Adorably cute? No wonder the Pakeha Party. Sir Apirana Ngata

The only surprise is that it didn’t happen long ago. An out of touch media commentariat has immediately entered into damage control, with typical blanket condemnation. But the fact that the new Pakeha Party, set up by individuals fed up with the promoting of special Maori funding and initiatives in every possible area of our national life now has 50,000 web supporters can quite justifiably be called a grassroots democratic fight back.

 The  Maori Party has approximately 1054. This is a message our largely under-informed mainstream media, as well the government, would be ill-advised to ignore.

 For several decades now, successive National and Labour governments have been quite deliberately not prioritising racial equality, but actively promoting racism. It is impossible for them not to have known what they were doing… For their political self-advantage and the so-called “Maori vote” they have been appeasing Maori radicalism, doing an immense disadvantage to social relations across the country. They have known well that this has deprived, and is still depriving, much-needed areas of funding (such as health, education, the universities, science and enterprise) of the accumulatively hundreds of millions of dollars still being thrown at iwi claims – some now markedly opportunistic  – rather than proven.

Moreover, the pretence that those of part-Maori inheritance constitute an inferior people needing special handouts, hand-ups, preference and centre-staging in every area of our national life sits in curious contrast to their parallel promotion  as a markedly special people with superior insights and knowledge to which the country must touch its forelock. The result is at last an inevitable backlash against the damage caused to a country where a healthy democracy so initially flourished that inter-racial marriage and assimilation were taken for granted. New Zealanders themselves cannot be accused of racism.

Very probably all of us have Maori friends, contacts, relatives, families who thoroughly disapprove of the constant stirring of the media-centred, crude and aggressive Hone Harawira, from a family marked by aggressiveness and violence; the same constant ranting from Willie Jackson; the monotoned, broken record of the implacable Moana Jackson; the opportunistic claims of “our people” from wily politicians like Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples themselves playing “the race card” they manipulatively invoke. Their attack is of course targeted against those questioning their constant quest for yet more separatist funding, more special concessions and a constantly attentive media microphone to feed an apparently insatiable ego.  It’s time the Maori concept of “mana” was more closely scrutinised.

Meanwhile, like every other group descended from a distinct culture, good part-Maori families (as all Maori are now part Maori – a fact that Turia, Sharples, Jackson and Harawira manage to never emphasise) keep their heads down, work their way into the trades and professions, become doctors, lawyers, teachers, business people, entrepreneurs, media spokespersons – although the seeds of radical activism have plainly found root among the latter.  One can meet  part-Maori working in Australia, the UK, Switzerland, the US… widely scattered worldwide, and perfectly competent to take advantage for themselves and their families of  the working opportunities, education and health provisions available to all other nationalities in these countries.

But not in New Zealand. The rise at last of the Pakeha Party would seem to be logical given the presence of the Maori Party. If we are to have the policies of separatism in the much invoked” biculturalism” then we  should not be giving precedence, special funding, and a great number of financial and other advantages to those of one cultural background only.

And yet it is obvious that a country divided against itself is in trouble and it is in this context that we should be vigorously objecting to the long propagandising of children throughout our schools. This is particularly now  in the virtual bullying by a radicalised Maori minority working through a Maori Education Minister with apparently markedly poor judgment in some areas at least, to compel teachers and children – no matter their parents’ own cultural background, to prioritise Maori in every possible area.

It is not just the haka – markedly inappropriate as it is to be today teaching it to children of primary age. While there may be a long and perhaps inevitable tradition of college rugby teams posturing with the school haka before playing other schools, the fact is that the haka is a violent challenge – what one more enlightened headmaster describes accurately as “barbaric and aggressive” – refusing to have it inflicted on the young  in his school.

We can contrast this sober recognition with the foolish gushings of  “adorably cute”, describing the Utube depiction of toddlers at a Porirua kindergarten performing its threateningly aggressive actions to the applause of commentators who should know better,  such as TV3’s well-meaning, but over-emotive John Campbell.

Far from being adorable and cute, it is typical of too many shortfalls in thinking  that these little ones are being taught the ferocious gestures and aggressive actions which would no doubt frighten other young children on the receiving end of these. It is simply indisputable that prioritising such teaching to vulnerable, unthinking children contributes to the culture of violence now causing grave problems in our society, especially in relation to vulnerable adolescent boys.  And, very probably, typically to those young Maori boys, programmed still by irresponsible activists to a them-and-us, anti-colonial mentality. As a troubled correspondent writes; “Is the new and more ferocious haka a form of Maori anger management?”  And from another … “Why the encouragement of this constant aggression against opponents?  Does it have its roots in the inherited rage of those Maori deliberately inculcated in the  politics of resentment, a constant anger still,  about the events of 200 years ago…against being essentially conquered – a concept they well recognised when fighting one another  – but which in effect promoted a vengeful utu, a never ending, destructive cycle of getting their own back? “

Whether we are on the receiving end of radicalised iwi constantly getting their own back is a valid question. But what politicians and the predominantly left-liberal sector of the media have been too slow to recognise is that the country has had enough. Not only have our democratic processes received too many body blows, but it is obvious that pandering to a disaffected minority has done not only a great disservice to the majority of the country, but has not appeased that radicalised sector with a permanent chip on the shoulder.

There have been great Maori leaders, and among these, Sir Apirana Ngata is well known for the warning he gave that the policies of welfare would sound the death knell for the Maori people. So why has the government promoted these policies?  To do just that?

As The Spectator has reported, Australian writer Sara Hudson recently wrote that the problems facing aboriginal people in Australia are not unique. Around the world, communities deprived of individual property rights and decent education, but showered with welfare, become dependent and dysfunctional. “We need to stop treating aboriginal people as inherently different.”

And from Alison Nampitjinpa Anderson, the Minister for Indigenous Development… “The way out is real school and real jobs…” not blackfella ones” not “separate development” not “progressing apartheid,” but integration into the modern world.”

And not te reo schools…It is hard to credit that our own successive governments have not realised this. So we should be at the stage of asking what exactly has been the agenda behind the destructive policies that have been guiding our political overlord’s decisions these recent decades? It is hard to credit them to sheer folly, even given its considerable presence in human affairs.

What is heartening is to see the fight back at last beginning. The United States Supreme Court, for example has now upheld the State of Michigan’s ban on policies of racial preference or discrimination, and ordered the State of Texas to re-examine its own policies based on racial discrimination.

It is well and truly time for New Zealand to follow suit…And if the existence of The Pakeha Party speeds this process, it will have done us a big favour. Its political presence and the reality of what it stands for cannot affordably be ignored.

For those with access to the brilliant, must-see DVD Agenda, Grinding Down America, even given its strong push to evangelism which some will not warm to,  the explanation for what has been happening is well documented. It is all readily accessible in the literature of that form of communism which morphed into what is described as cultural Marxism. Intent on destroying the West, its long planned infiltration into all our institutions not only did not spare our political and education areas – it has particularly homed in on these.

The results are everywhere, not only in our schools, universities, the political arena, the disparaging of genuine art and fine sculpture with the deliberate promotion of fakery, or sheer incompetence…the ugliness in public sculptures –  but also in the literary scene. The pretence and affectation of the current post-poetry substitute for great and important writing – a highly important part of our cultural heritage now deliberately withheld; the corruption of theme and content – and the outrageous sexual propagandising of children which we saw descend to its worst level yet in this year’s long politicised children’s book awards. Behind the scenes our best writers are blacklisted or elbowed out, and the invasion of a highly destructive agenda is very obvious.

The reality is that  is almost impossible to think of any area of our of our national life that has not by now well been captured by those dedicated to an ethically, morally and intellectually destabilising attack not only on New Zealand, but on other Western cultures… using the majority of well-meaning but damagingly under-informed individuals to do so.

However, it says little for the democratic stability of this country that too many New Zealanders, well-knowing there is always a price to be paid for speaking and acting  with courage, have long given up  and now keep their heads down  in relation to what has long been happening. And yet, arguably, we have a moral imperative to be intelligently involved, at least to some extent, in the issues of the day.

In this respect, it is interesting to read in the columns of The Spectator, the claim by Toby Young that parenting is a moral issue. What halfway decent parent, no matter what his or her cultural background, would disagree?

Young refers to “Coming Apart” a new book by the American sociologist Charles Murray, who believes the liberal social policies of the 1960s are partly to blame for the emergence of today’s underclass, since they helped “convince working class women it was in their interests to have children out of wedlock, convince men it was possible to get along without a job, and make it easier for poor people to commit crimes without suffering any consequences”.“But he also blames the ruling class for not doing enough to promote the virtues that have led to their prosperity. ‘The best thing that the new upper-class can do is to drop its condescending non-judgmentalism.’ “Murray contends that married educated people who try conscientiously to raise their children shouldn’t hesitate to voice their disapproval of those who defy these norms… that ‘it’s not parenting classes that are required, but a more elementary form of moral education…The more successful members of our society should be less inhibited about pointing out the value of deferred gratification sobriety and hard work…” Young adds that he’d like to hear more about moral virtue from the Prime Minister and less about essential life skills.”

Moral virtue? The new Right has not helped here either, with “neoclassical economists, such as those like Milton Friedman of the Chicago school…who once famously said The only ethical obligation of a business is to make a profit.’ ” The debate has raged, because economics is one of the social sciences, predicting human behaviour – often quite wrongly – and not a hard science…although economists have tried to present it as such.”

But where has been the debate we should have had these last decades when questions of Maori preference, or in relation to feminist, anti-male or diversity clichés – or gay “rights” propaganda of equality – were raised? Our inadequate media fall over backwards to accommodate such splinter groups, rather than to scrutinise or challenge them.  Neo-Marxist culture has spread its Stalinist tentacles everywhere, and, as has been pointed out, cannot tolerate contradiction – which means ultimately that genuine debate is unacceptable. Meanwhile our pseudo-intelligentsia remain “oblivious to the opinions of the country at large”.

Douglas Murray, a conservative writer and commentator, Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion from 2007 to 2011, has also pointed out that excessive power and its abuse should be opposed, and that “the best bulwark against such abuse is the rule of law, and working representative government” –  which we now don’t have in this country. On the contrary, we have a Prime Minister who, acting as a virtual ruler of the country, has no hesitation about laying down his law against the wishes of the majority –   as with his infamous stance – among others – on the infamous anti-smacking legislation – and now the GCSB and Sky City bills, where his flock of political sheep will meekly obey.

We have long departed from the reality of representative government now that it is the party caucus, dominated by a leader, which makes the decisions of the day – regardless of any electorate feedback to parliamentary representatives.

We have also long seen that there is no broad basis of consent for so many of the government’s actions – and that cultural and minority group sensitivity in this country is a one-way street.

It is impossible to escape the conclusion that the only possible way to restore genuine democracy practices in this country is for New Zealanders themselves to be able to control our politicians. This means, in essence, the ability to delay the implementation of legislation passed by Parliament – legislation as damaging as we have consistently seen these recent decades, until New Zealanders themselves have the opportunity to properly scrutinise it.

 When the majority concludes that such legislation is against their wishes, and needs to be blocked – or sent back to our parliamentarians for reconsideration – then we will have become grown up politically.

For this to become a reality, we need all those concerned about what has been happening to join us…and to help.

Given that there can on longer be much doubt about the  hidden agenda underpinning  all areas of our national life, we can ill-afford those concerned about the future of this country, the future of our children and their children –  of all races and cultures  –  to act as if each of us is entitled to look away.

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© Amy Brooke