Stealing from New Zealanders

Martin Doutre’s – Stealing from New Zealanders.

Martin Doutre is one of our most genuinely knowledgeable historians, researchers and writers on treaty issues. New Zealanders are now beginning to appreciate that this an area far too long captured by highly politicized, well-paid academics whose often inadequate research has apparently to a large extent been because of their links to, and psychological capture by, manipulative tribal spokespersons. The  I-like-to-be-liked syndrome is by no means uncommon.

We all know that the radicalised iwi move to incrementally undermine the foundations of democracy in this country, in favour of a supposed “power sharing” constitutionally, is well under way.

The majority of part-Maori (all Maori are now only part-Maori, one of the most important points of all to remember) are family men and women, busy, as we all are, in jobs, trades, professions, in all walks of life and with other inherited family backgrounds, like those of us who may have English, French, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, Dalmatian, Croatian, German, Italian, Swiss, Vietnamese, Chinese, Turkish, Jewish, and other mixed inheritances.

However, a tiny minority of radicalised Maoridom has its roots in a perennial and unappeasable alienation which has been deliberately fostered, particularly by the neo-Marxist training and indoctrination that specially selected young Maori received overseas in the 60s. This highly focused activist grouping has seen the formation of the Maori Party, which demonstrably does not speak for majority Maori – it received less than 3% of the vote in the last election.

And yet…this didn’t stop the very cool-minded and dictatorial, but oh, so media-charismatic John Key from controlling his National Party parliamentary members to steer them to a betrayal of National’s promise to remove that focus of separation, the unnecessary and democratically unrepresentative Maori seats. He has also largely ignored his own undertaking to abandon what was the foreshore and seabed Bill – if the majority of New Zealanders did not want it.

The majority didn’t. Is John Key a man of honour? Can he be relied upon to keep his word? What does the evidence indicate?

So too, Minister Chris Finlayson showed not even  ill-concealed contempt for those with the courage to oppose this incredibly undemocratic legislation while, on the other hand, being visibly responsive to those iwi who are always obligingly tearful when a government delegation visits. Either Finlayson’s  naivety is astonishing, or he has a different agenda which is deeply troubling. He cannot possibly be unaware that Maori activists have no intention whatsoever (as the supremely manipulative Tariana Turia did forewarn us) of being content with the inroads made upon the liberty and purse of all other New Zealanders by the deeply flawed, ill-considered Marine and Coastal Area legislation which Parliament recently and disgracefully passed. Allowing two hours only for the assessment of a 500 page report is arguably corrupt.

New Zealanders have become fed up by the major parties’ venality in vying for the radicalised Maori vote to enable them to form coalition governments.

This highly compromised legislation is simply the beginning of a widening division between radicalized  iwi, and the rest of the country – and it has been encouraged by a National Party now apparently operating without principle.

The Key-led government is pretending to believe that this is yet another full and final settlement – one of those many now, of course, that never were…

We were indeed forewarned. An extraordinary and historic claim was made on the Holmes Show on September 24, 1992 when Maori elder, Ngati Porou’s Apirina Mahuika, objecting to the proposed fisheries deal which gifted to Maoridom-only a considerable proportion of New Zealand’s commercial fisheries, stated that “We can’t bind future generations to this deal or anything like it.”

How ironic that the deal itself was made by politicians pressured by Maori activists, claiming that our own generation had  no right not to be bound by a deal made not by us – but by another generation of  New Zealanders nearly 200 years ago. What is sauce for the goose is obviously not sauce for the gander. Inconsistency never worries those on the make.

And yet if Mahuika was right, and Maori activists’ claim that future generations of Maori cannot be bound by contractual arrangements made in our time is correct, then why are we making them at all? The whole essence of contractual law is rendered worthless by such claims. And for political parties to be selling us out on the pretence that such legislation would endure, is completely unacceptable – and utterly cynical.

The obvious conclusion is that we should long have wiped the slate clean in connection with opportunistic Maori claims – when we have been told that any present settlement will inevitably give rise to future disputes.

Martin Doutre’s excellent article – Stealing New Zealand from New Zealanders –War of Words, will shock many readers into a far greater reality of what exactly  has been happening to this country, and for how long we have simply been taken for a ride by the power-seekers, the opportunists, the fantasists and the greedy –  so unfairly contributing to a backlash against the majority of part-Maori who, well aware of what is happening, do not support them.

Neither the National nor Labour parties can claim that they, and we, were not warned.

There cannot possibly be any genuine parliamentary and political reform in this country until we New Zealanders  withhold what they most need from these now corrupt politicised party power groups, themselves compelled by dictatorial leaders to do as they are told.

It is the initiative launched by our 100 days – Claiming Back New Zealand movement, which holds out the only real hope for our future, so that we can win back democracy. The steps laid out in the recent post – Strategies for the Way Forward – show how to withhold from the political parties what they most want, in order to control us. Don’t miss it!

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And on no account miss Martin Doutre’s brilliant article – found on the articles page – Stealing New Zealand from New Zealanders – War of Words.

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