We are not affiliated

We are not affiliated

Our movement’s launch of the 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand movement is attracting good interest and subscribers. Thanks to all of you for your support – and do keep spreading the word!

However, we’ve also been contacted by two or three other groups backing Citizens Initiated Referenda, who have suggested joining us, or affiliating. With due respect for their wishes to work for more democratic outcomes for New Zealanders, we have had to refuse. Our aims are very specific and well focused, and we are not able to speak for other groups with possibly quite different agenda – and membership.

For instance, New Zealand already has Citizens Initiated Referendum legislation. It is inadequate, and there is a long history in New Zealand of groups working to make this Citizens Initiated Referendum legislation binding. It is a positive move that individuals and groups are working for this outcome.

However, this is not the focus of the 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand movement which is focused on first gaining constitutional protection mechanism against runaway parliaments.

We do not discount Popular Initiatives, but they are not the first priority of our move – not for Citizens Initiated, but rather Facultative Referenda – enabling the country to vote – after a 100 days moratorium – on legislation imposed on us by Parliament.  If that is being advanced by a radicalized minority, or is damaging, divisive and undemocratic, then the 100 days moratorium – providing a scrutiny period for legislation that parliament has passed – gives the country the right to vote against it, if sufficient concern is raised, at the end of that 100 day period, in a binding Facultative Referendum.

The Swiss are very cautious about recommending adoption of their wonderful system, and we are very conscious that our aims should not be diluted, enlarged or confused by affiliation or any relationship with another group, whom we cannot speak for, and who cannot speak for our movement.

Because, in spite of this notification, we are being pressured by another group in particular prioritizing  Citizen’s Initiative Referenda and  claiming “the right”  to affiliate –  a “right” which we have had to refuse – we will shortly be issuing an official disclaimer on our website.

Only the 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand – www.100days.co.nz speaks directly for the movement we have launched.