, their own, independent country.

And it’s happening here, too – but it will depend, as everywhere else – not on the institutions which have grown tired, propagandised, lazy, or corrupt- but on the individual – on everyone who cares…especially about what kind of country our very precious children will face ahead…those of them who will survive opening the floodgates of abortion on demand…the battering ram of the liberal Left.

Not a word from the churches on this one. But what about Mother Teresa’s reminder that abortion is “a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? ”

One of the greatest sorrows to so many women today is the son or daughter they will never know, because at a time when they felt most vulnerable, even desperate, they were pressured by those who deal in death to abort a child they will never forget – when there was a better way ahead for them both – but it was not offered to them.

The silence of today’s Church on this, and other vital issues, is now regarded by many as very much part of the failure of its hierarchy in so long capitulating to the values of a materialistic society – letting down those who work indefatigably at its grass roots level  to keep Christ’s message alive.  Closing its doors is a sign of the abdication, in high places, of its role – some say its duty. ..while the Islamic world, fundamentally antagonistic to Christianity, we see world-wide, spreads it influence across this country.

Twenty-three mosques now in Auckland alone…While the Catholic churches, are closing their doors…under the aegis of the Cardinal, and in spite of the deep concern of so many.

And ,contrast the banning of the burka overseas, https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12420/denmark-approves-burka-ban with our former Prime Minister John Key saying he was “comfortable”  with it being worn in this country. But then, John Key was “comfortable” with so much of the worrying things now happening in this country.


© Amy Brooke