The slippery path to racial separatism

Hello everybody, helping to claim back New Zealand…

The growing push towards racial separatism in this country is deplored by most New Zealanders – including those with partial Maori ancestry who do not benefit in the slightest from what now corporatised iwi continually pressure government to contrive – advantages for themselves only.

The former principle of equal rights and protection for all – in a genuine democracy – regardless of colour, race, gender or creed, has never been bettered. But our vote-buying government is steadily selling us out – and damaging social relationships – as well as our economy.

The Maori economy is now worth over $40 billion – courtesy of taxpayers’ pockets – (very little of which has reached any but powerful iwi ) – as a result of treaty settlements which were intended to help those genuinely disadvantaged. Instead, pseudo-tribes which actually manage to avoid paying any tax at all are constantly chasing even more money and power – and flexing their muscles. Pressure is being put not only on local government organisations for undemocratic, special representation – but universities and other institutions are giving way to moneyed iwi pressure to demand that scholarships be directed preferentially towards supposed Maori benefit – or given only to Maori – and that students be required to demonstrate “cultural sensitivity” before they are allowed to graduate!

These are quite shocking examples of cultural bullying – with complete disregard for the “cultural sensitivity” of all others – those who want their own very real values – their wish for a genuine democracy – to be prioritised.

The petition below deserves all our support. And we need to recognise, as individuals, that it is up to each of us to help claim back this country – and to object to our government, our political parties, our own MPs – about this growing apartheid – which it basically is. Apart from signing below, we can text or call our own MPs, our local body councillors, Ministers, the PM or write to our local newspapers – to object to these damaging policies. Or we can do nothing…

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