New Zealand’s own media are promoting our home-grown racism

How the mainstream media are bringing themselves into disrepute.

The twisted thinking now found among so many media worldwide,  illustrated in this link,  is by no means absent in this country, where our mainstream media thrive on dissent and controversy, considerably contributing to the ongoing demonising of our colonist forebears.

Many fine settlers, risking everything to escape poverty, prejudice and injustice in their own country, and determined to see that the interests of New Zealand Maori were protected from the lawlessness of rogue traders, were, like Captain Hobson himself, men and women of considerable integrity, devoted to the cause of advancing the lot of Maori.

Neither the New Zealand media at large, nor that strident minority of part-Maori descent who remain locked into a perpetual, hands-out, grievance mode, continually bleating for special attention and for even more taxpayer and handouts, ever acknowledges this. And the conspiracy of silence on the part of the media has become essentially shocking.

The Nelson Mail has become a prime example of a newspaper which constantly publishes opinion pieces – and indeed editorials – which favour a radicalized, anti-European and biased account of issues in many cases simply historically untenable.  Even worse, when presented with material from historically very well-informed columnists and correspondents, pointing out this fact, it refuses to publish them. The body of evidence that I have personally compiled (having researched and written on these issues in concern for over 30 years now) has warranted a complaint to the Press Council – temporarily halted because of family illness.

Temporarily, because when the media become complicit in suppressing debate and when people become too intimidated to speak to the truth of issues, our country is in a bad way. That we are no longer a free or open society has become very evident.  Few New Zealanders would now disagree. When I pointed out to an old friend – a highly experienced journalist and former editor of a national newspaper – what the Nelson Mail was up to, his reply was: “ I don’t want to depress you, but it’s not just the Nelson Mail that is third-rate. Rot has spread throughout the media (now that I think about it, not unlike cancer), and it’s largely due to two factors: one is the politicisation of journalism training, which has produced a generation of journalists who are taught to think they’re on a mission to change the world.  The other, which is closely related, is that in the Stalinist purges that have taken place in the media due to what is euphemistically referred to as digital disruption, all those older journalists who understood the importance of objectivity, and who adhered to that principle regardless of their own views, have been sent packing. “ So what are we all going to do about it? The sell-out of our country to overseas interests by a smiling joker of Prime Minister who is either utterly incompetent at protecting the interests of New Zealanders – or who has no concern at all for doing so – has us moving in directions that disadvantage us all. His cabinet of yes-men and -women is acknowledged to be well and truly under his thumb – that of a highly ambitious individual who has openly admitted that his career interests after Parliament lie in the commercial area. Quite.

In the end it is only individuals who can stand up against tyranny, against our own form of racist and other increasing forms of bullying. Those who manipulatively inveigh against ” the tyranny of the majority”  (an attack on the very concept of democracy) blatantly ignore the fact that strident minorities –  under the aegis of highly debatable phrases such as “diversity” –  can work very successfully to undermine the values and stability of what we used to have – a much more stable and a happier country.

 We are now seeing this happen throughout Europe, because of the folly (some would say the basic stupidity) of an Angela Merkel, abandoning the first requirement of government – to safeguard the interests of her own people.  She has by no means been the only European leader whose poor thinking these recent decades has harmed her people. It is well and truly time for the flawed respect given to the concept of “leadership” to be abandoned – as the Swiss have.

The fact that Switzerland is so prosperous and free a society, where four different racial groups live so well together, is due to the Swiss long ago repudiating political leadership  in favour of the people themselves making the vital decisions that affect the country. It is this concept – that of our 100 Days campaign  – –  where all legislation pushed through Parliament by ambitious politicians has to stop in its tracks for 100 days, to give the people of the country the opportunity to say – No, we’re not going to have this… or to agree – that has safeguarded Switzerland.

Our mainstream media, which thrives on controversy and troublemaking, and which is now composed of considerably under-educated and historically ignorant journalists whose use of even basic grammar and syntax is troubling. It has become so biased that it promotes the third-rate, and shows little regard for the truth of our real co-history. We need to recall, for example, that far from NZ being a racist society, intermarriage was taken for granted. And compensation paid out over many decades now for those sometimes real, but unfortunately now often fabricated injustices against particular iwi. has enabled the Maori economy to reach approximately $40 billion in total.

The fact that our successive ministers of Maori affairs have had their arms twisted by vote-buying iwi to ensure the lucrative billions went to  these powerful and greedy tribes, rather than targeted, with due accountability, to those part-Maori genuinely in need, is another scandal.  So is the failure of any genetically defensible definition of who actually is Maori – and who is trading on a 1/8th 1/16th, 1/23rd attenuation of Maori inheritance – i.e. being basically largely European – while, typically, claiming disadvantage!

The chant of racism has become a kind of spiritual sickness among a few radicalized part-Maori in particular, the same names again and again grabbing our complaint media’s attention. Yet from the beginning, Maori elders, who themselves called for the protection of the Crown,  were anxious to  take every advantage of the benefits of colonialism – of a literate, largely civilised society far advanced agriculturally and technologically. This doesn’t stop the same few well known activists persisting in still proclaiming grievances. This deliberate tactic not only gains them media attention:  it has proved very useful in scrounging more money from government. This includes from a too compliant Minister of Treaty Negotiations, the never even elected politician,  Chris Finlayson, who has inexcusably rubberstamped their financial claims  – without insisting on the due progress of these through the courts.

That those braying racism are basically the very ones who are racist, not the majority of New Zealanders who oppose them, needs to be recognised. So does the fact that they have enlisted so many “useful fools” – to use Lenin’s cynical advocacy – those of European descent –  including past politicians and lawyers determinedly averting their gaze from what was the reality of the precarious existence of early Maori.

Our colonist forebears were largely determined to advance the interests of a then basically stone-age people, Maori inhabitants practising slavery and cannibalism and locked into a vicious cycle of internecine warfare.  The folly and distortions of those who avoid acknowledging the barbarism of pre-colonial Maori, and the reality that colonialism has been an immense benefit to their descendants, needs challenging.

The last thing we need is any more centre-staging politicians whose thinking set us on such a divisive path – that of racial separatism –  once more advancing tops-down solutions  to problems that they themselves are viewed as having very much helped to create.  Very many New Zealanders will with good reason, be highly unenthusiastic about Geoffrey Palmer’s re-entry into this fraught arena.

Right around the world now, the virtual rule of Establishment politicians – often today being heavily leaned upon by large financial interests – is being challenged.

It is no longer good enough for New Zealanders ourselves to feel that, busy as we are with our own families, our own livelihood, jobs and professions, we “haven’t time” – or are unqualified to stand up to challenge both the government  – including our electorate and our profoundly unaccountable “list” politicians –  about what is happening to the country.

That we are losing it, little by little, to powerful overseas interests is undeniable. That our ruling politicians are doing nothing effectual about this is also undeniable.

It is now so very simple to ring an electorate MP (who after all needs your vote – it is not like knocking on the headmaster’s door!) – and to register your displeasure at what is happening.

Every single individual who e-mails an MP counts – although letters are even better – because some MPs’ staff now apparently withholds correspondence with an advocacy with which they do not agree. The fact that  Hekia Parata, for example, is held in the tight control of her education apparatchiks  – so that material forward to her personally is instead shunted straight on to her politically damaging ministry staff – explains a great deal about her very poor thinking and decision-making. The ministry’s attempt, for example, to destroy the invaluable Salisbury School in Nelson,  owes everything to the capture of this  very weak minister by the destructive, neo-Marxist thinking of those within the ministry working through the usual “useful fools” that can be found throughout our institutions.

Only New Zealanders can save New Zealand, and if the majority are too intimidated, or too lazy to stand up to be counted – to object to a newspaper editorial; to bias;  and to the now typical one-sided reporting; to object to a letter being refused, on no good grounds – or who continue to make excuses for the quick call they don’t make to an electorate MP, then we and our children will undoubtedly lose this country.

It’s happening.  Whether or not you personally will stand alongside others fighting for an open society – and the values of our forebears that underpin this – matters a great deal.  Everything ultimately depends on individuals. Yes, on you, too!

Why not help us by supporting and telling others about our 100 Days This Swiss-inspired movement, which has now been enthusiastically taken up in Australia – (with due acknowledgment to our prior initiative)  – is our  only real practical chance of at last controlling our politicians, to claim back New Zealand, for New Zealanders.

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