Waitangi Day – Morgan, Peters – the real treaty.


 Waitangi Day – Morgan, Peters – the real treaty.

An e-mail sent this Waitangi to the editor of a provincial paper highlights a worldwide problem, the sheer bias, and even incompetence of too many journalists. On days like today, when “cultural cringe” is tediously invoked by so many commentators culpably misrepresenting our joint past, it is those fighting back who represent real New Zealanders. We should applaud them: For example :  Dear Editor,

“I suggest that your readers cannot take seriously Philip Mathews’ article (Times, 4/2/17), supposedly about Gareth Morgan, when he states that Winston Peters espouses “divisive Don Brash-like views about the Treaty of Waitangi.”  This grossly perverts Brash’s position and probably Peters’ too.  What Brash actually said at Orewa in 2004 was “The Treaty of Waitangi should not be used as the basis for giving greater civil, political or democratic rights to any [his italics] particular ethnic group.”  His current “Hobson’s Pledge” campaign is founded on Hobson’s words at Waitangi “He iwi Tahi tatou”- “We are one people now”.

 Divisive?  Mathews should get his facts right, and not claim their direct opposite before he rushes into print.” It’s signed by Bruce Moon, a highly respected historian on Treaty issues.

What has struck me over the years as disgraceful is that those editorialists who rant against the Orewa speech have apparently not even read it. No wonder that public respect for the mass media is pretty well much at an all-time low – as shown by the fact that journalists now figure pretty much at the bottom of all occupations surveyed.

A rational reader could not possibly take exception to this statement. “The Treaty of Waitangi should not be used as the basis for giving greater civil, political or democratic rights to any [his italics] particular ethnic group.”  Moreover, it is quite obvious that the original intent of the treaty was to achieve a genuine democracy – where all New Zealanders had equal rights under the law. The deliberate twisting of its intent has been by radical activists (hand in hand with the wet liberal Left)  making the ridiculous claim that the treaty is “a living document” – meaning that they want to claim it promised special rights, special privileges, exclusively to those of Maori descent.

We can expect this from those on the make, embarrassing even their own people by the extent to which greed and egoism – and the need to constantly  centre-stage for media attention – are driving factors in the way they peddle grievances as a result of non-existent victimhood.

However, those media commentators who willingly oblige them are equally culpable – and it is not just in this country. As a recent Spectator article has pointed out  … ‘We have witnessed the death of independent,  evidence-based journalism. Somewhere in the last 20 years, journalists stopped being  recorders of events and became cultural and moral arbiters. “ Determined to impose their own highly politicised view of the world upon others …”they became narcissistically unaware of life outside their occupational echo-chamber and obsessed with identity politics.” Objective reporting of events has been replaced by “ advocacy journalism,” which is code for brazen political barracking.

“The Trump phenomenon, for example, has not caused a crisis in global democracy.  Rather at home and abroad, its greatest impact has been to expose the crisis in the credibility of the political, media and foreign policy elites.”

And the media can be accused of complicity in the attack on democracy now taking place in the US where the American Left has refused to accept the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.   Determined to attack Donald Trump’s legitimacy, it’s called a series of mass demonstrations against the president – demonstrations well-funded – and with left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore calling on his followers to turn up in Washington to disrupt the inauguration. “The organisation came to block all the major roads into Washington DC promising to make traffic a nightmare, and also to stop trains heading into the city. They also intended to prevent people from attending by crowding around checkpoints leading to events.

“Naturally, fellow travellers in the media were delighted to accommodate them…. The whole campaign is not only unprecedented; it is profoundly undemocratic and in fact authoritarian. By trying to make the country ungovernable the Left is demonstrating its contempt for democracy and its determination to impose its will on the American people.” News Weekly, January 28, 2027.

The same thing is happening in New Zealand with the constant disparagement of New Zealand First’s policies and the contempt the media quite openly show for Winston Peters’ “largely grey-haired” audiences.

Labour has now shot itself in the foot by bringing a highly radicalised Willie Jackson on board and allying itself with the Greens. With their usual unfortunately extremist tactics, this party wants to compel all schoolchildren to have inflicted on them a thoroughly inauthentic, 90% reinvented “Maori” language – bearing minimal relationship to the language actually spoken by Maori – a striking case of cultural bullying.

It is only New Zealand First which, to the obvious annoyance of the mass media constantly demonising Peter’s prescient warnings about the quite wrong directions in which both major political parties have been taking us, represents the feeling of those who do not belong within the media’s self-serving echo chambers.

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