Who will you vote for?

The Great Truth Robbery

Who will you vote for next election?

The country breathed a sigh of relief when it at last threw out an all-controlling Prime Minister, Helen Clark, together with her Finance Minister, Michael Cullen, and the rest of the socialist team which caused enormous damage to this country in socio-political as well as economic areas, including continuing the racist policies of its predecessors.

In came the new Prime Minister, John Key, blithely hijacking the selecting of List MPs, (doubling the efforts of his predecessor Don Brash, who handpicked only the first 25 places to select those he personally wanted in parliament.)

Did someone mention the word – democracy?

And next … the new Prime Minister fulsomely praising Helen Clark, providing highly enthusiastic support for her United Nations top job bid – reportedly  “to get her out of the country”. Her Finance Minister Michael Cullen, who managed to preside over a reportedly $6 billion surplus – turned into a massive debt liability for the ongoing government – was rewarded by a cushy job on the board of NZPost – and, in the way of the world, will shortly be elected its chairman.

No wonder New Zealanders are fed up. National has not distinguished itself by kowtowing to the minority parties whom the public largely did not vote for and massively ignoring the majority of New Zealanders, who gave the thumbs down to the anti-smacking legislation and the Emissions Trading Scheme – which will be hugely damaging to the country – and put us at a considerable disadvantage with our trading partners.

Thirdly, even bypassing the fact that we have reached an extraordinary stage when Communist China-backed companies are making a grab for our farmland (New Zealand territory) as well all as for a majority stake in our resources, National  has very much worsened the situation with regard to racial preference , running with the bit well and truly between its teeth. This government has granted utterly undemocratic concessions to highly radicalised part-Maori – fronted by the minority Maori Party and powerful Maori tribes scrabbling for self-advantage.  For more on this, see The Great Truth Robbery in the Articles section the site.

What is in effect an attack on the sovereign rights of mainstream New Zealanders, both Maori and non-Maori, is an  alarming direction for the country, with its inevitable and understandable backlash of ill-will and resentment.

The next election is going to be a headache for most New Zealanders.

Vote Labour? Given its record in recent years, why would you?

Vote for National. Why would you?

Is there a way, a  practicable way to put a stop to the political parties perennially selling us out, over-complicating our lives, and dominating this country?

Yes, there is. And no – it is not initially by binding referenda. John Key and his predecessors have shown us that politicians simply ignore what they don’t want to hear.

Keep watching this site. Well before the next election we will make clear how New Zealanders can very successfully work to claim back a democracy –  to claim back New Zealand.