The government’s now promoting damaging identity politics

Identity politics…while we’re deliberately being kept out of the decision-making?

Is this all right with you – although we are supposed to be a democracy? If not, why are you putting up with what our politicians are doing to New Zealand?

And does this serve us right?  – especially when your rallying to support our vital 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand movement would put a stop to this sell-out of this country…as we are being more and more put under the thumb of powerful and politicised interest groups. And by no means does this exclude wealthy iwi pushing for more and more self-advantage –  at the expense of the rest of the country.

What about this for manipulative gobbledy-gook?

Mana whenua refers to the mana held by local people who have ‘demonstrated authority’ over land or territory in a particular area, authority which is derived through whakapapa links to that area. While tangata whenua refers to ‘people of the land’, our indigenous people (ngā iwi Māori), mana whenua refers to the people who have local tribal or sub-tribal authority.”

“Demonstrating authority over a particular area” ?

Ah, the sheer manipulative mumbo-jumbo. First, none of us were indigenous to New Zealand. Both Maori and European arrived here from elsewhere. Moreover, early Maori used the term “tangata whenua” specifically to refer to others whom they were well aware had arrived before them –it meant not  themselves, but “the first people…” those who had lived here before, as our early European historians recorded.

More ominously for what is left of one of the most important principles of democracy, equality of all before the law, the fact that the Maori economy is now worth $40 billion – yes billion dollars, means that local powerful iwi are now buying influence – as we see above. For example, the promise of the Trojan gift horses of iwi funding has become too much for university management to resist.

Shamefully, at the University of Canterbury alone, heads of departments are now being pressured to incorporate special,  supposedly superior Maori cultural viewpoints into totally irrelevant study courses, with the prospect of degrees no longer being issued unless students sign up to these.  I recall one particular graduation ceremony alone, where I was shocked to hear the guest speaker, a highly placed member of the powerful Ngai Tahu corporation,  take advantage of this academic celebration to launch an utterly inappropriate,  politicised tirade against the views of a politician with whom he disagreed – but which had nothing whatever to do with the university, or with the ceremony at hand. Not one faculty member sitting on stage did as he or she should have – walked out. The universities have in fact sold out.

By far the majority of New Zealanders know that we are no longer the country we were once. So it’s time we squarely faced up to the major threats New Zealand is now facing – internal as well as external.  And what about this disgraceful state of affairs – the now direct attack on our once much healthier democracy? With respect to George Orwell, what about the hijacking of the country with the now blatant :  “All cultures are equal, but some cultures are more equal than others …”?

The pressure of wealthy iwi corporations has long led to vote-buying – in an unholy alliance with the would-be dictatorship of a feel-good, think bad, mainstream media.  It’s become more obvious than ever that our self-regarding commentariat are overdue to take a reality check. They are still failing to face the fact that the public have become deeply hostile to being told what to think by ignorant or brain-washed, condescending editorialist and commentators. The lessons from both Brexit and the Trump victory over what is now viewed as an entrenched political and media establishment, too often hand in glove, have certainly not sunk home in this country.

Ominously, unless we begin with urgency to do something about it, the period now being called post-democracy is going to bed in. It’s increasingly  characterised by the fact that the majority which holds traditional and  stabilizing conservative views is going to be more and more under attack, disparagingly referred to as “populist” – or, scandalously, with even more contempt, as “Christian”… by powerful  radicalised groups using terms of intimidation such as racist, homophobic, etc.   Characterised by their aggression, intolerance, and often sheer nastiness they not only try to intimidate those justifiably worried  about what is happening to our society, its growing fragmentation and the confusion and inappropriate sexualisation of our young – they even use the bludgeon  of threatening court action when they find it useful to claim they have been “offended”.  Worse, activist judges also find it useful to rule in their favour. Post-democracy, indeed.

The manipulative bleating about ” the tyranny of the majority” –  now also coming from those who have already been very much part of the damage caused to this country by promoting unhealthy separatist polices, for example – is a quite blatant  attack against the time-tested principle of  democracy – equality for all under the law. This nonsense of “the tyranny of the majority” is being deliberately used to try to disguise the fact that what we are now experiencing is the tyranny of the minority– i.e. ethnic bullying – but not by any means by the majority of part-Maori. And we all know that all those claiming to be Maori in this country are now only part-Maori,  many having a far more predominant genetic influence inherited from their European or other forebears – which they find convenient to ignore. It gets them none of the special advantages they can tap into by claiming disadvantage.

This claim has become farcical considering that very astute, if equally greedy corporate iwi executives can now commonly have only 1/8,  1/16 or 1/32 worth of Maori “disadvantage”.  In fact it can be regarded as essentially an insult to their own ancestors to claim that having a Maori genetic inheritance disadvantages them. On the contrary, given the many thousands of Maoris slaughtered by other Maoris during the musket wars, miscalled the land wars, it could well be argued that according to the laws of Darwinism the survival of the fittest meant that today’s part-Maori have a special advantage – smarter and/or luckier ancestors.

 Among those most vociferously complaining are wealthy individuals  – by no means representative of the now thousands of New Zealanders of part-Maori descent who are not interested in playing the race card of identity politics – but who have made for themselves worthwhile careers as doctors, nurses, dentists  -and other professionals. Many have long travelled the world. Others have worked to achieve well-deserved and worthwhile qualifications in the trades and industry. Only in the legal, judicial area is the landscape greyer. Here, so many hundreds of iwi-funded  lawyers were sent to law school with the prime aim of representing a particular pseudo-tribal group – in order to  prioritise more and more ways of taking advantage of “reinterpreting” the Treaty of Waitangi according to the radicalised “living document” nonsense so conveniently advanced for particular benefit.

What genetic disadvantage can there be in descending from a clever people? Moreover the contradiction is considerable, given that these same spokespersons also claim special advantage, special perceptions, special insights denied every other ethnic group when it comes to demanding separatist representation on local councils – and other supposedly democratic bodies throughout the country.

We’re at the socially divisive stage in this country where powerful interest groups with the ear of government are using non-accountable institutions to influence, challenge or overturn majority decisions – as for example,   the extraordinary attempts by this National government to force local bodies to supply special undemocratic voting rights to unelected part-Maori on  local body councils. This, while ignoring the fact that in at least 14 polls challenging this government’s virtual bullying, every single poll carried one message:  NO to special rights, a special voice for those of part-Maori descent.  The percentages range down from an 87%  NO to any special voice on councils in the Rotorua poll; 85% NO to the Bay of Plenty; 83% to New Plymouth -and so on. Nearly all the NO percentages are in the very highest range – the lower 52% NO to Maori wards in Wairoa, with the population of 46% Maori being the highest of all – but still a significant one. The useful site, Kiwifrontline, has highlighted this and other issues which involve blatant racism.

In the view of many, the influence of the prematurely departed Prime Minister who has now disembarked from what many are concerned is a sinking ship has been malign – with this county being well and truly sold out along the line…not simply in relation to the abuse of racial privilege. In other important areas to be covered in future journal entries, John Key has left New Zealand in a far worse state than when he came to power. An over-authoritarian politician, Key wielded his power over a sycophantic cabinet which basically jumped to do his bidding. As Nick Smith famously explained: his personal choice was to ask – How high? when his party leader told him to jump.

It’s past time for more NZErs to wake up to the fact that our politicians have long been causing considerable damage to the country. And they will be no help at all to us with regard to the new radicalised, but smooth-talking attempt to entrench a basically activist and damaging constitution for Aotearoa (the radicalised name a giveaway in itself). This proposed, oh-so-necessary move is also basically designed to assist iwi to have special racist rights over the rest of the country.

 Like rust, those plotting away behind the scenes – (and using Lenin’s well-meaning “useful fools” from among our lawyers and bureaucrats) never sleep… Why for example, are our new banknotes headed Aotearoa New Zealand – which is certainly not New Zealand’s official name – and never was? However, Aotearoa is increasingly used as part of a radicalised attempt to prioritise the Maori language as having more “authenticity” than English – which is demonstrably untrue – but taken up by feel-good NZers with no idea of the issues at stake.

In fact, right throughout all our institutions, a now thoroughly inauthentic “Maori” is being forced on those working there – including in our schools (as well as the universities) where one by one good teachers are resigning, over-whelmed by the proliferation of never-ending compliance issues forced on them by the well and truly radicalised Ministry of Education. Many not only thoroughly disagree with these, but find it now impossible to get worthwhile, genuine teaching time. Moreover, the basic dishonesty of claiming that the now many thousands of newly invented Maori words being forced upon the country as authentic Maori needs to be challenged – (its relation to the previously genuine spoken Maori is  minimal) –  as does the thoroughly politicised move to trap young part-Maori into segregated te reo schools. These serve the purpose of radicalised iwi, anxious to increase tribal adherence, but cheat these children, too, of anything approaching a quality education.

What of the economic as well as the social costs to the country?

It’s not simply that the health budget for example, cannot afford to be increased, in spite of growing demands, and the shocking squeeze on even the most basic of procedures so many are now waiting for. The government’s wrong priorities have been part of this increasing clampdown on essential services, not only by keeping the hospitals cash-strapped, but by actually trying to reduce funding in such important areas as mental health services, drug rehabilitation, and taking care of genuinely disadvantaged young New Zealanders. The misallocation of resources directed towards Maori-only interests has long siphoned urgently-needed funding from areas of now critical need.

 The National Party in particular has been prioritising  Maori-only interests for decades now to satisfy the demands of the manipulative pseudo-tribal  executives who expect ministers to give them special audience, and who well know how to pressure government with the lure of the supposed (but non-existent)  Maori vote. And although the Maori economy is now worth $40 billion, yet activist part-Maori con us by continuing to claiming a non-existent disadvantage, constantly and successfully clamouring for more and more prioritising over their fellow countrymen – which can well be regarded as scandalous in itself. Even more so is the fact of the government continually caving in to such pressure.

There is no justification whatever for the  $36 million planned to be taken from taxpayers over the next three years to keep promoting a language that is now far from genuine Maori. (e.g. What about: The Ministry of Economic development…Department of Social  Welfare…Accident and Rehabilitation Services.. Inland Revenue Department…St Johns Ambulance…  direct flights on Emirates to the UK?  Utterly fake “Maori” equivalents have now been invented for everything – but they are all made-up and it is sheer nonsense to claim them as belonging to the real Maori language. So why is this happening?

Right across the spectrum of everyday terms…buses, cars, bicycles …hokey pokey icecream…coffee and tea… university extension courses…computer courses…warm woollen socks…by far the scores of thousands of words deliberately coined to be launched upon New Zealand as needing to be taken up and foisted off on us all, and particularly on children in schools as “Maori”,   are nothing of the sort. While all languages gradually assimilate new words, there is nothing at all authentic about these that have been  simply been invented, to fit a politicised agenda.

The wealthy Maori economy itself is well able to afford to look after those of Maori descent who remain genuinely disadvantaged. Yet the ongoing process is to keep extorting money from taxpayers. Why, for example, the public funding of specifically Maori television? All similar provisions are basically demanded by and directed towards those particular elites who primarily profit from the constant raiding of taxpayers’ pockets – including those whose salaries are derived from presiding over this separatist funding.

This misallocation of resources brought about by the unholy alliance between the vote-buying government and those claiming prior rights is  costing us – in more ways than one, and fair-minded New Zealanders, by no means averse to trying to tackle genuine injustices from the past, have become fed up. There is increasing awareness that there is no valid reason for taxpayers to be compelled to keep having to prioritise minority interests – because of racist claims of special identity. As the American actor Morgan Freeman recently advocated – we could solve the race problem by not talking about it…. by stopping talking about it. We would return to a more much vibrant, healthier society.

Moreover, for worthwhile reading on this topic, and a challenge to the distortions of facts about our joint past, it is worthwhile accessing the invaluable Truss Publishing – for the well-researched books  – Twisting the Treaty –  and  One Treaty, One Nation for important correctives to the distortions, fabrications and outright lies concerning our past history  – inciting a resentment and antagonism which ill-serves a country with the once far healthier aim of being One People, and a cohesive, well-integrated society far better positioned to face the now growing threat to our New Zealand from outside our shores.

Those aware that the hour is late, and who realize that our political parties has become very much part of the damage caused to this country can take heart from our 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand movement   – www. . We offer the only real, practical and very much attainable opportunity to follow the path shown to us by the most successful and  democratic country of the world.

 Switzerland has shown us the lesson of the 100 Days. All we now need is enough New Zealanders to support us – quite simpl,y individuals on board to be counted – and we will achieve that tipping point to make it politically possible. But it takes each of us. Those who do nothing, as so often, should regard themselves as very much part of the problem.

 Are you?

It is now so very easy to take steps to be heard.

Support our 100 Days – to win back this country for New Zealanders – and tell everybody!

 Why not ring an MPs’s office? Tell him or her you expect the same commitment – so that we New Zealanders – not politicised  interest groups –  will now be the ones to make the important decisions about our future directions.

Why not email your MP, political parties, party leaders? Every contact counts.

If you disagree with damaging government policy, are you stating that you expect your views to be taken into account?

Why not write a letter to the editor (even biased editors have to at least read these).

Why not ring talkback… talk with family, friends or colleagues?

It can take moral courage for many to now stand up to be counted. But as we have been reminded: The greatest works are done by the ones. The hundreds do not often do much – the companies never; it is the units  – the single individuals that are the power and the might.  Individual effort is, after all, the grand thing.” 

©  Amy Brooke

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