The real and rising threat from China.

The real and rising threat from China. While our politicians are sleeping….

This current July issue of Investigate examining Barack Obama’s legacy has an outstanding article by Professor Dong Li, titled Dragon Rising , which Professor Li originally presented at this year’s Summersounds Symposium in Nelson.

In it, Li Dong warns of China’s aim to turn the West into virtual serfs. His qualifications are impeccable; his analysis outstanding – echoing the warnings on China already  expressed in such outstanding books as The China Threat by Bill Gertz and China – the Gathering Threat by Constantine C. Menges, Ph.D.

It is almost incredible that our politicians can be so utterly naive and under-educated historically as to ignore the reality that “the Western elites persist in taking such a naive and over-optimistic view of the CCP leadership”. As Professor Li illustrates, ” in the near future, Chinese overseas efforts will concentrate on grabbing and controlling as much as possible of the world’s remaining raw materials and fossil fuels”. He illustrates how China is seizing control of these raw materials, and why “the twenty-first century will witness a titanic struggle between democracy and dictatorship… The CCP leadership will launch  massive cultural and media offensives in the West in order to finally overturn the democracy of universal rights of democracy and human rights.”

This article is enormously important  – particularly at a time when the Key-led government  is culpably treating a Chinese (Hong Kong-fronted) bid for New Zealand farmland as simply another proposed investment by an overseas company, and actually quotes its foolish “non-discriminatory investment policy”!

It is time that our politicians woke up and realized what is at stake. There is no apparently independent Chinese investment company which operates without the tacit agreement of (if not actual investment in it, by) the Communist Chinese Government. Being an oppressive totalitarian regime, this same Chinese government could take over any of these investment companies at any strategic time now or in the future. Should this happen, Communist China would then own New Zealand territory. This country’s history is first to gain an economic foothold, followed by political interference (which we have already seen) and then a military presence, to safeguard its interests. We have long been showing high-ranking Chinese military around our military bases. Why? The most recent reason quoted was for peace-keeping purposes. When were the Communist Chinese military ever involved in “peace-keeping”?

This article by Professor Li is crucial to our understanding of how much we are now at risk.  If we do not wake up now, we will wake up one day in the not too distant future and wonder what happened to our country – while our politicians were sleeping.… For example…” As a major component of the grand strategy for overseas propaganda work’ , the CCP regime is establishing so-called Confucius Institutes everywhere as cultural footholds and recruiting grounds for future collaborators.” We  already now have these in New Zealand.

If you care about our future and that of all our children, this article is a must – as is sending a strong wake-up call to our overly cavalier, if not downright ignorant  governing National Party, to Labour, ACT and to the Overseas Investment Office, protest ing strongly about any possible selling of New Zealand farmland, territory –  or controlling interests in our resources and products to Chinese investment companies. In an outstanding and highly readable article, Professor Li is very well placed to tell us why.

” The CCP focus on foreign trade expansion has fortuitously coincided exactly with a period of world history when the doctrine of free trade has become a dogma, and when developed countries, in the unrealistic pursuit of universal free trade, have been engaged in a large-scale but poorly managed globalization, WTO style. According to an American political economist and best-selling author Pat Choate: ‘The globalization policy of Presidents George H. W. Bush , Bill Clinton and George W. Bush collectively constitute the worst economic policy mistakes in American history ‘. Choates’s accusation has been underlined by the fact that within a short historical span of three decades… the US has fallen from being the world’s number one creditor to the world’s number one debtor nation. ” What an irony it is that it is to a Communist totalitarian country that the world number one democracy is most indebted,  “suffering from an ever-growing trade trade deficit with China” , with “hundreds of billions of US dollars flowing into Beijing’s coffers”.

Members of parliament tell us they have little or no time to read in these areas. Apparently, they also have no time to think.

Can we also afford this  luxury  –  or is our time running out too quickly?

Check out Dancing with Dragons in the current INVESTIGATE  – How the rise of China as a successful dictatorship could affect us all – and ponder Professor Li’s question: ” Are we sleep-walking toward effective slavery, blinded by our addiction to cheaper products, and willingness to believe in fairytale endings?”  What really is at stake…?

Please help by referring others to this article, and by contacting your MP to express your concern.

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Amy Brooke – Convenor – 100 Days – Claiming Back New Zealand