The war against children now here-Barack Obama’s legacy ?

The war against children -Barack Obama’s real legacy now happening here.

The rot spread by the liberal left, the cultural war of those neo-Marxists entrenched within our own New Zealand Ministry of Education, laying down policy and forcing damaging compliance issues on our schools, has been very much helped by the twisted values espoused by Barack Obama, probably the most un-American of any president in history. Some of his appalling stances,  as in his administration’s attack  on the Little Sisters of the Poor, or his and Hillary’s enthusiasm for partial birth abortion (killing a full term baby by removing its brains as it emerges from the birth canal) hint at a individual  for whom the distinction between good and evil has been lost. And now, the attack on family values, on children, is gathering in force with the mounting wave of transgender issues. That we should even be allowing our school policies of sex education to be largely determined by the appalling Family Planning Association, with its now documented buying and selling of aborted babies’ parts for profits, is indicative of the Left’s footprint on our education policy. And now it is going to get worse for our children.

In spite of all the Beautiful People backing her – the Hollywood celebrities in whose eyes the dreadful Clintons could do no wrong – (certainly not the proven liar, Hillary, very much half of the corrupt pair about whom the disillusioned Democrat, Christopher Hitchens, wrote so tellingly in his scathing indictment of the Clinton partnership “Nobody Left to Lie To”) – the American people have spoken. Unthinkably, it has been Donald Trump, in spite of all his boasting, his formerly chauvinistic attitude to women, and all the other questions concerning his involvement in various undertakings during his career, whom the people elected as President.

Shock, horror? Hmm?

A now thoroughly partisan media, with apparently no more belief in democracy than many politicians, left-wing radical activists, hysterical women, and the equally hysterical “right thinkers” among their feminised men, has apparently now been joined by wealthy vested interests in their quite shocking attempt to destabilise the Trump administration. But the American people have spoken. And as the new era settles in, and Trump’s decisions are increasingly supported nationwide – in spite of the  quasi-elite from among the media, the Hollywood stars, the pop singers who always know so much better than the mere “ordinary people”… the Obama legacy is going to be seen as destructive as it has.

But the damage has been done – and the attack on normalcy – on free speech – on those Christian values which have basically been the ones long stabilising the West, will continue.  Moreover, our only chance of limiting the damage already taking place in this country is if individuals stop leaving it to others to speak out –and  realise the moral burden placed on each of us to stand up for what is right –  or else to be answerable for the consequences of not doing so.

The biggest lesson many of us need to take on board is that it is individuals who count… It is individuals who can successfully challenge the political Establishment – to join that worldwide movement of those determined to claim back their own country – as so successfully has happened in England, with Brexit.

New Zealand’s own movement  to stop the political abuse of power, is contained in – the 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand, detailing what has gone wrong and how we can control our politicians. Will you join us?

©  Amy Brooke, Convener, The 100 Days.